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Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy Chapter I:
34. Were the sun planet extinct, the master vortex would instantly make another sun.
Oahspe Book of Jehovih: Chapter III:
5. Around about some of My corporeal worlds [gas giants] have I given nebulous belts and rings, that man might comprehend the rotation of My vortexan worlds.
7. A great vortex created I for the sun, and, ...
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy Chapter VI:
5. It is an error to prophesy the heat of venus being more or less because of her approximation nearer the sun.
6. There is a sun planet in the centre of the photosphere, at a distance interior, from three thousand miles to thirty thousand miles, and it is light all the way around. But within the body of the photosphere there are numerous planets, some globular, some elongated and irregular. These are usually called sun-spots.
7. Wherefrom it may be said: When an unlearned man saith: THE SUN, we know what he meaneth; but when a learned man saith: THE SUN, we know not what he meaneth, whether the whole central group, or the sun planet only.
One of the images above  is of the Sun and one is of Saturn, can you tell which one? (Answer at bottom of page).
Two of the images above were taken with a CMOS CCTV pinhole camera.
Two of the images above were taken with a 8 inch dobsonian Telescope Canon XS 1/4 second at ISO 400.
Rings of Super Saturn?—?The planet with rings 200 times larger than Saturn’s
About 420 light years away lies a very young planet around a very young sun-like star, with Saturn like rings around it. What is not like Saturn is the truly colossal size of the rings. Transit observations revealed that this gas giant planet has rings 200 times larger than the rings of Saturn. And so the title of the Lord of the Rings goes to J1407b?—?a Super Saturn at least 20 times more massive than Saturn itself.
Originally posted by CAELENIUM
People do often present pictures of a "dog sun" which might be clouds of gas around the Sun. Looking very much like a binary star orbiting the Sun at close proximity. Such clouds might at times breakdown to form rings ? Traditionally a "dog sun" is passed off as being an illusion created by microscopic ice crystals in the Earths uppermost atmosphere. However true that might be, there is nevertheless the possibility that our Sun is far stranger than we all too often think it to be.
I'm sure we still have a lot to learn about the sun, no doubt about that.
Interesting trivia: The rings of Saturn were first seen in 1610, when Galileo thought they looked like "handles". But the discovery of the rings of Uranus was much more recent, in 1977. Neptune's rings were discovered a few years later. We still don't fully understand the rings around the planets, like exactly what causes them, how long they last, etc.
Posted by _BoneZ_:
There would not be rings around a sun anyway because any debris that the rings would be made out of would burn up well before the creation of the ring. Our closest planet, Mercury, is a floating lava ball and that's further away from the sun than any rings would be.
Posted by pepsi78:
How can the sun have rings like Saturn, from what I know saturn rings are made of ice, they would melt near the sun.
NASA's Voyager 2 satellite was the first and as yet only spacecraft to visit Neptune on Aug. 25, 1989. The satellite discovered Neptune's rings and six of the planet's moons — Despina, Galatea, Larissa, Naiad, Proteus and Thalassa. May 12, 2017
The definitive discovery of the Uranian rings was made by astronomers James L. Elliot, Edward W. Dunham, and Jessica Mink on March 10, 1977, using the Kuiper Airborne Observatory, and was serendipitous. They planned to use the occultation of the star SAO 158687 by Uranus to study the planet's atmosphere.
In fact Saturn is not the only planet in our solar system that has rings, in fact all the giant gas planets have them: Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune. However, these other ring systems are extremely thin and almost impossible to see. Planets like the Earth, Mars or Venus are made of rocky material and have no rings.
Four the planets in the Solar System have rings. They are the four giant gas planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Saturn, which has by far the largest ring system, was known to have rings for a long time. It was not until the 1970s that rings were discovered around the other gas planets.
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no its a star if it was a gas giant it would be a planet.
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy Chapter I:
6. There is a sun planet in the centre of the photosphere, at a distance interior, from three thousand miles to thirty thousand miles, and it is light all the way around.

The Sun is a huge, glowing sphere of hot gas. Most of this gas is hydrogen (about 70%) and helium (about 28%). Carbon, nitrogen and oxygen make up 1.5% and the other 0.5% is made up of small amounts of many other elements such as neon, iron, silicon, magnesium and sulfur.
Dec 21, 2015 - They certainly can. A ring is often formed around a celestial body when its gravity rips apart another smaller celestial body. The Sun is really massive, so it could destroy any object that is not dense enough.
Our galaxy (above) has a ring and central-bulge.
Above and below Galaxies have a ring and central bulge like Saturn.
A ring system is a disc or ring orbiting an astronomical object that is composed of solid material such as dust and moonlets, and is a common component of satellite systems around giant planets. A ring system around a planet is also known as a planetary ring system.
Saturn-like ring system eclipses Sun-like star
Date: January 12, 2012
Source: University of Rochester
Summary: A team of astrophysicists has discovered a ring system in the constellation Centaurus that invites comparisons to Saturn. This is the first system of discrete, thin, dust rings detected around a very low-mass object outside of our solar system.

Below: Saturn on the left, and the Sun on the right.
Image above on the left is Saturn taken with a 8 inch dobsonian Telescope Canon XS 1/4 second at ISO 400
Image above on the right is the Sun  (sun dog or parhelion) taken with a CMOS CCTV pinhole camera.

Two of the images (on the left) near the top of page are of the planet Saturn (images on the right are of the Sun) notice how very similar they look.
Saturn was made black (black sun effect of CMOS camera) using contrast enhancement and negative invert image technique.
Saturn - prime focus 8 inch dobsonian Canon XS 1/4 second at ISO 400
Images above on the left is Saturn taken with a 8 inch dobsonian Telescope Canon XS 1/4 second at ISO 400
Images above on the right is the Sun  (sun dog or parhelion) taken with a CMOS CCTV pinhole camera.


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