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OAHSPE First Book God CHAPTER 8:
The first Fonecean Bible---being of Abram, a man chosen by God for the children of Arabin'ya.
1. Out of the hosts of Par'si'e, who were of the people of Shem, who existed since the days of the flood,
came Abram, a man chosen by God, in the arc of Spe‑ta, for the deliverance of the Faithists of Arabin'ya.
God said: Because they have not raised up one out of the sons of Ham, your name shall become Abra‑Ham,
and it shall be testimony in thousands of years, of my records in the libraries of heaven.
when Oahspe refers to Arabin'ya, it includes a large area of land which covers all or part of Africa and what is now the Middle East to Iran.

Arabin'ya map of Oahspe. Arabinya = SHEM (Arabian peninsula) and Ham (Africa):
The most common L2 sub group is Haplogroup L2a, both in Africa and the Levant. [Moses, Abraham and his parents were from the Levant].
Levant<---Levant is colored light, medium and dark green.
L2a is widespread in Africa and the most common and widely distributed sub-Saharan African Haplogroup and is also somewhat frequent at 19% in the Americas among descendants of Africans (Salas et al., 2002). L2a has a possible date of origin approx. 48,000 YBP.[1] [I'huan mtdna, before the time of the Ghans of Europe and Asia].
L2a can be further divided into L2a1, harboring the transition at 16309 (Salas et al. 2002).
Haplogroup L2a1 was found in two specimens from the Southern Levant Pre-Pottery Neolithic B site at Tell Halula, Syria, dating from the period between ca. 9600 and ca. 8000 BP or 7500-6000 BCE.[17] [Abraham's parents from Syria].
From 15:07 to 15:45 of above Youtube video Abraham says Syria is the land of his forefathers.
Meaning of the name Ab-ra-ham (Abraham):
Oahspe 1891 Glossary:
Abracadabra: The meaning of the word in the ancient tongue is: Ab: Things move. I am, and I move.
Ra: Things move two ways, to life and from life. One is creating and coming together, and the other is going away from, as destruction or death. This is ra, the second part of the problem.
Iz‑Zerlites: Isaerites. Israelites. ...Organized by Abraham, the Faithists moved into what would become Egypt, and were called Israelites.
ABRAM ...afterward called Abraham ...founder of migration for religion's sake. He took his followers into Egupt (Egypt).
Oahspe The Lords' First Book 1:60. The fleet named Ham landed south west, and the country was called the land of Ham for thousands of years, and is the same as is called Egypt and Africa to this day.
Ab = move
ra = to
ham = Egypt
Meaning of Abraham = Move to Egypt .
Abraham a Persian who migrated to Israel and took his followers into Egypt.
OAHSPE: Book of the Arc of Bon CHAPTER XIII:
10. Kohath took to wife, Mirah, a devout worshipper of Jehovih. Mirah bore him a son, Amram, who took to wife Yokebed, sister-in-law to Kohath, and she bore him a son, who was Moses.
11. Before Moses' birth the loo'is perceived that he would be capable of the Father's voice, and they called unto God saying: In the next generation, behold, thy son will be born.
8. Now the truth of the matter was, the angels of Jehovih came to Yokebed and said: Thy son's name shall be Moses, signifying, a leader-forth, for he shall deliver the Israelites out of bondage. But he shall be taken from thee, and thou canst not find him. For the angels of Jehovih will deliver him into Leotonas' hands. And she shall adopt him as her brother and son, and bestow upon him the education of a prince.
9. Yokebed feared, for in those days male children of Israelitish parentage were outlawed, nor could any man be punished for slaying them. And Yokebed prayed Jehovih, saying: Thy will be done, O Jehovih, for I know Thy hand is upon my son. But I beseech Thee, O Father, that I may come to the princess and be her nurse for the child. The angel of Jehovih said: Swear thou before Jehovih thou wilt not betray to the child that thou art his mother!
<---faces of original Hebrew Israelite tribe
Lynching was the practice of killing, usually by a hanging resulting from extrajudicial mob action. Lynchings in the United States occurred after the American Civil War in the late 1800s, the emancipation of slaves, and chiefly from the late 1800s through the 1960s. Lynchings took place most frequently against African American men and women in the South. Lynchings occurred most frequently from 1890 to the 1920s, a time of political suppression of blacks by whites, with a peak in 1892. Lynchings were also very common in the Old West, where the victims were African American men.[1]
For more than eight decades — between 1882 and 1964, to be exact — the extrajudicial killing of African-Americans known as lynching took the lives of at least 3,445 men, women and kids.
At its worst, in 1892, an astounding 161 African-Americans were hanged, shot, beaten or burned to death by whites across the United States. In a horrific 10-year period from 1891-1901 — the worst decade for lynching in American history — an average of more than 100 African-Americans per year were brutally lynched. Not one person was convicted of first-degree murder in over 1,000 lynchings during this period.
Just one white man was convicted of murdering African-Americans during the 82-year period when lynching was commonplace, according to Douglas Blackmon’s Pulitzer Prize-winning work, “Slavery by Another Name.”

Mother fears for her son's life
The Israelites themselves, being slaves in Egypt, were of course
an illiterate people, and remained so for centuries thereafter
. When
they came to collect their own history, they were obliged to derive it to
some extent from their enemies. - Page 205 of DARKNESS, DAWN, AND DESTINY
(DRAWN FROM OAHSPE) 1965 by Augustine Cahill.
il·lit·er·ate 1.unable to read or write.
1. a person who is unable to read or write.

Fearing that black literacy would prove a threat to the slave system whites in the Deep South passed laws forbidding slaves to learn to read or write and making it a crime for others to teach them.
Education of Slaves - Spartacus Educational

Blacks were denied the right to read and were punished for reading:
Oahspe Book of the Arc of Bon Chapter IV:
2. Jehovih (Ormazd) said: ...They have scattered My people.
They have denied My people the right to obtain knowledge.

Above Highlighted feature Map of the migrational route of Haplogroup L2a1 mtDNa is very similar to the above
"Israelites migrations into Africa" map.
Haplogroup -L2a1 @ positions HVR1 16223T, 16278T, 16294T, 16309G, 16368C and 16519C.
1553 B.C.E (beginning of the Arc of Bon, time of Moses).
Thus subtracting 3400 from 1848 we find that the date of the dawn of the Arc of Bon in
common era dating is 1553 bce. This is the time when Moses began his mission resulting
in the Exodus of the Israelite Faithists from Egypt some 4 years later. This places the date
when the Israelite Faithists left Egypt at ca 1549 bce.
1549 B.C.E = 3,397 years before Kosmon of the migration of the copper colored Israelites to
western Europe and France, Germany, Russia and England, this was before the aboriginal white
and blonde I'hins became extinct by amalgamation 3165 years ago.

an Egyptian lawgiver. He was cotemporaneous with Capilya of India and Chine of China,
living two thousand four hundred years after Abram (3400 B.K. Before Kosmon, Before 1848). Moses was a large man,
a pure I'huan, copper colored.

Above photo of Ashkenazi Jews with white or pale skin color.
Oahspe God's Book of Eskra 50:30-33: Now, after the fall of the great empire, Egupt, her people
migrated westward, hundreds of thousands of them, and they settled in western Uropa, where these
people married with the aborigines. Their offspring were called Druids, Picts, Gales (Gaelic),
Wales (Welsh), Galls (Gauls), and Yohans (Johns), all of which are Eguptian names, preserved to
this day. According to Oahspe 3,500 years ago Israelites left Egypt for France, Germany, Russia, etc..
Special Topic: Sub-Saharan African Admixture in Ashkenazic Jews
Peter J. Roberts wrote here that dozens of Ashkenazim with ancestors from Slovakia, Poland, Russia, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, France, and Germany carry a variety of L2a1 in Family Tree DNA's database and that other varieties of L2a1 in the database are held by tribes like the Bassa of Cameroon, the Hausa of Niger and Nigeria, the Manjaco of Guinea-Bissau, and the Kikuyu of Kenya who show as HVR1-only level matches to Ashkenazim.

31. Now, when the Faithists were moved by the inspiration of God to have no more kings,
and to flee away from the Kriste'yan warriors, they came amongst the people above mentioned.
(The apostate Faithists married with them, and their offspring were the forefathers of those
now called, French, German, Russian and English.)
32. God, Son of Jehovih, had said: Suffer the apostates to so marry, for here will I find a way
raise up disbelievers in the false Kriste; and they shall ultimately become believers in Jehovih only.
33. For, inasmuch as I have suffered them to become scattered, so will I appropriate them as
seed to quicken all the races of men to comprehend the All One.
Above 5th search keyphrase from the top, Ethereans had a plan for the I'huans in North America that is being full-filled.
Oahspe Book of Es, Daughter of Jehovih: Chapter XX:
30. Lincoln's eyes were opened, and he went straight away, and proclaimed freedom to the whole four million slaves.
33. The slaves were free!
34. Jehovih said: Let this be a testimony, that this land is the place of the beginning of the kosmon era. There shall be no caste amongst my people.
35. Behold, I went to the Israelites, and in that day, I said: Keep yourselves as a separate people! For I had work for them, which was to travel westward
, ...
The Israelite [copper-colored] stock was required in the eventual colonization of North America via Europe
[from Africa-Ham], so that their spiritual I'hin descent and uncompromising monotheism -- despite its
inevitable contamination by the doctrines of the false and warrior Gods--might be as a leaven in the coming
day of Kosmon. - page 206 of DARKNESS, DAWN, AND DESTINY (DRAWN FROM OAHSPE) 1965 by Augustine Cahill.
The first Africans forced to work in the New World left from Europe at the beginning of the sixteenth century, not from Africa.

Like using forensic DNA analysis, or fingerprint matching, state-of-the-art facial
recognition with advanced mathematical algorithms shows the closest modern
matches to the prophets and law-givers (Abraham, Moses, Joshu) in Oahspe
Oahspe First Book of God 8:7: Abram was of pure blood, an I'huan; and the light
of su-is had been with his forefathers and foremothers since the flood.

Highest facial recognition results to Abraham (I'huan), and Moses (I'huan), to both Abraham AND Moses, and Joshu (Ghan-I'huan):

Non recent I'hin ancestry of Joshu and recent I'hin (pygmy) ancestry of Abraham and Moses.
<---Abraham and Joshu as drawn by John Ballou Newbrough under angelic control.
Abraham and Joshu were Hebrew Israelites, but there was a racial difference between Abraham and Joshu:
1 Abraham had recent I'hin (pygmy) ancestry 3 generations back (Abraham's great-grandparent was an I'hin).
2. 3 of Abraham's grandparents were pure I'huans and 7 of 8 great-grandparents were pure I'huans.
3. Joshu did not have recent I'hin (pygmy) ancestry. I'hins had been extinct for 1000 years (30 generations).
4. Joshu had recent Ghan or Listian ancestry. At least one of Joshu's parents was a Ghan or Listian.
Moses's Great-Grandmother was an I'hin (pygmy):
an I'hin, Metissa-Great-Grandmother
Like Abraham, Moses was 7/8 I'huan.
Oahspe Book of the Arc of BonChapter XIII
9. Levi, not being eligible to a Faithist wife, was inspired by the loo'is to take an I'hin, Metissa, to wife. Metissa bore him a son, Kohath, who, at maturity, was admitted to the Order of Avah, the third degree of Faithists, whereupon he was circumcised, and afterward called an Israelite, the name given to the Faithists of Egupt.
10. Kohath took to wife, Mirah, a devout worshipper of Jehovih. Mirah bore him a son, Amram, who took to wife Yokebed, sister-in-law to Kohath, and she bore him a son, who was Moses.


From :59 to 1:23 the word Hebrew means "those who have passed from place to place", similar to Nomad or wanderer.
mtDNA L2a1 Africans, Jews, Gypsies and Beyond
whose maternal line heritage ranges from Jewish, Afro-American, African, Caribbean, Hispanic, Gypsy and beyond
L2a and L2a1 mtDNA Africans, Jews, and gypsies (nomads like the Hebrews) from India (highest facial recogniton matches to Moses, male and female over 80%).
Below top female matches to Moses from India:
Miss Pooja (India singer) 81%.
Swathi (India actress) 81%.

Below top male matches to Moses from India:
Moses and Sushanth (india) facial recognition match 86%
Moses and Gautam Gambhir (New Delhi, India) facial recognition match 84%
1. a member of a traveling people traditionally living by itinerant trade and fortune telling. Gypsies speak a language (Romany) that is related to Hindi and are believed to have originated in South Asia.
synonyms:    Romany, Rom, traveler, nomad, rover, roamer, wanderer.
"a caravan of gypsies"
2. a nomadic or free-spirited person.
Genetic Sequencing Traces Gypsies Back to Ancient Indian Origin.

Genetic Sequencing Traces Gypsies Back to Ancient Indian Origin ...

Gypsies are believed to have arrived in Europe from northern India in the 1400s. They were called Gypsies because Europeans thought they came from Egypt. This ethnic minority is made up of distinct groups called “tribes” or “nations.” Most of the Gypsies in German-occupied Europe belonged to the Sinti and Roma tribes. The Sinti generally predominated in Germany and western Europe, and the Roma in Austria, eastern Europe, and the Balkans. The Sinti and Roma spoke dialects of a common language called Romani, based in Sanskrit, the classical language of India.
For centuries, Sinti and Roma were scorned and persecuted in Europe. Zigeuner, the German word for Gypsy, derives from a Greek root meaning “untouchable.” In the Balkan principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia, Gypsies were slaves bought and sold by monasteries and large estate holders (boyars) until 1864, when the newly formed nation of Romania emancipated them.

Moses (of Egypt) and Capilya (of India) are the two prophets-law-givers most alike in facial recognition match (84%).
The tribes of Israel are much older than the Ezra Bible depicts them to be. According to Oahspe, they sprung from two ancient tribes "Zerl" and "Iz". The name Israelite originates from a combination of these two ancient tribes of I'hin Faithists, Iz and Zerl.
Oahspe Book of the Arc of BonChapter XIII:
...and afterward called an Israelite, the name given to the Faithists of Egupt.

Oahspe Book of the Arc of Bon Chapter XVIII:
30. From the time Moses began to put on foot the migration of Israel until he reached Shakelmarath, was four years two hundred and seven days. And the number of Israelites that thus went forth out of Egupt was three million seven hundred and fifty-thousand men, women and children. And the number of other people who accompanied them was four hundred thousand; and because they were of the uncircumcised tribes of ancients, the Hebrews named them Levites, i.e., imperfect flesh.
31. And Moses commanded the Levites to camp aside, and not to mix with the Israelites, and they obeyed him in all things; maintaining that they were the true descendents of Abraham.

Oahspe Book of the Arc of Bon Chapter XX:
13. And in not many days Moses wrote the Levitican laws; for the inner temple of Jehovih was in spoken words only; but the outer temple was written. Wherefore it was said: The Hebrews have two laws; one which no man else knoweth; and one for them who are not eligible unto faith, being such as were called Leviticans, but not Leviticans in fact, but hangers-on who had followed the Israelites out of Egupt and who for the most part had no God, little judgment and no learning.

Kohen or cohen (or kohain; Hebrew: ???????, "priest", pl. kohanim) is the Hebrew word for priest used colloquially in reference to the Aaronic priesthood. Jewish kohanim are traditionally believed and halakhically required to be of direct patrilineal descent from the biblical Aaron. The term is used colloquially in Orthodox Judaism in reference to modern day descendants of Aharon, brother of Moses.

Oahspe Book of the Arc of Bon Chapter XX:13:
"called Leviticans, but not Leviticans in fact, but hangers-on who had followed the Israelites out of Egupt"
They were not true original
Israelites but "hangers-on who had followed the Israelites".
The Book of Leviticus (/lɪˈvɪtɪkəs/; from Greek Λευιτικόν, Leuitikon — from rabbinic Hebrew torat kohanim[1]) is the third book of the Jewish Bible (Hebrew: וַיִּקְרָא‎ Vayikra/Wayyiqrā) and of the Old Testament; its Hebrew name comes from its first word vayikraˈ,[1] "He [God] called."[1] The English name is from the Latin
Leviticus, taken in turn from Greek and a reference to the Levites, the tribe of Aaron, from whom the Kohanim ('"priests") descended.


Of or relating to the Book of Leviticus in the Bible.



Play Le·vit·i·cus.
the third book of the Pentateuch in the Bible, containing the laws relating to priests and Levites:
The Cohen Modal Haplotype (CMH) of Sephardic and Ashkenazi jews traces back to so-called Leviticans, but not Leviticans in fact, but hangers-on who had followed the Israelites out of Egupt.
They were not true original Israelites, they were "hangers-on who had followed the Israelites". Genetics is writeen on the face. This is why Sephardic and Ashkenazi jews do not match as high as Sub-Saharan Africans and African-Americans in facial recognition to Abraham, Moses, or Joshu (as drawn by John Ballou Newbrough under Angelic control). European (Ghan) Jews do not match over 70% to Moses, or Abraham. African-Americans and Sub-Saharan Africans match over 70 or 80% to Abraham, or Moses.

They also found that the probabilities appeared to be shared by both Sephardic and Ashkenazi Cohens, pointing to a common Cohen population origin before the Jewish diaspora under the Roman empire. However, this study also indicated that only 48% of Ashkenazi Cohanim and 58% of Sephardic Cohanim have the J1 Cohen Modal Haplotype.

In a subsequent study the next year (Thomas MG et al., 1998),[1] the team increased the number of Y-STR markers tested to six, as well as testing more SNP markers. Again, they found that a clear difference was observable between the Kohanim population and the general Jewish population, with many of the Cohen STR results clustered around a single pattern they named the Cohen Modal Haplotype:

 xDE[4]xDE,PR[1]Hg J[5]CMH.1[1]CMH[1]
Ashkenazi Cohanim (AC):98.5%96%87%69%45% 79%52%
Sephardic Cohanim (SC):100%88%75%61%56% 81%75%
Ashkenazi Jews (AI):82%62%37%15%13% 40%35%
Sephardic Jews (SI):85%63%37%14%10% 38%27%
Below is text from pages 87, 88, 89, and 90 of Abraham's Children Race, Identity, and the DNA of the Chosen People
by JON ENTINE, 2007.
Molecular phylogenetic research published in 2013 and 2016 for haplogroup J-M267 places the Y-chromosomal Aaron [which researchers named the Cohen Modal Haplotype (CMH).[1]] within subhaplogroup Z18271, age estimate 2638-3280 years Before Present (yBP).[2][3]
3280 years Before Present is very close to the time of the Leviticans who were hangers-on and followed the Israelites out of Egupt 3,397 years before Kosmon according to Oahspe. The Cohen Modal Haplotype is the "Levitican" Haplotype.

Above are photos of African-American Rapper Pusha-T next to drawing of original I'hin. Both heads were magnified and adjusted to be the same size for comparison. 9 Orthographic projection lines shows the face of Push-T and the I'hin face match almost exactly even the horizontal mid-forehead indentation lines.
Above are photos of Albert Einstein Ashkenazi Jewish theoretical physicist next to drawing of original I'hin. Both heads were magnified and adjusted to be the same size for comparison. 11 Orthographic projection lines shows the face of Albert Einstein and the I'hin do no quite match exactly (top of upper lip, bottom of nose do not match, and no horizontal mid-forehead indentation lines for Einstein). Both Pusha-T and Albert Einstein matched extremely high to the prophet Brahma who had the highest spiritual grade (99) of any mortal and was half I'hin and half I'huan. Pusha-T matched 81% to Brahma in facial recognition and Albert Einstein matched 72% to Brahma in facial recognition. The orthographic projection lines are in harmony with the facial recognition results. This is evidence that orthographic projection lines are a good alternative to using facial recognition software (such as pictriev.com/fc.php similarity meter) when only a profile (side) image of a person with no frontal images available (as in the case of the drawing of the original I'hin done by Newbrough).
Albert Einstein matched closer to the I'hin in facial orthographic projection lines than Nikola Tesla, a Scandinavian, and a Nordic man.

Above comparing images by orthographic projection lines (similarity meter).
Below are 10 orthograohic projection lines comparing photo of Ashkenazi Jew Guy Oseary who matched the highest to Zarathustra (84%) to original I'hin, bottom of nose and lips (do not line up), middle of eye, eye sockets-eye brows, bottom of chine and hairline (5 lines) do line up.

Above are 10 orthograohic projection lines comparing photo of African-American Michael James who matched the 3rd highest to Moses (86%) to original I'hin, all 10 lines line up, bottom of chin, lips, bottom of nose, eye sockets-eye brows, middle of eye, forehead hairline, and near top of head.
Genetics: It's Written On Your Face

Shepherd Kings. A nick-name to a wandering tribe who kept flocks of goats, in the south-west of Persia.
They also migrated into Egypt,and became powerful. At first, they were mild and non-resistant, but
afterward, they became savage warriors. Such of them as did not apostatize, but kept themselves holy,
separated from the others, and became the founders of Ebra, which afterward became Hebrew, which

Ebrahim is located in Iran
Coordinates: 32°07′00″N 49°09′00″E
Country Iran
CountyMasjed Soleyman
afterward became Jew, from whom Abram was descended. These were, therefore, the cream of the
ancient Zarathustrians of three thousand years before.
Oahspe Book of Divinity: Chapter XI:
13. ...Even as the mother of Zarathustra was of the I'hins ...
Zarathustra = Ghan (half I'hin, half I'huan).
The Zarathustrians were Ghans, Listians, and a mixture of Ghan-I'huan. Whereas Abraham, Moses, and the original
Hebrew Israelites were pure (7/8) I'huan with recent I'hin ancestry (great-grandparent was an I'hin).
The I'huan is an older race closer to the original Homo-sapiens (pygmies-I'hins),
The Ghans are a more recent creation, change, or mutation from the original Homo-sapiens.
Each race first appeared on earth according to Oahspe:
Asu - 78,000 years before Kosmon. (non Genus Homo, non sapiens)
I'hin - 72,000 years before Kosmon. (Genus Homo, Homo sapiens pygmaeus).
Druk - 71,000 years before Kosmon. (Homo erectus and later Homo neanderthalensis).
I'huan - 70,000 years before Kosmon. (Homo sapiens sapiens modern man, non-pygmy).
Ghan - 14,000 years before Kosmon. (Homo sapiens sapiens with mutation in genotype and phenotype from I'huan)
All previous races were stepping stones to get to the present and future Kosmon (Cosmic) race which is Homo sapiens ethereans = I'huan-Ghan mix or I'huan-Ghan-Mongrel-pygmy mix.
Oahspe Book of Divinity: Chapter XI:
13. ...the I'hins, who were the original Faithists. And they were capable of prophecies and miracles to such an extent that all other people called them the sacred people.
Oahspe Book of Divinity: Chapter XI:
13. ...The I'hins lived secluded and separate from all other people. Nevertheless, they were the seed of everlasting life on the earth, and the foundation for raising up prophets and seers unto other peoples. Even as the mother of Zarathustra was of the I'hins, so was it with all men and women born into the world with su'is and sar'gis.
The Israelite genetic line is a faithist genetic line (containing significant I'hin DNA) and was developed and used to reach the gentiles (non-faithists) around the world through mix-breeding to bring about the Kosmon (cosmic) race of man.
◄ Isaiah 49:6 ► of the Bible:
..."I will also make you a light for the Gentiles, that my salvation may reach to the ends of the earth."

Below is photo of African-American Selah Shalom and drawing of original I'hin.
Above are 8 orthographic projection lines from photo of Selah Shalom to drawing of original I'hin showing very close
matching of head and facial features (lips, bottom of nose, eye sockets-eye brows, middle of eye, top of head.
Below is photo of Habib Ali Al Jifri (2nd Highest facial recognition match to Moses 88%) and drawing of original I'hin.
Habib Ali Al Jifri was born in Saudi Arabia, parents are from the Hadhramaut valley in Yemen, ancestral roots are the
city of Tarim, Al-Jifri is a direct descendant of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad, through his grandson Hussein.
Above 10 orthographic projection lines comparing the face of Habib Ali Al Jifri (Ishmaelite) and original
I'hin. Bottom of nose, point of nose, eye sockets, middle of eye, forehead, middle of lips match very close.
The plant leaf in the Circle-Cross symbol (emblem) of Oahspe = life.
The unfolding of a flower, the unfolding of the Creator's plan, the petals of a flower or plant, nothing blooms before its time, there is an apointed time (cycle) for everything.
Oahspe Plate 47 - THE CYCLIC COIL:
Jehovih..He is the circle without beginning or end...

She blunty says, “kuwala ngati nyenyezi” (shining like a star). This symbol is drawn by some who follow such teachings with ufa woyera (white maize flour) or within a circle to symbolize all.
This African cross for them also represents the 4 winds of Sapitwa which are North, South West and East and symbolize rain and the Creator in their beliefs.

OAHSPE: Book of Judgment CHAPTER I:
15. ...Jehovih, the Creator, the All Person.

Above (circle and cross) is the HIGHER symbol, below (6 pointed star, hexagram) is the lower symbol.


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