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“Nothing is free, even the Power expects something in return when it does something for you” - Jim Velasques, 1980. OAHSPE BOOK OF INSPIRATION CHAPTER XIII: 5,16,17,22-26 "Jehovih saith: I am the Power, the Light and the Life.”  Jim Velasques's name for Jehovih, the Creator, was the Power. “Nothing is free” is in accordance with transactions and the One fundamental Universal Law. It is, of all laws, the most inclusive and the most simple. It consists of but three words: RHYTHMIC BALANCED INTERCHANGE. - by Walter Russell. 
Jun 24, 2017 — The short answer is because it cost someone else time, effort or money to produce those things.  
People who pay for things are likely to use them to get their money's worth, as opposed to wasting what they've spent. Because they know people who use their paid service will get more benefit from those people who find it for free. May 12, 2020
"What is money? 1) Medium of exchange for energy." - Gregg Braden / Wisdom Traditions Feb 23, 2022. 
Do not Judge Oahspe by out-dated 19th century Spiritualism, judge Oahspe by present day and future science. 

History and Science in the Oahspe : Oahspe - Reddit Jan 1, 2020

Oahspe Book of Knowledge Part I:

30. Tae said: I will reason with Thee, Jehovih, for all I know shall be based on science and truth. From

Thine own perfection am I inspired to this end, and my talents shall be strengthened by pursuing the

exact sciences of all the known truths. Neither will I put away mine own judgment, nor accept for truth

that which is at variance with Thy established laws.


Just because millions or billions of people practice a religion doesn't make it true. Just because a religion is the majority (Oahspe Book Of Jehovih's Kingdon On Earth: Chapter XXVI:2. Jehovih had said: ...a majority is, and was, and ever shall be, the lesser light). religion of a nation that does not make it true. Conquerers rewrite history. Conquerers have a motive to rewrite history because they are trying to rule or control people. Conquerers tell their his-story (his story), their own story and they burn, erase, or replace other people's history.

Oahspe Book Of Jehovih's Kingdom On Earth: Chapter VI:
29. The highest wisdom in the state, or in a community, is not with the majority, but with a small minority.
30. The highest wisdom, which is the highest light, should guide the individual and the family and the community and the state.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear!" - Buddha.


SAKAYA , sometimes erroneously called Buddha. Like Joshu (Yeshua), was a law giver of sub-cycle rankHe also made no account of God or Lord worship. He taught that man's highest attainment was to live for sake of others, and not for one's selfhttps://www.sacred-texts.com/oah/oah/oah05.htm

Oahspe God's Book of Eskra CHAPTER 24: 1. Sakaya was born in Hagotha, province of Nao'wan, on the borders of Nepal;

Lumbini, grove near the southern border of modern-day Nepal where, according to Buddhist legend, Queen Maha Maya stood and gave birth to the future Buddha.


LAWGIVER (חָקַק, H2980, to decree; νομοθέτης, G3794, one who gives a law). In the OT the term ordinarily used to describe one who issued the decrees of the Lord. 


Oahspe Book of Osiris 6:13-18...the law of the resurrection,...the spirit of man groweth by giving away of
whatsoever the spirit hath to give. If ye have great learning, and ye give of it, then shall more learning be 
added unto you; if ye have goodness of heart, and gentle words, then, by giving this away, more shall be
added unto you; if ye have craft in inventions or mechanics, and ye bestow of these talents unto others,
then will more be added unto you. As the corporean man accumulateth corporeal things by not giving them
away, not so accumulateth the spirit of any man. 14. For he who locketh up the light of the Father that is in
him, cannot obtain more light 15. The chief delight of man shall be, therefore, to find some way to impart
his spiritual talents and strength, and to the greatest possible number of people.
Oahspe Book of Apollo, Son of Jehovih Chapter I:
9. Remember, O man, the more thou puttest forth thy soul to give light and wisdom to others, the more thou receivest;
"You have quite a gift. Your passion and enthusiasm for sharing your understanding of this work is impressive.
I also know labors of this intensity are not rewarded by the contemporary marketplace.: - Craig C. Nov 27,2020.
Oahspe greatest book of the Age 

"Thanks a lot, thank you very much indeed for the monumental work you have done to provide people on Earth with the keys of Oahspe. 
It is, no doubt, one of the most important web sites in Internet right now, offering the possibility to people to understand what that incredible Bible-document says. Thanks, thanks a lot. I am learning a lot thanks to your great efforts and your site." - Antonia sdelasota, January 14, 2015.
"Your web site is awesome, and I’m so glad it is here for everyone to use." - Thomas Hagan., February 20, 2015 
About studyofoahspe.com:
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On Sun, Feb 27, 2022 at 12:44 PM, Myyah wrote:

Good day! I enjoyed reading your response. It is "VERY NICE” for the following reasons:

  1. Your writing comes across in a very “humble,” kind, and respectful manner that is very refreshing. I have seen individuals become arrogant, hostile & very unprofessional in similar situations.  
  2. You quoted the bro to ensure a) he knew that his words were not misconstrued or twisted and b) to confirm that you clearly understood the bro’s point of view.
  3. You have clear, concise rebuttals along with facts and sources to support your claims and not hearsay or opinions, as our dear brother.  
  4. You show respect to the bro and a willingness to consider his points by asking him to a) provide verses in the Oahspe and b) provide other sources to support his claims/beliefs, etc.

I gotta give you “props.”  Jehovih, DEF gave you many gifts, including teaching.   BRAVO!  Keep up the AWESOME work for Jehovih! 
Listed below is a ranking, in order of importance, of four future publication projects (from Glenn Kendall). 

A pictorial publication of Oahspe for toddlers and preschoolers: Children living in the general public are our primary audience. Faithists, who have professional teaching positions, will be asked to write or edit captions or short descriptive statements for each illustration.

An Oahspe Bible for Children: The intended audience is children living in families where one or both parents are Faithists, students or readers of Oahspe, or seekers of higher light.

An Oahspe Comic Book Series entitled, Earth * Sky * Spirit and Beyond: The Ever Story:  A small team of Faithists to work on this comic book series that will be sold to the general population and, hopefully, lead to a major film epic on the order of Star Wars or the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

An Oahspe Reader for preteens and young children: The audience for this publication is Faithists and non-Faithists alike. 

This studyofoahspe website addresses many scientific, historical, spiritual, and religious subjects as well as the following: 

The belief in racial preferences and skin (The sacred little people, the I'hins were white and yellow) color that elevate people of European descent while being bias against people of different pigmentation (the druks were brown and black), especially Africans and those of African descent; yet many of the Lawgivers and Prophets of Oahspe were of "color" (brown or copper-colored) including the I'hins (sacred little people of Ham-Africa).


What is Plagiarism? Plagiarism is the use of someone else’s ideas or language without acknowledging that we did not create them. This definition applies to ideas, words and unusual structures regardless of where we find them — in a book, on a webpage, in an email. Whenever we include another person’s information or wording in a document, we must acknowledge the source and include a citation that will tell your readers where we obtained it — otherwise we are guilty of plagiarism.  Plagiarism is sometimes seen as intellectual theft — plagiarism.

Avoid Plagiarizing by Citing Sources. Five basic rules exist regarding the use of information in professional and in academic writing:  If we use the language of a source, we must quote it exactly, enclose it in quotation marks, and cite the source. If we use ideas or information that are not common knowledge, we must cite the source. If we didn’t invent it, we cite the source. Unless our professor explicitly tells us to paraphrase, we don’t paraphrase. When in doubt, we cite the source. Doing so only enhances our readers sense of your honesty.