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OAHSPE: Book of Saphah - M'HAK (Dark, or Degree of Golden Chamber.):

42. W.: Who are ethereans?

43. I.: Spirits who have risen above the bondage of the earth and its atmosphere; spirits who can come only to such mortals as have attained beyond earthly desires.

24. W.: Who are the angels of heaven?

25. I.: People who once lived on earth or other corporeal worlds.

26. W.: What is their form?

27. I.: Even as mortals, but being perfect. 

Oahspe Book of Jehovih: Chapter VI
14. There alighted upon the new earth millions of angels from heaven; but many of them
had never fulfilled a corporeal life, having died in infancy
, and these angels comprehended
not procreation nor corporeal life.
17. And I said: Go ye forth and partake of all that is on the earth; but partake ye not
of the tree of life, lest in that labor ye become procreators and as if dead to the
heavens whence ye came.
18. But those who had never learned corporeal things, being imperfect in wisdom,
comprehended not Jehovih's words, and they dwelt with the Asuans, and were tempted,
and partook of the fruit of the tree of life; and lo and behold they saw their own nakedness.
And there was born of the first race (Asu) a new race called man
; and Jehovih took the
earth out of the travail of se'mu and the angels gave up their corporeal bodies.
Angel. A spirit man. Su, also, su-gan, and gans-spe .
OAHSPE: Book of Saphah - TABLET OF KII. (PANIC.) Plate 71. TABLET OF KII.
1. Alphabetical sounds, Panic and Chine.
3. M'bow, horse. Gow, cow. Gan, man .
Oahspe Book of Saphah
Panic, Yi'haic, Vedic, Hebraic and Sanscrit Primaries. SE’MOIN. Plate 62. SE'MOIN.
12. Gan (Panic). Ghan (Chine). Egan, mankind (Chine)...Man (English).


Angel and man = same species = Homo sapiens of the genus Homo. 
This is why angels can interbreed with humans and can produce children that can reproduce.
“The Biological Species Concept.”
species is defined as a group of individuals that, in nature, are able to mate and produce viable, fertile offspring.
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter V:
13. But because they can mix, and because that mixture can propogate, all the races of man are one and the same in all their organs and capabilities.

"all the races of man" = su-gan = hu-man = gans-spe = angels = man = gan = Ghan. 

A species can be sub-divided into races or ethnic groups, like breeds of dogs, each breed is a race but each breed of dog is the same species. 


Oahspe Book of Inspiration Chapter X:

9. Now, behold, in the olden times, only here and there one, in all the world, could be made to comprehend Me.

10. As thou mayst say to the beast in the field, or to the dog, the most knowing of animals; Jehovih! Jehovih!

11. And they will not hear thee understandingly;

12. So was it with nearly all the world, in the olden time. 

11. And they will not hear thee understandingly;

12. So was it with nearly all the world, in the olden time.

13. To-day, I have quickened many.

14. To-morrow, the whole of the people in all the world shall know Me.

15. This is the progress I created possible unto thee; this road shalt thou travel. 

Oahspe says "the dog, the most knowing of animals" because the dog has been selectively bred for more things (tracking, guarding, attacking, fighting, hunting, finding, detecting, transporting, working, pulling, etc..) than any other animal so it knows how to do more things than any other animal.What the Loo'is angels have done to mankind through selective breeding, mankind has done to dogs through selective breeding.

Domestication of Wolves into Dogs based on selective breeding for certain traits and the biological species concept: 


Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter V:

13. But because they can mix, and because that mixture can propogate, all the races of man are one and the same in all their organs and capabilities. 

Can Wolves and Dogs produce fertile offspring? 

Gray wolves and domestic dogs possess identical karyotypes and can hybridize to produce fertile offspring in the wild [12], [13]. Oct 3, 2012 

National Institutes of Health (.gov) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov › articles › PMC3463576 

Bucking the Trend in Wolf-Dog Hybridization: First Evidence ... 

Can dogs have fertile offspring with wolves?

Dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) and wolves (Canis lupus) share an evolutionary past and thus display similar physical and behavioral traits. These two species are interfertile, meaning that they can interbreed and produce viable offspring.

Get facts about wolf-dog hybrids | International Wolf Center https://wolf.org › ... › Wolves and Humans 

Get facts about wolf-dog hybrids | International Wolf Center

Wolf and Domestic dog hybrids are NOT STERILE

Both domestic dogs and wild wolves are Canis lupus (same species).



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