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Above Oahspe symbol = the Circle, the Cross, the Leaf = Creator, the two positive and negative forces of the universe, and life.

3. I am the living mathematics;
...the way you explain the 99-66-33 with the vortex....incredible - oahspe101, 01/19/2015. 
Page 37 of The Universal Cycle Theory (2011) by Stephen J. Puentz and Glenn Borchardt, PH.D. ..."sadly a new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it." 

E O IH E=mc2 Circle Pi
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Above drawing of circle, diameter, Pi (π), E-O-IH and E=mc2, Creator and creation, energy, mass, light2, universe. E-O-IH = 9x8x5 = 360 degrees CIRCLE.
So that’s the Einstein-Pi connection. Einstein figured out that gravity is best described
by a field theory rather than as a direct interaction between individual bodies, and connecting
fields to localized bodies involves integrating over the surface of a sphere, and the
redefined as a circulation of matter.
Rather than being matterless, think of a field as a circulation of aether particles.
When a vortex forms, aether particles circulate around the center of the vortex.
The circulating aether causes an effect described as a field.
[Field = electromagnetic, gravitational, quantum, etc ...]. 
Energy - Force = matter-motion terms. .. energy calculations use mass as the
matter and velocity-squared as the motion [E=mc2].
Pi = 22/7 (aprox). 22 = Circumference (Father), 7 = Diameter (Child). E-O-IH is the Circumference of a Circle. The Creator is 22, Creation is 7E-O-IH = 9+8+5 = 22. The relationship or ratio between the two is pi. Cycles are in aprox harmonics of 3 (pi is aprox 3.14, rounded to nearest whole number is 3), the rules of prophecy (11, 33, 99). The Parent cycle is 3x the Child cyle. The Circumfence of a circle is 3.14 x the Diameter of a circle. The Creator is the father (Parent), the Creation is the Son (Child)E=mc2 and E-O-IH: The smallest whole number that can be multiplied by itself (squared) to get a larger number is 2. Mass (m) and motion (C) is 2. C2 = 4. 2x4=8. E=8. Reducing the numbers to their lowest whole numbers by dividing by 2 = m = 1, C2 = 2, E = 4, the sum of m+c2+E = 7 (the number of creation). The sum of E-O-IH in its lowest basic single digit numbers = 9+8+5 = 22 (the Master, CEO number). 22 = The Circumfence number of 22/7 (pi).

Pi has fascinated mathematicians because traditionally the circle represents the infinite, immeasurable, and even spiritual world while the square represents the manifest, measurable, and comprehensive world.
Brown, James Robert. 2008. Philosophy of Mathematics: A Contemporary Introduction to the World of Proofs and Pictures. 2nd ed. New York, NY: Routledge.
Oahspe Book of Saphah Tablet of Se'moin.
9. E‑O‑Ih, the Creator, the Person Who moves the wind. The All Soul. The All Self. The Second Self, more subtle than the wind. It is the circumference of all; it extends from left to right,
A diagram of a circle, with the width labeled as diameter, and the perimeter labeled as circumference 
π is commonly defined as the ratio of a circle's circumference C to its diameter d:[4] The ratio C/d is constant, regardless of the circle's size. C/d = E-O-IH / E=mc2 or 0/- =  π
Oahspe Plate 47 - THE CYCLIC COIL:
Jehovih..He is the circle without beginning or end...
First 3 digits of pi = 3.14 = 3/.14, 3 = E-O-IH, .14 = creation (1 / .14 = 7.14). 3 / .14 = 21.42.
Sacred Geometry of Circumference of Circle, Diameter, and pi.
Circumference of Circle = Eternity-infinite = no beginning, no ending. Diameter = finite = beginning and ending.
22 is the number of Creator (Circle, Circumference, Cycle) number, and 7 is the number of creation (diameter, space-time line). The RELATIONSHIP (ratio) between 22 (Creator) and 7 (creation) is pi (22/7, 3.14). The first (primary) 3 (Triune) digits of pi added together (sum) = 3+1+4 = 8 the number of harmony = Love. The relationship of the Creator (22) to Creation (7) is Love (3.14 sum = 8). Musical harmony = 8 = octave = divided whole symmetry down to 1 = 8, 4, 2, 1. 1, 2, and 4 go evenly into 8 with nothing left over (completeness, wholeness).
...the number SEVEN. It stands for the SEVENTH day of the Creation Week... It denotes COMPLETENESS ...
Oahspe Book of the Arc of Bon.: Chapter XIV:
4. To events of prophecy there was also another calendar, called the ode, signifying sky-time, or heavenly times. One ode was equivalent to eleven long years; three odes, one spell, signifying a generation; ...Thothma, the learned man and builder of the great pyramid, had said: As a diameter is to a circle, and as a circle is to a diameter, so are the rules of the seasons of the earth.
Wisdom of Thothma builder of the Great Pyramid decoded:
as a circle is to a diameter = 22/7 = 3.14 (rounded to 3 nearest whole number)
the rules of the seasons of the earth = the rules of prophecy = 3x or 1/3
The rules of prophecy = the rules of a vortex = a circle to a diameter = 3
Cycles = harmonics of 3
Ode = 11 years, Pi (the ratio of the circumerence of a circle to the diameter) = 22/7. 22 = circumference, 7 = diameter. 22/2 = 11 = half cycle of 22 = 2nd rule of prophecy (Ode).
Spell = 33 years, Pi (the ratio of the circumerence of a circle to the diameter) = 22/7. 22/2 = 11 = half cycle of 22. 11 (half cycle) + 22 (circumference) = 33 = 1st rule of prophecy (Spell).
E-O-IH = circumference of a circle
space-time = diameter = world line
The world line of an object is the unique path of that object as it travels through 4-dimensional spacetime.
A world line is the sequential path of personal human events (with time and place as dimensions) that marks the history of a person[1] — perhaps starting at the time and place of one's birth until one's death. The log book of a ship is a description of the ship's world line, as long as it contains a time tag attached to every position. The world line allows one to calculate the speed of the ship, given a measure of distance (a so-called metric) appropriate for the curved surface of the Earth.
In physics, a world line of an object (approximated as a point in space, e.g., a particle or observer) is the sequence of spacetime events corresponding to the history of the object.
a circle has many different radii and diameters, each passing through its center
Every point in space-time is the center of a circle, every line in space-time is the center of a circle.
Lines and circles are the most elementary figures of geometry

Albert Einstein Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

Albert Einstein, in the 1920′s
Oahspe (1881) Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter III:
6. In the sum of all the universe there was, and is now, and ever shall be, the same latent amount of heat and light [the law of conservation of energy]. The vortex in formation driveth them to the centre [compression, m=E/c^2] for a period of time; nevertheless a time cometh when the heat and light escape outward [expansion, E=mc^2].
Conservation of energy [The first law of thermodynamics]
In physics, the law of conservation of energy states that the total energy of an isolated system cannot change—it is said to be conserved over time. Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but can change form, for instance chemical energy can be converted to kinetic energy in the explosion of a stick of dynamite.
The theory of general relativity leaves open the question of whether there is a conservation of energy for the entire universe.
The Earth loses most of its energy through infrared radiation, by radiating it into space.
E=mc^2 = given a certain amount of mass you could calculate the amount of energy it contains.
m=E/c^2 = given an amount of energy, you can determine how much mass you can create from it, producing mass from pure energy.
E=mc^2, m=E/c^2 = mass simply being one manifestation of energy, other manifestations are heat, light, radiation, all are different facets of one entity called energy [vortex'ya]. Unification physics.
E = mc2 Explained  
Brian Greene, Theoretical Physicist, Columbia University
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter III:
11. As light, and heat, and magnetism, and electricity, are all one and the same thing, which are the manifestation of vortexian currents under different conditions,...
Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy CH. I:
30. What is called corporeal substance [matter], which has length, breadth and thickness [mass], remaineth so by [compression] no power of its own, but by vortexya [energy] external thereto [m=E/c2]. Exchange [withdraw, expand] the vortexya, and the corpor goeth into dissolution [breaks apart, E=mc2].
From Oahspe book of Sephah, plate 65, Se'moin'
Within the description of Agni, number 72, we find the following:
"Emblem of corporeal [mass] dissolution and of the escape [release] of the potent power [energy] within''. Here we have the statement of the equivalence of mass and energy, or Einstein's  E=MC² from his special theory of relativity. It was in Oahspe (in statement form) long before Einstein formulated his famous equation in 1905. To illustrate (math) what Oahspe refers to as "the potent power within" one kilogram of radium is converted into the equivalence of 400 tons of TNT! [1 kg of radium (mass) x c2 = 400 tons of TNT (energy) = multiplication = E=mc2 = 2x2x2=8]. 400 tons of TNT (energy) is compressed into 1 kg of radium (mass) by the velocity (motion, pressure) of light2 = division = m=E/c2 = 8/2x2=2.
E=mc2 in simplest fundamental numerical form = lowest number you can square and get a larger number. You cannot square 1 because 1x1=1 (same number). So c=2, c2(2x2)=4, c2xm=E, the smallest number m can be is 2 also, because 4x1=4, but 4x2=8, so c=2, and E = 8. E=mc2 in most basic simplest form = 8=2x(2x2)=8.
E=mc2 is a harmonic equation, 8 is the number of harmony, and 4 and 2 are harmonic divisions of 8. Energy has a 4-1 relationship with matter (8/2=4). Let ethe stand as one...corpor as four... - Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter VII:1 of Oahspe
E=MC2 = nuclear explosions = does not create energy = release or expansion of energy
E=MC2 = a lot of energy is released from a little mass = multiplication (8=2x2x2=8)
m=E/c2 = a lot of energy is compressed into a little mass = division (2=8/2x2=2)
Mathematics and physics of creation:
Positive and negative vortex'ya = m=e/c2 and e=mc2 = 2=8/4=2 and 8=2x2(x2)=8
m = corpor(2), e = ether (8), c2 = vortex'ya (4). Division (/) = compression, multiplication (x) = expansion.
3. Apollo said: To condense and to expand; to expand and to condense, is this all? Who shall fashion a corporeal world by compressing ether?
fashion a corporeal world by compressing ether = m=e/c2 = 2=8/4=2 = division = compression. ether (e) is compressed into corpor (m) by vortex motion (c2) = 8/4=2 = e/c2=m.
Albert Einstein's Year of Miracles: Light Theory
Albert Einstein and the Nature of Light
In Oahspe ethe = light and quantum
In Oahspe ethe has all the qualities that Einstein attributed to light, such as:
Ethe is constant, has maximum velocity, and the whole physical universe is dependant on ethe in motion
Etheic substance is made of sub-atomic particles, so is light
Etheic substance = fluid and particles = light is particle and wave
Corpor changes, it is non-everlasting
Ethe does not change, it is constant (everlasting)
Dense corpor = minimum motion or 0.01% maximum velocity
Ethe = 100% motion or maximum velocity = time of light
Speed of light in vacuum = 186,282.397 miles per second = motion and time of light
186,282.397 x .99 = 184,419.57303 miles per second
Ethe = 99-100% motion (velocity) and time of light
Harmonic division of ethe = c/mach, million/c/mach = 49.5-50% light motion and time
Harmonic octave fractal physics of energy and mass
Simplified symbolic illustration (math) of the relationship of energy, mass, and light2
E=mc2 = 8=2x2x2=8
E = 8, an octave, a harmonic multiplication of mass = 2x2x2=8
m = 2, a harmonic fraction of an octave of energy, fractal of energy = 2/8
8 is the fibonacci number of harmony and fractals (whole fractions).
E = is released by the expansion/breaking apart of mass
m=E/c2 = 2=8/2x2=2
m = 2, a harmonic division of energy = 8/2x2=2
m = is created by a inward spiral fractal of energy = compression.
8-4-2-4-8 = harmonic octave and fractals of energy, light-speed2, and mass
|----------|= Energy outer expansion
__|___|__= velocity of light2, intermediate between mass and energy
____|____= center mass, compressed harmonic fraction (fractal) of energy
|_energy_| (8)Energy is mass expanded by light2 = 2x2x2=8 = multiplication
-|-light2-|- (4)light2 is used to compress or expand energy and mass 8/2x2, 2x2x2=8
--|mass|-- (2)mass is energy compressed by light2 = 8/2x2=2 = division
The simplified math of E=mc2 in lowest common denominator terms:
The smallest whole number higher than 1 (1 can't multiply) that can be multiplied (x) is 2, so m(mass) and c(light) are both given the number 2. c2 makes 2x2=4. Energy =mc2 = 8.
So that makes E=mc2, energy, mass, and light a harmonic octave relationship in its most simple lowest common denominator form, like music, like the periodic table of chemical elements and electromagnetic spectrum (middle of Miscellaneous chapter).
Harmony: a state of order, agreement, or completeness [7 represents completeness] in the relations of things, or of parts of a whole to each other
Harmonic: producing, characterized by, or pertaining to, harmony
a) Music: pertaining to a tone whose rate of vibration is an exact multiple of a given primary tone
In E=mc2, and m=E/c2, m = primary tone of 2 = 1st harmonic
c2  = 4, an exact multiple of the primary tone of 2 = 2nd harmonic
E = 8, an exact multiple of the primary tone 2 and the second harmonic 4 = 4th harmonic
E = 4x primary tone, m = 1x primary tone, c2 = 2x primary tone = 7th harmonic (total)
E(4x)+m(1x)+c2(2x) = 7x the primary tone, 7 = completion = 22/3.14 22/pi
E-O-IH the sacred name of the Creator adds up to 22x the fundamental tone
The ratio (relationship) of E-O-IH to E=mc2 is Pi (π), 3.14 or 3.1/7 or 22/7
E-O-IH is the circle, E=mc2 is the diameter, the ratio is 22/7 or Pi(3.14 or 3.1/7)
The number seven is known to be the number of creation, 7 symbolic days of creation and rest.
E=mc2 = 7 = creation (universe) = energy, matter, light 
E=mc2 = let there be motion, light, mass, universe.
E-O-IH is the Creator, E=mc2 is the creation, the ratio between the two is 22/7 or π(Pi)
7 x pi = 21.99 = E-O-H
22 / pi = 7.002 = E=mc2
E-O-IH = the circle (or sphere), the All, Omni
E=mc2 = diameter, space-time-line 
time·line definition
1. a graphic representation of the passage of time as a line.
Space and time Einstein melded them together into something called space-time.
"Space-time-line" definition
a graphic representation of the universe (creation) as a line = diameter of a circle
Diameter of a circle definition:
The segment whose endpoints are points on a circle (or sphere) that contains the center of the circle as its midpoint; the length of that segment
b) Mathematics: derived from, or originally suggested by, the numerical relations between the vibrations of the musical harmonies, or overtones, of the same fundamental tone; harmonic functions
c) Physics: any component of a periodic quantity, which is an integral multiple of the fundamental frequency
See Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements & Electromagnetic spectrum (Misc. chapter).
A'ji(33), jiay(66), ethe(99-100) are periodic harmonic multiples of the fundamental cycle of 11
Harmony DEFINITIONS: - Britannica World Standard Dictionary
Geometry, mathematics, harmonics of Creator and creation:
_(_), O, 0 = circle, circumference, cycle, complete, no beginning, no end, Creator = E-O-IH = 9x + 8x + 5x = 22 fundamental tones
|___radius___|<--span, duration, time, distance, light-years, space, timeline, space-timeline, diameter = creation = universe = E=mc2 = Energy, mass, light2, 8=2x2x2=8 = 4x + 1x +2x = 7 primary tones
Ratio of E=mc2 to E-O-IH is pi, π, 3.14, 3.1/7 or 22/7, the ratio of diameter to circle.
In converting E=mc2 to numbers E=8, m=2, light2=4
2 + 4 + 8 = 14
2 = mass, 4 = light2, 8 = Energy
2 / 14 = 0.1428 = 14.28 = mass
4 / 14 = 0.2857 = 28.57 = light2
8 / 14 = 0.5714 = 57.14 = Energy
Light can be converted to mass (by compression) or remain energy (by expansion). 28.57 / 2 = 14.28 light2 divided in half = half of light2 is converted to Energy, half is converted to mass in the universe.
57.14 + 14.28 = 71.42% Energy in the Universe
14.28 + 14.28 = 28.57% mass in the universe
71.42% to 28.57%, Energy to mass in the universe, these numbers match up with scientists
observations and calculations which =  ~68% dark energy, ~27% dark matter.
71.42% Energy to 28.57% matter = very close to ~68% dark energy, ~27% dark matter
Dark Energy, Dark Matter
It turns out that roughly 68% of the Universe is dark energy. Dark matter makes up about 27%.
Source NASA, Recent Discoveries, November 30, 2012
68 / 71.42 = 95.21% same for Energy in the universe
27 / 28.57 = 94.50% same for matter in the universe
Dark energy and dark matter make up 95% of the universe. Only ~5% of the universe is neither dark matter nor dark energy.
So E=mc2 or m=E/c2 converted to 8=2x2x2=8 or 2=8/2x2=4 is accurate based on the calculated amount of dark energy to dark matter in the universe.
E=mc2, m=E/c2 = matter and energy in the universe
Dark energy and dark matter make up 95% of the universe. Subtracting non-dark matter and non-dark energy the ~ 5% of the universe to find the ratio.
of dark energy to dark matter add dark energy percentage to dark matter percentage to get total.
68 + 27 = 95 total. Divide dark energy by total, and divide dark matter by total to get percentages.
68 / 95 = .7157 = 71.57% dark energy. 27 / 95 = .2842 = 28.42% dark matter. Compare Dark energy and dark matter percentages to E=mc2 (8=2x2x2=8) percentages (divide c2 percentage in half, and add half c2 to energy and half c2 to matter).
Energy(E) + 1/2 c2 = 71.57%, dark energy = 71.42%, total in universe
mass(m) + 1/2 c2  = 28.42%, dark matter = 28.57%, total in universe
The whole numbers match exactly (71 to 71, and 28 to 28)
The fractions match exactly in reverse (.57% to .42%, and .42% to .57%)
Energy(E) + 1/2 c2 = 71.57%
mass(m) + 1/2 c2  = 28.42%
71.57 rounded up = 72, 28.42 rounded down = 28.
Ratio of dark energy to dark matter:
72% / 28% = 2.571 = Phi(Golden ratio)2
Golden Ratio = 1.6 x 1.6 = 2.56 = Golden Ratio2
Golden Ratio = 1.618 x 1.618 = 2.61 = Golden Ratio2
2.571 rounded up = 2.6
Dark energy to dark matter ratio = Golden Ratio2.
Golden ratio = Symmetry, balance
72% dark energy / 28% dark matter = Universe of symmetry and balance
When you square a number the answer is a harmonic multiple of the number squared, examples:
2x2 = 4, 4 is a harmonic multiple of 2. The harmonic multiple has the same qualities of the number squared multiplied.
3x3 = 9, 9 is a harmonic multiple of 3. 9 has the same qualities of 3 multiplied.
1.6 x 1.6 = 2.56, 2.56 is a harmonic multiple of 1.6, with same qualities multiplied.
1.618 x 1.618 = 2.61 is a harmonic multiple of 1.618, with same qualities multiplied.
Golden ratio x golden ratio = Golden ratio2, with same qualities of golden ratio multiplied.
The universe is a harmonic multiple of the golden ratio, with the same qualities of symmetry and balance. The golden ratio is a fractal of the universe.

Page 52 of the Unified Cycle Theory by Stephan J. Puetz, 2009:
"Based on recent WMAP results, NASA estimates the universe consists of matter and energy in these percentages - 4.6% ordinary baryonic matter, 23.2% dark matter, 71.7% dark energy, and 0.5% neutrinos.{Hinshaw et al, 2008] Looking at this composition, dark matter and dark energy account for 95% of the matter and energy in our universe."
4.6% + 0.5% + 23.2% = 28.3% dark matter plus ordinary matter plus neutrinos.
71.7% dark energy rounded up to nearest whole number = 72%.
28.3% matter rounded down to nearest whole number = 28%.
72 / 28 = 2.57 = Golden Ratio2 = Harmonic multiple of symmetry and balance.
E=mc2 in simplest fundamental numerical form = lowest number you can square and get a larger number. You cannot square 1 because 1x1=1 (same number). So c=2, c2(2x2)=4, c2xm=E, the smallest number m can be is 2 also, because 4x1=4, but 4x2=8, so c=2, and E = 8. E=mc2 in most basic simplest form = 8=2x(2x2)=8.
My mathematical breakdown of E=mc2 converted to energy and mass percentages exactly match the total percentages of dark energy and dark matter in the universe estimated by NASA. Reality (95% of the universe) matches equation (E=mc2).
E=mc2 is not just theoretical it is proven true.
E=mc2 = 8=2x2x2=8 = 95% of the universe = 71.57% dark energy, 28.42% dark matter.
Dark energy and dark matter make up 95% of the universe. Subtracting non-dark matter and non-dark energy the ~ 5% of the universe to find the ratio of dark energy to dark matter add dark energy percentage to dark matter percentage to get total.
68 + 27 = 95 total. Divide dark energy by total, and divide dark matter by total to get percentages.
68 / 95 = .7157 = 71.57% dark energy. 27 / 95 = .2842 = 28.42% dark matter. Compare Dark energy and dark matter percentages to E=mc2 (8=2x2x2=8) percentages (divide c2 percentage in half, and add half c2 to energy and half c2 to matter).
Energy(E) + 1/2 c2 = 71.42%, dark energy = 71.42%, total in universe
mass(m) + 1/2 c2  = 28.57%, dark matter = 28.57%, total in universe
The whole numbers match exactly (71 to 71, and 28 to 28) of NASA estimates to my E=mc2 (8=2x2x2) calculation.
E = 8
c = 2, c2 = 4
m = 2
8 + 4 + 2 = 14 total (Energy + C2 + mass)
E + 2 = 10 (energy = half c2)
m + 2 = 4 (mass + half c2)
10/14 = 71.42 %
4/14 = 28.57 %
dark energy to dark matter:
71.42% / 28.57% my E=mc2 (8=2x2x2)
71.7% / 28.3%, and 71.4% / 28.6% NASA estimates of the universe
E=mc2, m=E/c2 and Oahspe Cosmogony equations, formulas:
E=mc2 = 8=2x2x2=8
m=E/c2 = 2=8/2x2=2
C2 = Vortexya (ethe'ic solution in motion) = 4
E = Ethe, Ethe'ic solution = 8
m = Corpor, matter = 2
E=mc2 = 8=2x2x2=8
Ethe = corpor x vortexya2 = multiplication, expansion, breaking apart of corpor and release of vortexya into ethe'ic solution = conversion of corpor into ethe'ic solution.
m=E/c2 = 2=8/2x2=2
Corpor = Ethe / vortexya2 = division, compression of ethe'ic solution by vortexya2 = matter = conversion of ethe'ic solution into corpor.
E = Ethe, or Ethe'ic solution = 8 = the most potent = number 1
c2 = vortexya = 4 (intermediary force between corpor and ethe)
m = matter, or corpor = 2 = the least potent
= number 4
Ethe ranked 4 x higher than corpor. 8 / 2 = 4 or 4 to 1.
Let ethe stand as one...corpor as four... - Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter VII:1 of Oahspe
Two known things in the universe: ethe and corpor - Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter II:1 of Oahspe
Vortexya is both ethe and corpor (ethe'ic solution containing corpor in motion) = c2 = motion or velocity of light = Light is both particle (corpor) and wave (ethe'ic wave).
OAHSPE: Book of Jehovih Chapter 1:
5 Of two apparent entities am I, nevertheless I AM BUT ONE. These entities are the UNSEEN, which is POTENT, and the SEEN, which is of itself IMPOTENT, and called CORPOR.
Ethe = the UNSEEN, POTENT.
E-O-IH (Jehovih) says:
Of two apparent entities am I = Two known things in the universe = ethe and corpor


Whirlpool Galaxy
Messier51 sRGB.jpg

The prophetic numbers 11, 33, 66, 99, and 200, etc... mentioned in Oahspe.
<----Plate 52. Mathematical problems

Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter 3:14 (3.14)
First (1st) rule of prophecy = 33.3 (rounded to 33 years)
Second (2nd) rule of prophecy = 10.6 (rounded to 11 years)
33 = 32.5 to 33.4
11 = 10.5 to 11.4
33.3 / 10.6 = 3.14, Pi, π.
COSMOGONY = SPIRAL GALAXY, 2nd spiral arm (33.3) divided by 1st spiral arm (10.6) = 3.14, Pi, π.
PROPHECY = 1st rule of prophecy (33.3) divided by 2nd rule of prophecy (10.6) = 3.14, Pi,  π.
The infinite (it has an infinite number of digits in its decimal representation) transcendental,universal geometric constant and ratio of a circle circumference to diameter is encoded in OAHSPE BOOK OF COSMOGONY AND PROPHECY CHAPTER 3:14 (3.14) = PI,  π.
COSMOGONY = 11, 33, 66, 99 percent of a spiral galaxy = SPACE
PROPHECY = 11, 33, 66, 99 percent of a 100 year cycle = TIME
Universe = space–time continuum
11, 33, 66, 99 = SPACE-TIME numbers, mathematics of space-time


In the 20th and 21st centuries, mathematicians and computer scientists discovered new approaches that – when combined with increasing computational power – extended the decimal representation of π to, as of late 2011, over 10 trillion (1013) digits. [1] Scientific applications generally require no more than 40 digits of π, so the primary motivation for these computations is the human desire to break records, but the extensive calculations involved have been used to test supercomputers and high-precision multiplication algorithms.

Because its definition relates to the circle, π is found in many formulae in trigonometry and geometry, especially those concerning circles, ellipses, or spheres. It is also found in formulae from other branches of science, such as cosmology, number theory, statistics, fractals, thermodynamics, mechanics, and electromagnetism. The ubiquitous nature of π makes it one of the most widely known mathematical constants, both inside and outside the scientific community: 

Pi's decimal representation never ends and never settles into a permanent repeating pattern. Meaning it's highly possible that pi contains every possible combination of numbers.
The greatest number of decimal places to which Pi (π) had been calculated in february, of 1983 was 8,388,608 or 8 million 388 thousand 608. - 1984 GUINESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS
Pi enthusiast calculates it to ten trillion digits
Finding the value of pi to 10 trillion digits requires performing a lot of calculations (using software written by Yee), so many in fact, that Kondo had to add a lot more hard drive space than you’d find on your average PC. Forty eight terabytes to be exact. So intense was the computation that the computer alone caused the temperature in the room to hold steady at 104° F.
Converted into ASCII text, somewhere in that infinite string of digits is the name of every person you will ever love, the date, time and manner of your death, and the answers to all the great questions of the universe."
It allows you to search for both character strings and hexadecimal sequences. Note that this search engine only has indexed the first 4 billion decimals of pi, and uses a formula for arbitrarily positioned binary or hexadecimal digits after those indexed.
Search the first four billion binary digits of Pi for a string...  
Enter the string in hex (4 bit, 0-9A-F) or character (5 bit, a-z:;,_-.) format:
Pi-Search Result:
search string = "oahspe"
30-bit binary equivalent =   011110000101000100111000000101
search string found at binary index =  3892712685
binary pi    : 0011110001111000010100010011100000010100100010000110100011001000
binary string:         011110000101000100111000000101                          
character pi    : .ahst_ipl-tgza,oahspedhmcdlkcwgoy-bce;
character string:                oahspe
search string = "jesus"
25-bit binary equivalent =   0101000101100111010110011
search string found at binary index =   514534284
binary pi    : 1110001001010001011001110101100110000000000000101011110110000011
binary string:         0101000101100111010110011                               
character pi    : sxgepajxpkkt;gbjesus__bwvawwmn;n:,tyjj
character string:                jesus
search string = "eoih"
20-bit binary equivalent =   00101011110100101000
search string found at binary index =  1896179800
binary pi    : 1011110100101011110100101000000000000010010011000011101100111011
binary string:         00101011110100101000                                    
character pi    : fz::rxbdgpgvo-:u.eoih__rlgl.;eaok_sfnd
character string:                  eoih
search string = "kosmon"
30-bit binary equivalent =   010110111110011011010111101110
search string found at binary index =  1316267428
binary pi    : 1101010001011011111001101101011110111010101101010010011001000000
binary string:         010110111110011011010111101110                          
character pi    : aqgh:nz_p:b;tkosmonuudy__rim:yb,.lgloz
character string:              kosmon
search string = "ethe"
20-bit binary equivalent =   00101101000100000101
search string found at binary index =   898201148
binary pi    : 1101000100101101000100000101000000000000010110101100011000110000
binary string:         00101101000100000101                                    
character pi    : fonkgdyorelqp:ddnqethe__bzxxxbcovk-umq
character string:                   ethe
search string = "judah" 
25-bit binary equivalent =   0101010101001000000101000 

search string found at binary index =  1045235120 
binary pi    : 0001111001010101010010000001010000000111101111010011010101000011 
binary string:         0101010101001000000101000                                
character pi    : -s-nhwxd-am_-:p;judaha..fuatqn:qiqi_j; 
character string:                 judah 
search string = "mcgill"
30-bit binary equivalent =   011010001100111010010110001100
search string found at binary index =  1966881328
binary pi    : 1100011101101000110011101001011000110000101110110110101010101010
binary string:         011010001100111010010110001100                          
character pi    : zaqndui,wjzaojvgmcgille-mjucs,.pw,;opp
character string:                 mcgill
mcgille-mjucs = mcgill, michael james, university california southern or san diego.
search string = "orachne" [oracle]
35-bit binary equivalent =   01111100100000100011010000111000101
search string found at binary index =  2572467192
binary pi    : 0001000001111100100000100011010000111000101011001111000001101001
binary string:         01111100100000100011010000111000101                     
character pi    : rvyc,;ckwqh__bs_porachnel;atv;tvowt,u_
character string:                  orachne
search string = "nebuahg" [nebula-earth]
35-bit binary equivalent =   01110001010001010101000010100000111
search string found at binary index =  2383005770
binary pi    : 1100000101110001010001010101000010100000111110001101010101011011
binary string:         01110001010001010101000010100000111                     
character pi    : rphz.hmiw_om;anebuahgxzumqu;ifciom.d,
character string:               nebuahg
search string = "galah" [galaxy]
25-bit binary equivalent =   0011100001011000000101000
search string found at binary index =  2771193008
binary pi    : 1101111000111000010110000001010000000001101110100011001111110100
binary string:         0011100001011000000101000                               
character pi    : u;:wpc_xjeyr;if;galah_mzfozlg.lnsgyhtj
character string:                 galah
search string = "tesla"
25-bit binary equivalent =   1010000101100110110000001
search string found at binary index =  3152379568
binary pi    : 0010011110100001011001101100000010000100000010010001110101011001
binary string:         1010000101100110110000001                               
character pi    : g-:.kjhrb_gofyigteslaa_iculzzunetludek
character string:                 tesla
search string = "james"
25-bit binary equivalent =   0101000001011010010110011
search string found at binary index =  1325042444
binary pi    : 1100110101010000010110100101100110000100110011000101111100010101
binary string:         0101000001011010010110011                               
character pi    : mcpa,tvwo-:dinmjamesaflk,jqjeftxkxcgeh
character string:                james
search string = "mike"
20-bit binary equivalent =   01101010010101100101
search string found at binary index =  3102271356
binary pi    : 0110001001101010010101100101000000000000100011100000000011100111
binary string:         01101010010101100101                                    
character pi    : qx-uranu::z;nsfpsbmike__dn_csun-num,sy
character string:                   mike
search string = "lamesa"
30-bit binary equivalent =   011000000101101001011001100001
search string found at binary index =    13746933
binary pi    : 1011110001100000010110100101100110000110011010101100010011111101
binary string:         011000000101101001011001100001                          
character pi    : xixokhehm,flc;,m,lamesasjxs;xfithpxqqd
character string:                  lamesa
search string = "hoover"
30-bit binary equivalent =   010000111101111101100010110010
search string found at binary index =  2047667464
binary pi    : 0101111001000011110111110110001011001010010001110010111111111000
binary string:         010000111101111101100010110010                          
character pi    : :hlmxmsxrujcb;hooverrge:,jgxeegptszpap
character string:               hoover
search string = "king"
20-bit binary equivalent =   01011010010111000111
search string found at binary index =   430663804
binary pi    : 0011111101011010010111000111000000001100000000100010100000011000
binary string:         01011010010111000111                                    
character pi    : cw_gtivaytwwl,lza:king_c_be_liwcb;lwqa
character string:                   king
search string = "mexico"
30-bit binary equivalent =   011010010111000010010001101111
search string found at binary index =  3734144828
binary pi    : 1010010001101001011100001001000110111110110011100111100101111110
binary string:         011010010111000010010001101111                          
character pi    : sqow_pxzss,vdhuc.dmexicovnoe:ofht,rsyd
character string:                   mexico
search string = "dallas"
30-bit binary equivalent =   001000000101100011000000110011
search string found at binary index =  1926261100
binary pi    : 1101111100100000010110001100000011001110011010000010000001011001
binary string:         001000000101100011000000110011                          
character pi    : ;lznhb,m._z,-v:dallasshdaltfdftfx.fyfi
character string:                dallas
search string = "texas"
25-bit binary equivalent =   1010000101110000000110011
search string found at binary index =  3033058348
binary pi    : 1001011010100001011100000001100110000010000100101110111011110110
binary string:         1010000101110000000110011                               
character pi    : ,f-zekcog--rxlvtexas_pr.--hwgur:,-qwbc
character string:                texas
search string = "kellum"
30-bit binary equivalent =   010110010101100011001010101101
search string found at binary index =   366194900
binary pi    : 0001000101011001010110001100101010110110101011110000101101101000
binary string:         010110010101100011001010101101                          
character pi    : l;yr,:qvjfqfhghqkellumuoamtad,owwhoo;
character string:                 kellum
search string = "glenda"
30-bit binary equivalent =   001110110000101011100010000001
search string found at binary index =  2652473448
binary pi    : 0001011000111011000010101110001000000110100010101011101011000011
binary string:         001110110000101011100010000001                          
character pi    : delujnswo,uaxvglendatjwkaxf-nf-okjw-t:
character string:               glenda
search string = "seekgod"
35-bit binary equivalent =   10011001010010101011001110111100100
search string found at binary index =   731516960
binary pi    : 1111101110011001010010101011001110111100100011010011100100100010
binary string:         10011001010010101011001110111100100                     
character pi    : dilkfp_lo;:-seekgodmgdqhluqeg;;dgzem.
character string:             seekgod
search string = "godis"
25-bit binary equivalent =   0011101111001000100110011
search string found at binary index =  1437377916
binary pi    : 0111100100111011110010001001100110000111110010010111010001010100
binary string:         0011101111001000100110011                               
character pi    : ,xmivdgyicmrbbracygodisa;inqjgcpndzqph
character string:                   godis
search string = "islight"
35-bit binary equivalent =   01001100110110001001001110100010100
search string found at binary index =  2786711187
binary pi    : 1101000101001100110110001001001110100010100111111101001000001010
binary string:         01001100110110001001001110100010100                     
character pi    : kwzq,kbd.ehkmv;qislight:zhe_w_jwnljvwz
character string:                 islight
search string = "islove"
30-bit binary equivalent =   010011001101100011111011000101
search string found at binary index =   126596700
binary pi    : 0001000101001100110110001111101100010111100110110000011001011101
binary string:         010011001101100011111011000101                          
character pi    : e.xx;gwqxsbucgdppqislove,-_yn:l-uvanot
character string:                   islove
search string = "isall"
25-bit binary equivalent =   0100110011000010110001100
search string found at binary index =  1024827308
binary pi    : 1000111001001100110000101100011000000100100101001010010100011010
binary string:         0100110011000010110001100                               
character pi    : bzft:tmr_,,.glnisalladtttmok;dnebaloku
character string:                isall
search string = "godcan"
30-bit binary equivalent =   001110111100100000110000101110
search string found at binary index =   577808608
binary pi    : 1100111100111011110010000011000010111011100101111100111101011011
binary string:         001110111100100000110000101110                          
character pi    : jeq-wtloqfnogodcan,wy.msglovgmn;rxfio
character string:             godcan
search string = "godman"
30-bit binary equivalent =   001110111100100011010000101110
search string found at binary index =    54303642
binary pi    : 0101101000111011110010001101000010111010111011000111000010010100
binary string:         001110111100100011010000101110                          
character pi    : bgtkxivmdrryssr;rzgodmanwlnbjoaxtexkk:
character string:                   godman
search string = "karma"
25-bit binary equivalent =   0101100001100100110100001
search string found at binary index =  1396490940
binary pi    : 0100110101011000011001001101000010000101100011110110000000011111
binary string:         0101100001100100110100001                               
character pi    : .a,wm:wbesyigrv,zmkarmaalol_o,n:ckpllz
character string:                   karma
search string = "godiam"
30-bit binary equivalent =   001110111100100010010000101101
search string found at binary index =  2588868336
binary pi    : 1100101100111011110010001001000010110110000101110000111110010011
binary string:         001110111100100010010000101101                          
character pi    : e_baqqpuxozhjm;kgodiampwa;iztulhjp_c.c
character string:                 godiam
search string = "lookup"
30-bit binary equivalent =   011000111101111010111010110000
search string found at binary index =  1402627980
binary pi    : 0010110101100011110111101011101011000001100000010000100100010111
binary string:         011000111101111010111010110000                          
character pi    : ghaqje_,j;glaymlookuplaadkvm;pxfnmd:lm
character string:                lookup
search string = "lookin"
30-bit binary equivalent =   011000111101111010110100101110
search string found at binary index =   407854503
binary pi    : 1010000101100011110111101011010010111011111001001111101000101111
binary string:         011000111101111010110100101110                          
character pi    : npskdb;atgt:ualookin:d:hwtv;.tvcq:;kfv
character string:               lookin
search string = "sunday"
30-bit binary equivalent =   100111010101110001000000111001
search string found at binary index =  3605087869
binary pi    : 0101011010011101010111000100000011100111000011111110101110000100
binary string:         100111010101110001000000111001                          
character pi    : gpb;gtvtwhl.icnobvsundayxo.nbjc;vzvj-p
character string:                   sunday
search string = "monday"
30-bit binary equivalent =   011010111101110001000000111001
search string found at binary index =  2246610480
binary pi    : 1011011101101011110111000100000011100101110000011000011100000110
binary string:         011010111101110001000000111001                          
character pi    : -ejyulxebuxlje.wmondaynap,ckiwzk-ntp:f
character string:                 monday
search string = "friday"
30-bit binary equivalent =   001101001001001001000000111001
search string found at binary index =  3854532333
binary pi    : 0100000000110100100100100100000011100100110010111110101001001011
binary string:         001101001001001001000000111001                          
character pi    : lfl.r,pkasx.tr_fridayfk.iesfzaze,xr-es
character string:                friday
search string = "april"
25-bit binary equivalent =   0000110000100100100101100
search string found at binary index =  2454155696
binary pi    : 1001001000001100001001001001011000000100000001100000111001111111
binary string:         0000110000100100100101100                               
character pi    : vkzwzpp_adqqsf,raprila_fay:xm-pgb,sq.y
character string:                 april
search string = "may"
15-bit binary equivalent =   011010000111001
search string found at binary index =  2143009436
binary pi    : 1101110001101000011100100000000000000000110100100101001111001000
binary string:         011010000111001                                         
character pi    : vkvshlxnsqsszzou;,may___frjodnj.wwfxqf
character string:                   may
search string = "june"
20-bit binary equivalent =   01010101010111000101
search string found at binary index =  2416732592
binary pi    : 1110001101010101010111000101000000000100111111011001011000010110
binary string:         01010101010111000101                                    
character pi    : djmgrn,dvf,izvgcjune_ag.rxkcf,de.fkxju
character string:                 june
search string = "july"
20-bit binary equivalent =   01010101010110011001
search string found at binary index =  1653079532
binary pi    : 0111111101010101010110011001000000000010101011010000001111110001
binary string:         01010101010110011001                                    
character pi    : qhqyj:,ako.:tk:july__um_oxwth-szoi,gvd
character string:                july
search string found at binary index =  1653079532
binary pi    : 011
search string = "sixth"
25-bit binary equivalent =   1001101001110001010001000
search string found at binary index =  2728949016
binary pi    : 1010010010011010011100010100010000000011010001101111000001100100
binary string:         1001101001110001010001000                               
character pi    : icypj-iwtk_sc_fmdsixth_zf;ar_wnzctcvxv
character string:                  sixth
search string = "first"
25-bit binary equivalent =   0011001001100101001110100
search string found at binary index =  3017596720
binary pi    : 1110000000110010011001010011101000001000000101010111011011000111
binary string:         0011001001100101001110100                               
character pi    : mbhdtukbijox.lg_firstb_un-cvn-cf_gvmgr
character string:                 first
search string = "fourth"
30-bit binary equivalent =   001100111110101100101010001000
search string found at binary index =  2818109332
binary pi    : 1000001000110011111010110010101000100011011101000101111111010101
binary string:         001100111110101100101010001000                          
character pi    : o,rjkcpzlbfdi-tbfourth-tk:jt;xa,hvrh-
character string:                 fourth
search string = "second"
30-bit binary equivalent =   100110010100011011110111000100
search string found at binary index =   946309624
binary pi    : 1100001110011001010001101111011100010000110011010111100111110011
binary string:         100110010100011011110111000100                          
character pi    : drjj:jaosjka:juncsecondfmogyu:fz--fdyd
character string:                  second
search string = "third"
25-bit binary equivalent =   1010001000010011001000100
search string found at binary index =  3400694356
binary pi    : 1000100010100010000100110010001000000010110111011001000111001011
binary string:         1010001000010011001000100                               
character pi    : e-,:ypi,lta,piththird_v.rgep;y;ej_uyy
character string:                 third
search string = "eighth"
30-bit binary equivalent =   001010100100111010001010001000
search string found at binary index =  3327111564
binary pi    : 0101110100101010010011101000101000100001001111000110000010111001
binary string:         001010100100111010001010001000                          
character pi    : ;.aukkgyyk;hkz.eighthi,lb,vz;fatscr-ff
character string:                eighth
search string = "nineth"
30-bit binary equivalent =   011100100101110001011010001000
search string found at binary index =  3632072452
binary pi    : 0010000101110010010111000101101000100010111100011010000110101011
binary string:         011100100101110001011010001000                          
character pi    : z;.gfflksn.ianinethwqtfu-q,gk.ivp_vsxj
character string:              nineth
search string = "tenth"
25-bit binary equivalent =   1010000101011101010001000
search string found at binary index =  1970202868
binary pi    : 1011010110100001010111010100010000000110011100100110111100000010
binary string:         1010000101011101010001000                               
character pi    : nahzmnfwii_kd,uutenthasrm,an,,,:pypx:
character string:                 tenth
search string = "ninety"
30-bit binary equivalent =   011100100101110001011010011001
search string found at binary index =    19146208
binary pi    : 0001011101110010010111000101101001100101100111010001011001010101
binary string:         011100100101110001011010011001                          
character pi    : -i:onz-rir_wninetyl.byjv,a,ar-qgyt_t;
character string:             ninety
search string = "sixty"
25-bit binary equivalent =   1001101001110001010011001
search string found at binary index =  2442211304
binary pi    : 1001010110011010011100010100110010000011011100011100001110110110
binary string:         1001101001110001010011001                               
character pi    : :amlf;k:f-p:tusixty_-qxn-mftvl;q-nyepy
character string:               sixty
search string = "eighty"
30-bit binary equivalent =   001010100100111010001010011001
search string found at binary index =  3681135940
binary pi    : 1110010000101010010011101000101001100100010000011001010100001100
binary string:         001010100100111010001010011001                          
character pi    : yfumfidcxxgwdeightybartfdysy.mjaqw-d.t
character string:              eighty
search string = "march"
25-bit binary equivalent =   0110100001100100001101000
search string found at binary index =   135622056
binary pi    : 0001101001101000011001000011010000000011010100110101111110000011
binary string:         0110100001100100001101000                               
character pi    : z.;_gfnfay;apzmarch_zsk;a:razkndnroeqy
character string:               march
search string = "sixten"
30-bit binary equivalent =   100110100111000101000010101110
search string found at binary index =  2677295740
binary pi    : 1110011110011010011100010100001010111011010000000000001111010100
binary string:         100110100111000101000010101110                          
character pi    : acllsvdmhrochrx.ggsixtenz__ojln:sec;vr
character string:                   sixten
search string = "sixam"
25-bit binary equivalent =   1001101001110000000101101
search string found at binary index =   999775708
binary pi    : 1010001010011010011100000001011010000100100010010111001110110011
binary string:         1001101001110000000101101                               
character pi    : ;boovj.qmtngylu:ebsixamadinny-o.fj:;we
character string:                   sixam
search string = "tenpm"
25-bit binary equivalent =   1010000101011101000001101
search string found at binary index =  2308082344
binary pi    : 0100001110100001010111010000011010000000101010000101111000100011
binary string:         1010000101011101000001101                               
character pi    : i-_ds-hhl,qazctenpm_ehkxq,:tdzjmb,w,yo
character string:               tenpm
search string = "fouram"
30-bit binary equivalent =   001100111110101100100000101101
search string found at binary index =  1851101472
binary pi    : 1000111000110011111010110010000010110111100001111011101010011010
binary string:         001100111110101100100000101101                          
character pi    : djgalpkx-fdnfouram,gwjmfezdgcqqjak--f
character string:             fouram
search string = "osama"
25-bit binary equivalent =   0111110011000010110100001
search string found at binary index =  2281602588
binary pi    : 1111010001111100110000101101000010001100000100100100000110001010
binary string:         0111110011000010110100001                               
character pi    : tln;hj:,t-ysslrvwtosamac_rhfe_w_bzhrme
character string:                        osama
search string = "hitler"
30-bit binary equivalent =   010000100110100011000010110010
search string found at binary index =  2637252028
binary pi    : 1101010101000010011010001100001011001010010100111011111111011101
binary string:         010000100110100011000010110010                          
character pi    : ;fwbcalwfvnlzpihvuhitlerrsw:nrxl:gnpwg
character string:                   hitler
search string = "iphone"
30-bit binary equivalent =   010011000001000011110111000101
search string found at binary index =   369702017
binary pi    : 1101110001001100000100001111011100010111100001001101110101111000
binary string:         010011000001000011110111000101                          
character pi    : hdez;ueu:ef;,iphone,d-u,opvdr.b_,cp,-:
character string:              iphone
search string = "samsung"
35-bit binary equivalent =   10011000010110110011101010111000111
search string found at binary index =   768265365
binary pi    : 0110001110011000010110110011101010111000111110111010111001101110
binary string:         10011000010110110011101010111000111                     
character pi    : n_ioefwffq.j.ar-csamsung-uywfssiuzicwv
character string:                  samsung
search string = "twerk"
25-bit binary equivalent =   1010010111001011001001011
search string found at binary index =  1711436024
binary pi    : 1110110010100101110010110010010110000000110010111101001010001101
binary string:         1010010111001011001001011                               
character pi    : zoiowlnkqlrp_rw:ltwerk_fkzjf;_cj-;vyqp
character string:                  twerk
search string = "selfie"
30-bit binary equivalent =   100110010101100001100100100101
search string found at binary index =  1307572984
binary pi    : 1110000110011001010110000110010010010111011010010100011110000111
binary string:         100110010101100001100100100101                          
character pi    : zbxx;olnlq.uqxboaselfie-ih;cr:-dclfbcf
character string:                  selfie
search string = "skype"
25-bit binary equivalent =   1001101011110011000000101
search string found at binary index =  1707458516
binary pi    : 1000001010011010111100110000001010000001000010010101101001110001
binary string:         1001101011110011000000101                               
character pi    : h:z-cu,b.bqhmvdbskype_hikixt,z.b-qvqg
character string:                 skype
search string = "asu"
15-bit binary equivalent =   000011001110101
search string found at binary index =  2007964552
binary pi    : 1111111000001100111010100000000000000010001110101101010110101100
binary string:         000011001110101                                         
character pi    : hlqgvl;mry-eg;asu___qzzvvmgjbrq.lh.oae
character string:               asu
search string = "yeshua"
30-bit binary equivalent =   110010010110011010001010100001
search string found at binary index =   603352668
binary pi    : 0100001111001001011001101000101010000101010111100110001100001010
binary string:         110010010110011010001010100001                          
character pi    : onbcgujexhcef:;wzcyeshuaj;lleih-;-uveq
character string:                   yeshua
search string = "beast"
25-bit binary equivalent =   0001000101000011001110100
search string found at binary index =   518911176
binary pi    : 0011001100010001010000110011101000000100010011010101010001100001
binary string:         0001000101000011001110100                               
character pi    : hud_-p:y:iwoysbeastabmjqpvisgfldeyoko_
character string:               beast
search string = "jhvh"
20-bit binary equivalent =   01010010001011001000
search string found at binary index =   973167324
binary pi    : 1010001101010010001011001000000000000000100011101110100010000011
binary string:         01010010001011001000                                    
character pi    : puisfnjevu.ju.i-ecjhvh__dn.ba;:mhjwuqu
character string:                   jhvh
search string = "om"
10-bit binary equivalent =   0111101101
search string found at binary index =  1816362316
binary pi    : 1011001001111011010000000000000000001001111110001101001100000111
binary string:         0111101101                                              
character pi    : bgncq-ad-sjb,mrom___boxzlc;df.bkwimpgs
character string:                om
search string = "pi"
10-bit binary equivalent =   1000001001
search string found at binary index =    48781104
binary pi    : 0001000110000010010000000000000000001011111010101001110111010001
binary string:         1000001001                                              
character pi    : ;qe.rcx.-nuzs-hqpi___b:jswhwpsj.sp,.il
character string:                 pi
search string = "man"
15-bit binary equivalent =   011010000101110
search string found at binary index =   486274692
binary pi    : 1101001101101000010111000000000000000001011100001110010110101110
binary string:         011010000101110                                         
character pi    : gp,fkhu-akdvsman___kp,vwjytsoqvabjcpgn
character string:              man
search string = "exodus"
30-bit binary equivalent =   001011100001111001001010110011
search string found at binary index =  3867250916
binary pi    : 0010001100101110000111100100101011001100000011011111111011000110
binary string:         001011100001111001001010110011                          
character pi    : :f-gkbiwd:uqcexodus_m:-cjf_;klfukk_xvj
character string:              exodus
search string = "moses"
25-bit binary equivalent =   0110101111100110010110011
search string found at binary index =   401566480
binary pi    : 1010011101101011111001100101100110000100010010110110101101110110
binary string:         0110101111100110010110011                               
character pi    : karheqnagoklkjugmosesabkmm-gesonkeis,_
character string:                 moses
search string = "ihin"
20-bit binary equivalent =   01001010000100101110
search string found at binary index =  1737255352
binary pi    : 1111000001001010000100101110000000000101011011011101001100011100
binary string:         01001010000100101110                                    
character pi    : w_;;zrkl--cvbgkwpihin_akmzlnl.oh,ow:qz
character string:                  ihin
search string = "abram"
25-bit binary equivalent =   0000100010100100000101101
search string found at binary index =   727483692
binary pi    : 1110110100001000101001000001011010000010000001001011110000100100
binary string:         0000100010100100000101101                               
character pi    : b.wuw:;k-jhhqomabram_pdwpr_xm-wec,cwn,
character string:                abram
search string = "osiris"
30-bit binary equivalent =   011111001101001100100100110011
search string found at binary index =  3410655628
binary pi    : 1100000101111100110100110010010011001111000111101111100001011011
binary string:         011111001101001100100100110011                          
character pi    : .;lnnd_lnzbhv;aosirisx;:am;sktkk.yovra
character string:                osiris
search string = "micah"
25-bit binary equivalent =   0110101001000110000101000
search string found at binary index =  1233132036
binary pi    : 0100001001101010010001100001010000000110111010100111100100101110
binary string:         0110101001000110000101000                               
character pi    : rjexbt..sbzzbmicahawjodwcjf_t::.fiu:;t
character string:              micah
search string = "aph"
15-bit binary equivalent =   000011000001000
search string found at binary index =  1256498080
binary pi    : 0010001100001100000100000000000000000011000011100000110100000110
binary string:         000011000001000                                         
character pi    : lgcgsqjg;:acaph___xnatca._e,nda-,_.ue
character string:             aph
search string = "thor"
20-bit binary equivalent =   10100010000111110010
search string found at binary index =  1621587660
binary pi    : 0111010010100010000111110010000000001010100100110100110101011010
binary string:         10100010000111110010                                    
character pi    : wowzqnjql:xy,ctthor_btsiumgvmsrtplyx,p
character string:                thor
search string = "samuel"
30-bit binary equivalent =   100110000101101101010010101100
search string found at binary index =  1160000316
binary pi    : 1001101010011000010110110101001010110000000000010000111011011100
binary string:         100110000101101101010010101100                          
character pi    : suuwdhqztjs,cw;-tzsamuel_aa-ncmzqltp;s
character string:                   samuel
search string = "psalms"
30-bit binary equivalent =   100001001100001011000110110011
search string found at binary index =   560158080
binary pi    : 1001110010000100110000101100011011001100011111011011111011001111
binary string:         100001001100001011000110110011                          
character pi    : p.mqxoahyal,psalmsc.w-g:ujz-nchqphfga
character string:             psalms
search string = "cpenta"
30-bit binary equivalent =   000111000000101011101010000001
search string found at binary index =  2714457832
binary pi    : 0101101100011100000010101110101000000110100111000011011100000111
binary string:         000111000000101011101010000001                          
character pi    : xrefqzq;ia.yr-cpentat,f,c;.qgvzfbdz_dp
character string:               cpenta
search string = "lika"
20-bit binary equivalent =   01100010010101100001
search string found at binary index =   713230660
binary pi    : 0011101101100010010101100001000000000010011111011000010010101011
binary string:         01100010010101100001                                    
character pi    : vxih:zg:.hpq-lika__s.pru:_vqhl;.u-x_rr
character string:              lika
search string = "ben"
15-bit binary equivalent =   000100010101110
search string found at binary index =   870122288
binary pi    : 0110000000010001010111000000000000000000110111010010001010100010
binary string:         000100010101110                                         
character pi    : jdcyozb.fkl.ons_ben___f.djqjjwtvasxpdl
character string:                 ben
search string = "daniel"
30-bit binary equivalent =   001000000101110010010010101100
search string found at binary index =  3022627669
binary pi    : 0011010100100000010111001001001010110010010101001011100111111101
binary string:         001000000101110010010010101100                          
character pi    : ozfd.enxkatlx_viudanielrtwg;sdxuku.sx,
character string:                  daniel
search string = "mark"
20-bit binary equivalent =   01101000011001001011
search string found at binary index =  3066122664
binary pi    : 1001010101101000011001001011000000000100101110010111101111011011
binary string:         01101000011001001011                                    
character pi    : t;vznjuh,mnfdumark_aeyoomy.smarnpgwssy
character string:               mark
search string = "john"
20-bit binary equivalent =   01010011110100001110
search string found at binary index =    65065324
binary pi    : 1111101001010011110100001110000000000001111101100111011101100011
binary string:         01010011110100001110                                    
character pi    : pumn:ods_tdlqwzjohn__ovn.q-:pwvbvflhmy
character string:                john
search string = "saphah"
30-bit binary equivalent =   100110000110000010000000101000
search string found at binary index =  1128326237
binary pi    : 1111011110011000011000001000000010100000110011110001000000111101
binary string:         100110000110000010000000101000                          
character pi    : ,p,vyigihb-_-mr,owsaphahfob_;umkpfln-b
character string:                   saphah
search string = "eskra"
25-bit binary equivalent =   0010110011010111001000001
search string found at binary index =  2235484228
binary pi    : 0101010100101100110101110010000010000100100100110010000101110000
binary string:         0010110011010111001000001                               
character pi    : uzkkclmb_gbrueskraadsdexgs.felsgnhsi.,
character string:              eskra
search string = "apollo"
30-bit binary equivalent =   000011000001111011000110001111
search string found at binary index =  2446900076
binary pi    : 0001000000001100000111101100011000111110111000001100011011010000
binary string:         000011000001111011000110001111                          
character pi    : vnvvlne-vnizfxpapollow_x-hgs-fld,;ljxh
character string:                apollo
search string = "guatama"
35-bit binary equivalent =   00111101010000110100000010110100001
search string found at binary index =  2281435278
binary pi    : 0100001000111101010000110100000010110100001010010111111011100101
binary string:         00111101010000110100000010110100001                     
character pi    : ed;v;_ln_mq,;bbguatamaio-rpdh.ohzsamft
character string:                guatama
search string = "lord"
20-bit binary equivalent =   01100011111001000100
search string found at binary index =  1087235692
binary pi    : 1010101001100011111001000100000000000000010011111011011010101001
binary string:         01100011111001000100                                    
character pi    : _.tngwonpczasujlord__bovzt:afxcztjxwcf
character string:                lord
search string = "earth"
25-bit binary equivalent =   0010100001100101010001000
search string found at binary index =   661830052
binary pi    : 1111000100101000011001010100010000000010111100101111011101101110
binary string:         0010100001100101010001000                               
character pi    : icyzklzgd_hoqearth_wr;.wjdb.f,ap,p_ys;
character string:              earth
search string = "galaxy"
30-bit binary equivalent =   001110000101100000011100011001
search string found at binary index =  3193332245
binary pi    : 0001101000111000010110000001110001100111000110100000101101111110
binary string:         001110000101100000011100011001                          
character pi    : -d.nuovhvm;mzatpzgalaxyxzam:ncptrvehcu
character string:                  galaxy
search string = "oracle"
30-bit binary equivalent =   011111001000001000110110000101
search string found at binary index =  3039422173
binary pi    : 1001000001111100100000100011011000010100101011100011100010101110
binary string:         011111001000001000110110000101                          
character pi    : ;ae.zstyfatoi;rdlporacleengbwllkwr.,nd
character string:                   oracle
search string = "nebula"
30-bit binary equivalent =   011100010100010101010110000001
search string found at binary index =  3572631444
binary pi    : 0100111101110001010001010101011000000100101101011001101100011001
binary string:         011100010100010101010110000001                          
character pi    : uca,c.apq,ssacbonebulaeusllwmvgk:ovkw
character string:                 nebula
search string = "satan"
25-bit binary equivalent =   1001100001101000000101110
search string found at binary index =  2542725684
binary pi    : 0010111110011000011010000001011100000001101011010111001111010010
binary string:         1001100001101000000101110                               
character pi    : pf_b-wcvktelzeaosatan_mmnoi_aj.da_i_r
character string:                 satan
search string = "devil"
25-bit binary equivalent =   0010000101101100100101100
search string found at binary index =  3703148548
binary pi    : 1101100100100001011011001001011000000001100001000010000110001000
binary string:         0010000101101100100101100                               
character pi    : ,ywdubndr-snydevil_lddfdamnnl:lgxoyign
character string:              devil
search string = "math"
20-bit binary equivalent =   01101000011010001000
search string found at binary index =  1297741784
binary pi    : 1111101001101000011010001000000000000100001111000000111101111101
binary string:         01101000011010001000                                    
character pi    : .n.goqqy.,ga.ts:zmath_aa,a.;;qg-a:anxp
character string:                  math
search string = "mithra"
30-bit binary equivalent =   011010100110100010001001000001
search string found at binary index =   430341644
binary pi    : 0100101001101010011010001000100100000101000111110110100010111100
binary string:         011010100110100010001001000001                          
character pi    : rfqovfszdvtinzjmithrah:mb;agc;mfkeg,zo
character string:                mithra
search string = "allah"
25-bit binary equivalent =   0000101100011000000101000
search string found at binary index =  2518717596
binary pi    : 1100111100001011000110000001010000000100110011011001101010000110
binary string:         0000101100011000000101000                               
character pi    : :focome_qndrp:,t;oallahafmsjcc.ijgpnr.
character string:                   allah
search string = "quran"
25-bit binary equivalent =   1000110101100100000101110
search string found at binary index =  1936679540
binary pi    : 1101011010001101011001000001011100000001000010011110110111110101
binary string:         1000110101100100000101110                               
character pi    : alb,_be:vfzzmifvquran_hi.wz-hlhicegxh
character string:                 quran
search string = "koran"
25-bit binary equivalent =   0101101111100100000101110
search string found at binary index =  1834348232
binary pi    : 1101101001011011111001000001011100000001101010110001110110010111
binary string:         0101101111100100000101110                               
character pi    : -dlpvjkgpjypfzkoran_mkcvk:cgavyuzfsv:a
character string:               koran
search string = "mecca"
25-bit binary equivalent =   0110100101000110001100001
search string found at binary index =  1213982220
binary pi    : 0001001001101001010001100011000010000001110111110000010111100011
binary string:         0110100101000110001100001                               
character pi    : qvijvuph._xebprmecca_n:_wq;shvo.hzn,zy
character string:                mecca
search string = "buddha"
30-bit binary equivalent =   000101010100100001000100000001
search string found at binary index =  3928801892
binary pi    : 1010000100010101010010000100010000000111000000100011100000111100
binary string:         000101010100100001000100000001                          
character pi    : z:u.hu;;,lruabuddhaxbg_;nxh:kafkwxvoil
character string:              buddha
search string = "brahma"
30-bit binary equivalent =   000101001000001010000110100001
search string found at binary index =  1583890236
binary pi    : 0001010000010100100000101000011010000110000011111011110101110011
binary string:         000101001000001010000110100001                          
character pi    : heqk,:ylae;;lpfiptbrahmapowuyxok.ab;mk
character string:                   brahma
search string = "paine"
25-bit binary equivalent =   1000000001010010111000101
search string found at binary index =  1893662240
binary pi    : 1100101110000000010100101110001010000100111001110010000101000101
binary string:         1000000001010010111000101                               
character pi    : zkvv-_jdrinkpaineaggdebpm:kinm..rf-tx
character string:             paine
search string = "tae"
15-bit binary equivalent =   101000000100101
search string found at binary index =  1250124588
binary pi    : 1000000010100000010010100000000000000110101101001010010100111110
binary string:         101000000100101                                         
character pi    : nvkl__f;.hh.gl_tae__auttt:owpai_wfbttd
character string:                tae
search string = "shalam"
30-bit binary equivalent =   100110100000001011000000101101
search string found at binary index =  1763358305
binary pi    : 1011110010011010000000101100000010110100010011001010110001000100
binary string:         100110100000001011000000101101                          
character pi    : i:lfpj-oncre,shalambluqbfokkvshlndvmbi
character string:              shalam
Pi, π = 3.141592653589
Pi is supposed to be a non repeating number and irrational right?
Pi π = 3.141592653589(793238462643383279)50288419716939937510 [repeating numbers 26, and 79]
7+9=16----------------16------08------16 = Harmonic division and multiple of 8, 16 /2 = 8 (center, 6 places to 79 on each side), 8 x 2 = 16.
----------------------06------00------06 = 6 places from center
26 = 2+6=8, 79 = 7+9=16, 8, 16, octaves, harmonic multiples and divisions of 8
3. = 3, harmonic division of 6, 12, and 18, x2, x4, x6
141592653589 = 12 places, 793238462643383279 = 18, harmonic multiples of 6 places, and number 3.
Moving the parentheses to the right 12 places after point (.) in front of the number 7. 26 is in the middle and 79's on the outside.
What is the longest string of repeated numbers in Pi?
The string 666666666 occurs at position 45,681,781 counting from the first digit after the decimal point.
The string and surrounding digits:
86731050497515079094 666666666 71734856294979983444
The longest sequence within the first 200 million digits.
200,000,000 / 666666666 = 0.3 = 1/3 (0.33) .666 and .333 = The genetic threshold of the beast (a'ji) and spirituality (dan)
666666666 / 200,000,000 = 3.33 = 1/3 (33.3) 66.6 and 33.3 = The genetic threshold of the beast (a'ji) and light (dan)
is encoded in the decimal places of Pi.
The string 99999999 occurs at position 66780105. This string occurs 1 times in the first 200M digits of Pi.
999 (100 or 99.9) = ethe (dan), 666 (666.6 or 667) = beast (a'ji)
The first 3 numbers of each string = 667 / 999 = 0.667 = symmetry, balance, same number on left and right, universal galactic balance between ethe (dan) and beast (a'ji) encoded in the decimal of Pi. This universal balance is necessary for the survival and behavior of mankind.
Oahspe - Book of Fragapatti, Son of Jehovih: Chapter XXXIV:
16...Mortals must have sufficient a'ji, that the race become not extinct; they must have a sufficient dan, that they become not as beasts.
A'ji and dan are as necessary to mankind as protein (nitrogen) and so-called sun-light.
The string 1980 occurs at position 6633.
.66 and .33 is the genetic threshold of beast and light
.666 = 2/3 = 1980 = 2/3 = two 66 years of Kosmon
1914 (1848 + 66) + 66 = 1980
1980 = 1st year of multiple AIDS cases in USA
1980 = Iran-Iraq War, longest conventional war of 20th century
99 year ethe-dan (1947) + 33 = 1980
1980 = warm inbetween up, 1980 •The hepatitis-B vaccine invented.
Both hepatitis-B and AIDS are virus, made of semu, RNA, genetic
66 and 33 are genetic thresholds and the numbers of man and beast
33 is the number of a generation or genetics
Loois angels are the masters of generations or genetics
Loois number is 33
1980 - Paul Berg, Walter Gilbert and Frederick Sanger developed methods of mapping the structure of DNA. In 1972, recombinant DNA molecules were produced in Paul Berg’s Stanford University laboratory. Berg was awarded the 1980 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for constructing recombinant DNA molecules that contained phage lambda genes inserted into the small circular DNA mol.[27]
1980 - Stanley Norman Cohen and Herbert Boyer received first U.S. patent for gene cloning, by proving the successful outcome of cloning a plasmid and expressing a foreign gene in bacteria to produce a “protein foreign to a unicellular organism." These two scientist were able to replicate proteins such as HGH, Erythropoietin and Insulin. The patent earned about $300 million in licensing royalties for Stanford.[28]
The relationship of 1980 to beast and genetics of man is encoded in the decimal places of Pi
The string 200 occurs at position 600.
200 and 600 are dan (gow) times
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter VII:18:
dan 200, 400, 600, 500, Gow, 600, 500, Gow, 200.
600/200 = 3, 200/600 = 1/3 , 1st and 2nd rule of prophecy
Harmonic multiple and division of dan and 3
Encoded in the decimal numbers of Pi is the harmonic multiple and division of dan and the rules of prophecy (parent and child cycles).
0 = negative or B.C.E
0551 = -551 = 551 B.C.E Confucius born,
The string 0551 occurs at position 16138. 
16138 = 1.6138 Golden Ratio, divine ratio, Confucius taught the Golden Rule = balance, symmetry = do onto others = as you would have them do unto you = 1.6138 = 1 / .6138 = 1.62 = balance symmetry
The string 1896 occurs at position 21480. (21, 48, 0 = Cycle, Peace, Dan).
21, 48, 0 = Cycle, Peace, Dan. Dans end in zeros 200, 400, 1000, 3000 etc..
Dans are also warm light periods such as 1848, and 1947.
48 peace on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate = 1848 + 48 = 1896 = 1st International Modern Olympics,
the symbol of Peace.
1896 is a inbetween warm (dan) year, much closer to 1895 up-spike than 1897 down-spike.
21 year cycle = the two deepest down-spikes from 1850-1900 occured in 1873 and 1893, the first up-point-up-spikes after those years was 1875 and 1895, 20 years apart, 1896 makes 21 years.
The string 161 occurs at position 1610.
Golden Ratio, balance, symmetry, 1.61 = 1.610, 1.6 = 1 / .61 = 1.63
The string 2014 occurs at position 3133.
3, 133, 31, 33 = 4 good numbers
1881 + 133 = 2014, big year for Oahspe, genetics, generation, man, Loois angels, blue, Pi = 3.1 spiritual ratio of Creator to Creation. The sun entering the Age of Pisces at 6 BCE. Over 2018 years before, the sun was in the Age of Aries. Over 2018 years after Pisces, about 2012-2014 CE, Aquarius will be in the background and it will be the Age of Aquarius. 3 = wave or cycle, divinity, The color of man and Aquarius = blue, water blue, and sky blue. Aquarius symbol is man (or God-man) in the sky. 2014 should be a big spiritual year also.
I posted the above interpretation of the Pi code in 2013 for 2014 and 2014 turned out to be with me and many others a significant year in DNA research and learning (look at DNA results posted on Youtube in 2014):
The string 1969 occurs at position 38393.
383, 93
July 20, 1969. Also Known As: First Moon Landing, First Man to Walk on the Moon
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter VII:
17. In orachnebuahgalah the student will...Number man 1 and 33, and the moon 1 and 18; and number the earth 1 and 365.
Number the moon 18, number the earth 365, 365 + 18 = 383, earth and moon sum total, trip to the moon from earth = 383.
Encoded in the decimal numbers of Pi is the relationship of the earth year 1969 and the first moon landing.
The string 1790 occurs at position 1758.
James Monroe was born in 1758 in Virginia to a prosperous family,
His political service grew and in 1790, he was elected a United States Senator.
He went on to become fifth President of the United States for two terms 1816-1825. His term is probably most well known for the Monroe Doctrine, issued December 2, 1823.
Fort Stanwix (1758 -1790)...Constructed in 1758 by Brigade General John Stanwix,
During the American Revolution, Fort Stanwix (then Fort Schuyler) played a key role in the Americans eventual victory at Saratoga on October 17, 1777. Without the presence of the Continental Army at Fort Schuyler, as well as the victory at Fort Stanwix on August 23, 1777, the outcome of the Revolutionary War might have changed, since the British would have gained control of the Oneida Carry and New York.
Representatives of the newly formed nation met at Fort Stanwix to sign a treaty with the Six Nations Confederacy in 1784. Despite the Second Treaty of Fort Stanwix that officially ended the conflict with the Indians, the United States continued to expand into Indian territories. Fort Stanwix became a significant player in the administration of the nation’s Indian affairs until 1790.
Encoded in the decimal numbers of Pi is important US history.
The string 2012 occurs at position 7200.
2012 end date" for the Mayan calendar, the 13th bak'tun of Dec. 21, 2012.
K'atuns are another unit of the Maya calendar, corresponding to 7,200 days or nearly 20 years.
Encoded in the decimal numbers of Pi is Mayan calender date and Mayan units.
The string 1917 occurs at position 1944.
World Wars 1 and 2, 1917 and 1944 (1 year before the end of each). The United States' entry into World War I came in April 1917. Famous D-Day—June 6, 1944 of World War II.
Encoded in the decimal numbers of Pi is World Wars 1 and 2.
The string 1965 occurs at position 1881.
1881 Original Oahspe manuscript finished.
The Oahspe story by Jim Dennon 1965 manuscript.
Encoded in the decimal numbers of Pi are 2 Oahspe manuscripts.
The string 666 occurs at position 2440.
666 war ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate of Oahspe
2458 end of war on earth, middle of 25th century??
2440 - 666 = 1774
1774 Sept. 5-Oct. 26 The First Continental Congress meets in Philadelphia and issues Declaration and Resolves.
Encoded in decimal numbers of Pi is the number of the Beast and the end of war on earth? 666 years after The First Continental Congress meets to stand up to Great Britian?
The string 66 occurs at position 117.
1848 + 117 = 1965
1965 war between India and Pakistan. [BRAHMIN vs MOHAMMEDAN]
...it did engage the United States and the Soviet Union in ways that would have important implications for subsequent superpower involvement in the region.
Encoded in the decimal numbers of Pi is the number of the Beast and the War of 1965.
The string 27 occurs at position 28.
28 = 2.8, 27 = 2.7 e Euler logarithmic constant, 2.7 = 2 / .7 = 2.8 (28) = symmetry, balance.
Encoded in the decimal numbers of Pi is the balance and symmetry of e Euler logarithmic constant one of the most important numbers in mathematics.
The string 1925 occurs at position 1166.
11, and 66. 11 = cycle, 66 = beast, killing, death
Top News Stories from 1925
March 18: Worst tornado in U.S. history hit Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana: 689 deaths.
John Logie Baird, Scottish inventor, transmits human features by television.
Adolf Hitler publishes Volume I of Mein Kampf.
1925 near the end of an 11 year peak (2 up-spikes) cycle from 1915 to 1926.
The string 1944 occurs at position 21766
21, 7, 66, 21 = cycle, 7 = cycle, 66 = war (world war II near end)
7 year up-point to up-spike cycle from 1937-1944
From highest peak to next highest peak (1944-1973):
Down-spike before 1944(1942) to next Highest Peak (1973) = 21 year cycle
1944 = warm highest up-spike dan
News and Events of 1944
Allies invade Normandy on D-Day (June 6).
Dumbarton Oaks Conference—U.S., British Commonwealth, and U.S.S.R. propose establishment of United Nations.
Scientists at Harvard University construct the first automatic, general-purpose digital computer.
DNA is isolated by Oswald Avery.
The Germans develop the V-2, the first true missile.
Science of 1944
•The kidney dialysis machine invented by Willem Kolff.
•Synthetic cortisone invented by Percy Lavon Julian.
1944 low point (bottom) in homicide (murder) rate
The string 1963 occurs at position 4805.
48, 0, 5, 48 = Peace, 480 = Learning, 5 = balance (between 0-10, 1-9),
48 peace ORACHNEBUAHGALAH, 480 learning ORACHNEBUAHGALAH, 0 = dan, 5 = balance
1963 = warm up-spike dan
News and Events of 1963
France and West Germany sign treaty of cooperation ending four centuries of conflict (Jan. 22).
Washington-to-Moscow "hot line" communications link opens, designed to reduce risk of accidental war (Aug. 30). Background: cold war
There are 15,000 US military advisers in South Vietnam. Background: Vietnam War
Michael E. De Bakey implants artificial heart in human for first time at Houston hospital (April 21).
"March on Washington," civil rights rally held by 200,000 blacks and whites in Washington, D.C.; Martin Luther King delivers "I have a dream" speech (Aug. 28).
President Kennedy shot and killed in Dallas, Tex. Lyndon B. Johnson becomes President same day (Nov. 22).
Quasars are discovered by Marten Schmidt (US).
The first liver transplant is performed by F.D. Moore and T.E. Starzl. Background: Health & Nutrition
The first commercial nuclear reactor goes online at the Jersey Central Power Company. Background: nuclear energy
The sedative Valium (chlordiazepoxide) is developed by Roche labs
Science of 1963
•The video disk invented.
1963 low point in homicide (murder) rate
The string 1941 occurs at position 390.
3, 90, 3 = wave, cycle, 90 learning ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate
3 years from highest up-spike, and 3 years from previous up-spike,
3 years in the middle of two up-spikes (up-spike cycle)
News and Events of 1941
World War II, Germany attacks the Balkans and Russia,
Japanese surprise attack on U.S. fleet at Pearl Harbor brings U.S. into World War II; U.S. and Britain declare war on Japan.
Glenn Seaborg and Edwin McMillan isolate plutonium, a fuel preferable to uranium for nuclear reactors.
RCA demonstrates a new simplified electron microscope that magnifies up to 100,000 times.
Science of 1941
•Konrad Zuse's Z3, the first computer controlled by software.
•Aerosol spray cans invented by American inventors, Lyle David Goodloe and W.N. Sullivan.
•Enrico Fermi invents the neutronic reactor.
1941 = warm up-spike dan
1941 homicide rate = low inbetween peak and bottom, going down
The string 31415 occurs at position 88008
0 = Dan (200, 400, etc) = light, 880, 8 = harmony, octave (multiples of 8).
Harmonic connection of Pi (3.1415) to c/mach (light motion/sound motion)
C/mach = 880k, 1000k/880 = 1.14 = 1+1/7 = 8/7 = 88/77
Pi = 22/7
22--x4 = 88 = x4 harmonic (multiple)
-- =
07--x11 = 77 = x11 harmonic (multiple)
Encoded in the decimal numbers of Pi is the harmonic connection between the speed of light divided by the speed of sound to the number Pi.
The string 2048 occurs at position 26862
26 = 62 reversed = symmetry = 8/1, 4/1, 2/1, = 1/2, 1/4, 1/8
Reversed also means opposite or opposition. Possible opposition to the light of 2048.
8 = Octave, Harmony = light
2048 = 200 Dan (1848 + 200), light, harmony, symmetry
Encoded in the decimal numbers of Pi is the light, and harmony of the 200 year dan and some opposition to the light of 2048.
0 = B.C = 02584 = 2584 B.C
Google when was the great pyramid built:
2584 BC Great Pyramid of Giza, Construction started
The string 02584 occurs at position 14042. This string occurs 2012 times in the first 200M digits of Pi.
14, 42 = multiples of 7, 7 = creation, building, construction.
0 = balance, halfway between positive and negative, -10-0-10+
14 = 1, 42 = 3 (x14), 3-in-1 = Triangle or Pyramid , 42 = 3, 14 = .14 = 3.14 Pi
Pi = 3.14, 3 and 14 (multiple of 7)
Pi = geometric ratio = 3-and-1 = 3-in-1 = Triangle, Pyramid
2012 times = end of Mayan Calander = Pyramid Builders
Great Pyramid built halfway (balance) between The Eoptian age of man, halfway between Adam (alpha) and the end calender time (omega) of man on earth.
Encoded in the decimal places of Pi is the connection of the (accepted date of the) Great Pyramid of Egypt with the Mayans and the end of times for man on earth and the geometric ratio of Pi.
3.14 and the rest:
Pi can be found in the design of the pyramids at Giza
The rough ratio of pi 3.14 gives us the date for Pi Day. March 14, or 3/14 ...
Coincidentally, Pi Day is also the birthday of Albert Einstein, who no doubt knew more than a little about pi.
Some mathematicians believe that if we could only find some pattern in pi, even some hint that there were more fours than sevens, it could lead to a huge breakthrough in our understanding of the universe.
The late physicist Carl Sagan, in his novel Contact, imagined a time when Earth scientists were sufficiently able to unravel enough of pi to find encoded messages from our creator that would allow our primitive race to leap into a greater universal awareness. After all, if you were going to hide a long numeric message in the very fabric of our reality, pi would be a natural place to do it.
0 = B.C = 01976 = 1976 B.C.
According to Oahspe the Great Pyramid was constructed (1952 + 24) = 1976 B.C.E
The string 01976 occurs at position 3838.
3, 8, 38, 38
3 = 3/1 = 3-and-1 = 3-in-1 = Triangle, Pyramid
8 = harmony
38-38 = balance, symmetry, same number before and same number after = halfway.
Great Pyramid built halfway (balance) between The Eoptian age of man, halfway between Adam (alpha) and the end calender (omega) time of man on earth.
Encoded in the decimal places of Pi is the Great Pyramid of Giza triangle harmony, symmetry, and the halfway duration of man on earth.
The string 1994 occurs at position 3672.
36 = 1, 72 = 2 = harmonic multiple and division
3+6 = 9, 7+2 = 9 = symmetry, balance
1994 = warm up-spike dan year
The string 2005 occurs at position 33382.
333, 8, 2, 333 = Loois, genetic threshold of light, 33 (33.3)
8 = octave, harmony
2 = harmonic division of 8
2005 = warm up-spike dan year
The string 1618 occurs at position 6004.
600, 4, 600 = dan, light (600 dan), 4 = harmonic division of 8, octave
The number e is an important mathematical constant that is the base of the natural logarithm. It is approximately equal to 2.71828,[1]
The first references to the constant were published in 1618 in the table of an appendix of a work on logarithms by John Napier.[6]
1618 = warm high point dan (much closer to 1617 up-spike, than 1621 down-spike)
2.718 / 1.618 = 1.6 Golden Ratio. 2.7 / 1.6 = 1.6 Golden Ratio. e constant is related to the golden ratio by the golden ratio.
Walter Russell pioneered in foreseeing two newly discovered elements which formed the basis of the atomic bomb, called Neptunium and Plutonium, they were published in his charts of the elements in 1926. He named them Uridium and Urium.
The string 1926 occurs at position 22890
1926 = warm high sharp up-spike = dan = light, harmony
22, 8, 90. 22 = cycle, 8 = harmony, 90 = learning on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate
90 = learning = 1848 + 90 = 1938 = Discovery of Atomic fission. [learned something of great importance to mankind]
1926 - 1948 = 22 year cycle to 100 order on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH and rhe publishing of Walter Russell's book THE MESSAGE OF THE DIVINE ILLIAD VOL.I.
Encoded in the decimal numbers of Pi is the year Walter Russell published his charts of the elements and their connection with the atomic bomb.
By present estimates, humans have approximately 22,000 genes.[78]
Jump up ^ Pertea, Mihaela; Salzberg, Steven L. (2010). "Between a chicken and a grape: estimating the number of human genes". Genome Biology 11 (5): 206. doi:10.1186/gb-2010-11-5-206. PMC 2898077. PMID 20441615.
Oct. 22, 2012
the 3 billion base pairs that line up to make our DNA coalesced into a paltry 22,000 genes
The string 22000 occurs at position 70660.
7, 0, 66. 7 = completion, 0 = balance, creator, 66 = genetic threshold of the beast 2/3 (.66)
7 = 7th era Kosmon race, 0 = pendulum balance between Asu and I'hin, physical and spiritual.
Encoded in the decimal numbers of Pi is the complete number of human genes and the genetic threshold of man and beast.
The string 1530 occurs at position 8778.
1530 Lutheran, Martin Luther, Protestant (Webster's 9th New Collegiate Dictionary)
1530 protestant reformation
1530 Augsburg Confession: Publication of the Confessio Augustana or Augsburg Confession, outlining Lutheran theology and practice.
87, 78. 78 is the reverse, or opposite of 87. Protestant opposition to Catholicism.
Encoded in the decimal numbers of Pi is the Protestant opposition to Catholicism.
The string 1966 occurs at position 2918.
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter VII:
17...Number man 1 and 33, and the moon 1 and 18...
18... Thus, the moon's time is 18...
1848 + 100 (ethe, etheic wave) = 1948
1948 + 18 = 1966
1966: The (Real) First Moon Landing
Surveyor 1, in case you’ve forgotten, was the first U.S. spacecraft to make a soft landing on another world, on June 2, 1966. The Soviet Luna 9 mission had done the same thing four months earlier, and had sent back a couple dozen pictures of its surroundings—humanity’s first look at the moon’s surface, after centuries of wondering.
Lunar month = 29.18 days minimum to 29.93 days (29 days)
The cycle of the phases from new moon to new moon, takes 29 and 1/2 days.
A month is a unit of time, used with calendars, which was first used and invented in Mesopotamia, as a natural period related to the motion of the Moon; month and Moon are cognates. The traditional concept arose with the cycle of moon phases; such months (lunations) are synodic months and last approximately 29.53 days.
Synodic month: This is the average period of the Moon's revolution with respect to the line joining the Sun and Earth. The synodic month is the period of the Moon's phases, because the Moon's appearance depends on the position of the Moon with respect to the Sun as seen from the Earth.
...The same is so for the Moon's orbit around the Earth. Because of these variations in angular rate, the actual time between lunations may range from about 29.18 to about 29.93 days. The long-term average duration is 29.5305879814815 days (29 d 12 h 44 min 2.8016 s). The synodic month is used to calculate eclipse cycles.
Encoded in the decimal numbers of Pi is the year of the first landing on the moon, the lunar month, and the number of the moon.
The string 880991 occurs at position 278809
880991 = c/mach, speed of light / speed of sound at sea level
8809 = c/mach, lightspeed = 880.9k
27 = 2.7k (2,700 light-years) = CERVORKUM distance, light-years, lightspeed
CERVORKUM = our sub-galactic orbit
27 = 2700 = CERVORKUM distance measured by speed of light
If you take the last 2 digits off of 880991 and take the last 2 digits off of 2700 you get 27 and 8809 = 278809
Encoded in the decimal numbers of Pi is the connection of Cevorkum distance to lightspeed.
Pi-Search Result:
search string = "picode"
30-bit binary equivalent =   100000100100011011110010000101
search string found at binary index =   339367304
binary pi    : 0000100110000010010001101111001000010100111110000010010101001010
binary string:         100000100100011011110010000101                          
character pi    : vpnlrggrsehvhipicodegxduen;mplkpegnisy
character string:               picode
The string 33936730 [picode minus last digit] occurs at position 99906632. This string occurs 1 times in the first 200M digits of Pi.
999-066-32 = 99, 66, 32. 99906632 = 99. 33936730 = 33.
99 / 33 = 3, 1/3 = first (1/3) rule of prophecy, second rule of prophecy (33), and third rule of prophecy (99).
Encoded in the decimal numbers of Pi is the binary index of picode, and the first, second, and third rules of prophecy of Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter 3:14 = 3.14 = Pi encoded in the book of Oahspe. Oahspe and Pi contains coded prophetic knowledge.
The string 1938 occurs at position 168
16, 8 = harmonic mutiples and divisons of 8 = harmony, light.
16 = 1.6 golden ratio, divine ratio.
1938 = warm above normal up-spike = dan, light
90 learning on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate of Oahspe
1848 + 90 = 1938.
90 = learning = 1938 = John Dewey wrote Experience and Education
90 = learning = 1938 = Discovery of Atomic fission.
Experience and Education is the best concise statement on education ever published by John Dewey, the man acknowledged to be the pre-eminent educational theorist of the twentieth century.
Encoded in the decimal numbers of Pi is the year 1938 and its connection to the golden ratio, harmony, light, learning, discovery, and education.
The string 1775 occurs at position 1086
10, 86. 10 = January 10th Common Sense first published, 86 = 1775 + 86 = The Confederate States of America, also known as the Confederacy, was a government set up on February 8, 1861.
1775 = Thomas Paine began writing Common Sense pamphlet. The American Revolutionary War (1775–1783),
U.S. Civil War 1861-1865. 10 = Civil War in the middle of a 10 year high up-spike cycle from 1858-1868.
Thomas Paine began writing Common Sense in late 1775 under the working title of Plain Truth.
Common Sense is a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine. It was first published anonymously on January 10, 1776, at the beginning of the American Revolution.
1775 = up spike warm period (above normal), 1775-1776 = warm period (above normal) = dan, light.
Encoded in the decimal places of Pi is the important United States Historical years of the beginning of the American Revolutionary War (1775) and the beginning of the U.S. Civil War (1775 + 86 = 1861).
86 year U.S. war (threat, face off) cycle:
1775 = American Revolutionary War
1861 = U.S. Civil War
1947 = U.S.-Soviet Union Cold War start
2033 = Future U.S. war or face off with enemy?
The string 325 occurs at position 3146.
314 = Pi (3.14) = ratio or relationship of Spirit to Earth
314 = Eusebius, a contemporary of Constantine and a Christian, who became bishop of Caesarea in 314
6 = incomplete, 6/10 or 6/9 or 2/3 = .6 or .666 = Beast, Darkness
6 = 6 years after 325 = 331 A.D.
The Fifty Bibles of Constantine were Bibles in Greek language commissioned in 331 by Constantine I and prepared by Eusebius of Caesarea.
It is speculated that this commission may have provided motivation for the development of the canon lists and that Codex Sinaiticus and Codex Vaticanus are possible surviving examples of these Bibles.[1]
Jerome, in his Prologue to Judith, makes the claim that the Book of Judith was "found by the Nicene Council to have been counted among the number of the Sacred Scriptures".[2]
Development of the New Testament canon
Constantine the Great
Main article: Fifty Bibles of Constantine
...Codex Vaticanus and Codex Sinaiticus may be examples of these Bibles. Together with the Peshitta and Codex Alexandrinus, these are the earliest extant Christian Bibles.[60]
325 A.D = Council of Nicea, Bible Cannon, Emperor Constantine and Looeamong.
In 325 A.D there was a relationship between Spirit and Earth, between the Council of Nicea , Constantine and the Spirit world, but the relationship was a .6 (.666) Beast or darkness.
Encoded in the decimal numbers of Pi is the spiritual relationship of the Council of Nicea, Emperor Constantine, Eusebius, and the first 50 Bibles.
The string 1248 occurs at position 18381.
The Seventh Crusade (1248–1254)
18, 3, 81, 81 is the reverse of 18, or the opposite, opposition, war.
3 = divine or religious number, center of 18 and 81 = religious opposition at the center.
The crusades were relgious wars fought over control of the Holy Land (Isreal, Palestine).
3 = Holy Land = at center between Europe and Saudi Arabia (Middle East).
Encoded in the decimal numbers of Pi is the religious opposition and conflict of the 7th Crusade over the central Holy land.
The string 7228 occurs at position 2550.
25, 50 = harmonic division (microcosm) and multiple (macrocosm)
25x2 = 50,
50 = balance, symmetry
Universe = 72% dark energy, 28% matter
72 / 28 = 2.571, golden ratio2 = 1.6 x 1.6 = 2.56, 1.618 x 1.618 = 2.61
Golden ratio2 = harmonic multiple (macrocosm) of symmetry and balance.
Encoded in the decimal numbers of Pi is the ratio of dark energy to matter in the universe, harmonic division and multiplication, with symmetry and balance.
The string 1787 occurs at position 646.
6-4-6, 6 = same on each side = justice, balance
6+6 = 12 delegates from 13 states (Rhode Island sent no representatives)
66 = 2/3. An amendment may be proposed by a two-thirds vote of both Houses of Congress, or, if two-thirds of the states request one,
Constitution of the United States..www.archives.gov
4 = this four-page document, signed on September 17, 1787
"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America." — Preamble to the Constitution
A movement to reform the Articles began, and invitations to attend a convention in Philadelphia to discuss changes to the Articles were sent to the state legislatures in 1787. In May of that year, delegates from 12 of the 13 states (Rhode Island sent no representatives)
convened in Philadelphia to begin the work of redesigning government. The delegates to the Constitutional Convention quickly began work on drafting a new Constitution for the United States.
Encoded in the decimal numbers of Pi is the year of the Constitution of the U.S.A, 12 delegates, four pages, 2/3 amendment vote, scales of Justice and balance.
Fiatisi a female was the highest ranking angel (Orian Chief) of the many angels that came to earth for the sinking of Pan (Whaga). Her name means a command or act of will that creates something without or as if without further effort (Websters 9th New Collegiate Dictionary - Fiat).
Her resume included among many things; maker of corporeal roadways five hundred thousand years. She created the roadways or paths of travel of a corporeal world for 500,000 years. She had been a Goddess of 23 worlds. Oahspe, Book of Aph chapter 3:31.
Fiatisi = fiat = Fia = 691 or Fiat = 69120 = alphabet to numeric.
F = 6, i = 9, a = 1.
t = 20th letter of alphabet
The string 69120 occurs at position 9885. This string occurs 200 times in the first 200M digits of Pi.
counting from the first digit after the decimal point. The 3. is not counted.
200 = dan, light, the times when a high ranking Goddess comes to Earth.
E-O-IH the Creator = 985, Light/sound, c/mach = 88, 8 = harmony. 9885 / 985 = 10.03 (harmonic). 985 is a fractal of 9885.
Fiatisi creates like the Creator E-O-IH by the command of light and sound
Encoded in the decimal numbers of Pi is the numeric to alphabet decipher of fiat and its relationship to the Creator and command over light and sound.
search string = "fiatisi"
35-bit binary equivalent =   00110010010000110100010011001101001
search string found at binary index =  1564599727
binary pi    : 1000001100110010010000110100010011001101001000110000111101001010
binary string:         00110010010000110100010011001101001                     
character pi    : uk.oogzbs.l..lcfiatisica.eh;.tta:jvpr
character string:                fiatisi
Encoded in the binary string of Pi before the word/name fiatisi is the letter c (C'chief) and the number 1 (highest ranking) which is what Fiatisi was over all the many Gods and Goddesses that came to earth for the sinking of Pan.
The first 2 letters of the character Pi to the left of Fiatisi is uk. Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (uk) from 1979 to 1990 was also a female named Margaret Hilda Thatcher, she was Britain's first female prime minister and served three consecutive terms in office. She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, bestowed by the President of the United States and is the highest civilian award of the United States.
Historian Francis Beckett ranked the 20th century Prime Ministers with points out of five in 2006, based on how well the leaders implemented their policies - not on the policies themselves. Margaret Thatcher and Clement Attlee shared the highest ranking.


13. And ...soldiers...the Christians seven millions; and the Mohammedans two millions, whose trade was killing man. And man, in service of the Beast, gave one-sixth of his life and his labor to war and standing armies...This was the sixth era.
National forces didn't reach the numbers (7 million soldiers) that Oahspe spoke of until World War 1, 23 years after Oahspe.
Next highest number under 7 million of a national military strength (in modern times) was 2.2 million in the Civil War 1861-1865.
According to page 141 of THE WORLD ALAMANAC AND BOOK OF FACTS 2010:
U.S. total number serving in wars:
World War 1...4.73 million
World War 2...16.11 million
Korean War....5.72 million
Average.......8.85 million (above 7 million)
United States, Chief religions: 51% Protestant, 24% Roman Catholic, 2% Mormon, 2% other Christian.
79% Bible believing Christians.- World Almanac and Book of Facts 2010
Factoring in percent of nation that is Christian, 8.85 million x .79 = 6.99 million or rounded up to 7 million, the same number of Christian soldiers in Oahspe 1:13.
1/6th of money spent on defense/war/military. 1/6 = 16.666%
16% is to 16.6 percent as 66 is to 66.6% (2/3), both only .6 difference but both are beast (a'ji, war, darkness, nitrogen) numbers.
U.S Defense spending by GDP (gross national product) percentage 1910 to 2007:
3 wars that U.S. spent 1/6 or more (1/3) on military:
1918, 16% = 1/6, World War 1
1944, 37% = 1/3, World War 2
1953, 15% = 1/6, Korean War
During war periods (World War 1, WW2, and Korean war) national spending on defense/war/military was aprox. 1/6 or above as Oahspe said.
All 3 of these periods were many years [in the future] after Oahspe, 27, 63, and 72 years after Oahspe was written.
At hand definition = near [but not yet] in time or space [in the future, the 7th era].
Google at hand
1. nearby.
Thesaurus Legend:  Synonyms Related Words Antonyms
2. at hand - close in time; about to occur; imminent, impendent, impending, close at hand
close - at or within a short distance in space or time or having elements near each other;
The 6th era = 3752 B.C to 2048 A.C.E.
The 7th era starts [2048] in the 21st century A.C.E. everything in the 19th (1800s), and 20th (1900s) century is in the 6th era.
Countries in First World War....Mobilised Forces in 1914-18
Turkey, Chief religion: Muslim (mostly Sunni) 99.8%.
Factoring in the percentage of nation that is Muslim, 2.85 million x .998 = 2.84 million, similar to the two millions Mohammedan soldiers  of Oahspe 1:13.
Ottoman Empire, capital Istanbul, Turkey, ended in 1922-1923. Only Muslim country with significant mobilized military forces in World War 1, or WW2. Ottoman Empire was the last Muslim Empire.
Ottoman Empire was also called the Turkish Empire. So Turkey is an excellent example of Muslim (Mohammedan) military strength. Turkey is 99.8% Muslim.
So interpreting Oahspe:
"soldiers...the Christians seven millions; and the Mohammedans two millions, whose trade was killing man. And man, in service of the Beast, gave one-sixth of his life and his labor to war and standing armies...This was the sixth era."
United States representing the Chirstian soldiers of seven millions, averaged 8.8 million during WW1, WW2, and Korean. Factoring in the percent christian, the United States had an average of exactly (6.99) seven millions christian soldiers.
United States spent one-sixth of his life and his labor to war and standing armies..in the sixth era [before the 7th era, before 2048].
Turkey representing the Mohammedan soldiers of two millions, 2,850,000 Mobilised Forces in 1914-18 WW1.
U.S. / Turkey military force in millions
8.8 / 2.8 = 3.142 ratio (during WW1, or WW2, or Korean War)
7 / 2 = 3.5 ratio (in Oahspe chapter 1:13)
Nearly same ratio (3.1-3.5 to 1) of Christian (U.S) to Mohammedan (Turkey) soldiers (military) in WW1 (1914-1918) and WW2 (1941-1945) as what was written in Oahspe in 1881.
Eras and cycles:
Each cycle lasts aprox. 3000 years (2400 - 3600 years).  A sub-cycle dan is 100 to 200 years. The first 200 years of each cycle or age is part of the last era. Each Era lasts at least 6000 years or 2 cycles or ages. 1st era was from Asu 79000 BP (before present) to man walking upright (I'hin) which came 6000 years after Asu.
1. AFTER the creation of man, the Creator, Jehovih, said unto him: That thou shalt know thou art the work of My hand, I have given thee capacity for knowledge, power and dominion. This was the first era.
2. But man was helpless, crawling on his belly, and he understood not the voice of the Almighty. And Jehovih called his angels, who were older than the earth, and he said unto them: Go ye, raise man upright, and teach him to understand.
3. And the angels of heaven descended to the earth and raised man upright. And man wandered about on the earth. This was the second era.
OAHSPE: First Book of the First Lords CHAPTER II.
1. The time of the habitation of Asu was eight thousand years; and they survived two thousand years after the time of the birth of the I'hins, which is to say: Asu dwelt on the earth six thousand years, and then conceived of the chosen of God; and after that survived yet two thousand years.
An era can last up to 4 cycles or ages. 79000 (to Asu) divided by 7 (eras) = 11.28 thousand (average years per era), 11,280 is closer to 12000 (4 x 3000) than 9000 (3 x 3000).
The 6th Era therefore was from 3752 B.C.E.  to 2048 B.C.E. The 7th Era starts at 2048 B.C.E.
The number 8
Most of my physics equations I converted to math (numbers) are in octaves or 8. Harmonic multiplications and divisions of 8. 8 is a musical octave of 8 notes
do, re, me, fa, so, la, ti, do. Of the numbers 1 through 10, 8 is the only one that can be divided in half multiple times ending in a whole number greater than 1.
8 is the number of harmonics, the highest single number of harmonics. 8, 4, 2, 1 are whole numbers that are harmonics of 8. 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 are harmonic multiplications of 8.
8, 4, 2, 1 are harmonic divisions of 8
512, 256, 128, 64, 32, 16 are harmonic multiplications of 8.
Do, re, me, fa, so, la, ti, do are 8 harmonic musical notes
8 corporeal races mentioned in Oahspe. 8 eras of mankind. 8 cycles from the submersion of Pan to Kosmon cycle.
E=mc2 = 8 = 2x2x2 = 8, harmonic octaves (8) of energy, light2, and mass, 8, 4, 2
λ = h/mv = λ = h/p = wavelength of the particle (λ) = Planck's Constant (h) divided by mass x velocity (p) = 2 = 8/2x2 = 2
O in E-O-IH is an octave, 8x the fundamental note.
Harmonic---12tET Interval-Note Variance cents
1 2 4 8 16 prime (octave)  C          0
Musical scales are composed of 8 notes.
Harmonic series...the octave series is a geometric progression (2×f, 4×f, 8×f, 16×f, ...)
512, 256, 128, 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1 = Binary computer bits = harmonic octave, multiples and divisions of 8.
Eight is the first (after the trivial 1) cube, 2³ = 8 [Bunch]. Eight is the only cube 1 less than a square, 8 = 3² - 1. [Bunch] Among the Fibonacci numbers there are just so many cubes: u-6 = -8, u-2 = -1, u0 = 0, u-1 = u1 = u2 = 1, u6 = 8 [Bunch, Roberts].
2x2x2=8 (the first cube).

I have highlighted any factors other than 1 or the number itself:

Can be Evenly
Divided By
Prime, or
(1 is not considered prime or composite)
1, 2
1, 3
1, 2, 4
1, 5
1, 2, 3, 6
1, 7
1, 2, 4, 8
1, 3, 9
1, 2, 5, 10
1, 11
1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12
1, 13
1, 2, 7, 14
8 is the only single number (from 1-9) on the list above that can be evenly divided by 2 numbers (excluding 1 and itself) that are harmonic multiples (x2) or harmonic divisions (/2).

8 is the number of harmony, the only single digit that when divided multiple times is all even whole numbers (even numbers can be divided and multiplied in whole harmonic numbers).
8, 4, 2, 1 = harmonic frequencies that are multiplied and divided by 2, like musical notes.
Computer binary bites are in multiples of 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, etc...bit codes and bit encryption of computers. Computer bit codes are based (the base) on 2 things (0 and 1s), just as 2 is the base of 8.
Computer binary code bits = information, knowledge = base 2, 8 harmonic multiplication and division.
The base of 8 is 2, the base of the computer code is 2, 0 and 1, the relationship (ratio) of E-O-IH to E=mc2 is the circle (0) and diameter (1), a 2 base like the computer code.
8 = 7 + 1 = 8, two (base 2) numbers representing whole or completion (1 whole, and 7 days of complete creation), the computer binary bits and codes are also 2 wholes (0 complete circle, and 1 whole).
Properties of the number 8
Number 8 is pronounced eight. Number 8 is a composite number. Factors of 8 are 2 * 2 * 2. Number 8 has 4 divisors: 1, 2, 4, 8. Sum of the divisors is 15. Number 8 is a Fibonacci number.
Binary numeral for number 8 is 1000.
Harmony (Love) and Life:
Name: Oxygen
Symbol: O
Atomic Number: 8
Atomic Mass: 15.9994 amu
Crystal Structure: Cubic
Animal life as we know it requires an atmosphere with sufficient oxygen.
Atomic number and atomic mass of Oxygen = 8 and 16
8 is number of harmony (Love), 16 is harmonic multiple of 8.
Oxygen and life on earth:
The advent of oxygenic photosynthesis and the accumulation of oxygen in our atmosphere opened up new possibilities for the development of life on Earth. The availability of oxygen, the most capable electron acceptor on our planet, allowed the development of highly efficient energy production from oxidative phosphorylation, which shaped the evolutionary development of aerobic life forms from the first multicellular organisms to the vertebrates.
US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health
1000 peace on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate of Oahspe
1000 / 8 = 125, 1000 is a harmonic multiple of 8
125, 250, 375, 500, 625, 750, 875, 1000 = octaves (8ths) of 1000.
750 learning on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate of Oahspe
750 is the 6th octave of 1000 peace, 6 x 8 = 48
48 peace on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate of Oahspe
480 learning on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate of Oahspe
8 x 60 = 480, a harmonic multiple of 8
500, Gow on tables of times and measurements of Oahspe
Gow, 200, 400, 500, 600 same numbers as Dan (light)
8 and 13 are Fibonacci golden ratio numbers, 13 / 8 = 1.625 (aprox Phi)
.625 is the 5th octave of 1, and 625 the 5th octave of 1000
8th octave (1000) plus(+) 5th octave (625) = 13th octave (1625 or 1.625 = golden ratio, phi)
Fibonacci numbers 8 + 5 = 13 = 8th octave  plus 5th octave = 13th octave - golden ratio, phi
E=mc2 and the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements
E=mc2 = 8=2x(2x2)=8
E= 8 or 8th octave on the studyofoahspe.com Periodic Table of Chemical Elements
8th octave = highest energy (E), and frequency, Gamma Rays, elements 83+ emit gamma rays.
Gamma rays are the most energetic (E) form of electromagnetic radiation.
The most common types of radioactive decay are by alpha, beta, and gamma radiation.
Radioactive decay is seen in all isotopes of all elements of atomic number 83 (bismuth) or greater. (83+ = 8th octave).
8th Octave Atomic Mass: 180 - 260+ (Ultaviolet-Gamma Rays)
(Wavelength nm),(Frequency THz)
-----0.003 to 390 - 769 to 30,000+
73. Tantalum 5th highest known melting point of any element at 2996 C
74. Tungsten 2nd highest known melting point of any element at 3410 C
75. Rhenium  3rd highest known melting point of any element at  3180 C
76. Osmium the densest of all the elements, 4th highest melting point
77. Iridium
88. Radium
92. Uranium
94. Plutonium
112. Ununbium
c2 = 4 or 4th octave on the studyofoahspe.com Periodic Table of Chemical Elements
4th octave = light2, electromagnetism, magnetic elements, Magnets, good conductors of electricity,
Iron, Cobalt, Nickel, Copper etc..(magnetic Steel is an alloy of iron, made of mostly Iron, alloyed with Carbon).
c2 = period 4 elements = 4th octave elements = ferromagnetic elements
4th Octave Atomic mass: 50 - 75 (Yellow)
manganese (II) Atomic Mass: 54.93805 yellowish-green flame
Iron Atomic Mass: 55.845 flame Gold
(Wavelength nm),(Frequency THz)
------597 − 577, 503 − 520
23. Vanadium
24. Chromium
25. Manganese
26. Iron Ferromagnetic
27. Cobalt Ferromagnetic
28. Nickel Ferromagnetic
29. Copper
30. Zinc
31. Gallium
32. Germanium
33. Arsenic
Magnetic Type of the elements
m = 2 or 2nd octave on the studyofoahspe.com Periodic Table of Chemical Elements
2nd octave = the base, basic, Carbon the basic element of organic molecules, life,
and the basic element of the hardest material (m) Diamond.
On earth, oxygen is the most common element, making up about 47% of the earth's mass.
The most abundant element in the human body is oxygen, making up about 65% of the weight of each person. Carbon is the second more abundant element, making up 18% of the body. Although you have more hydrogen atoms than any other type of element, the mass of a hydrogen atom is so much less than that of the other elements that its abundance comes in third, at 10% by mass.
The most abundant elements in the air are: Nitrogen 78%; Oxygen 21%;
2nd Octave Atomic mass: 5 - 25 (red)
lithium Atomic mass: 6.941 a red flame
(Wavelength nm),(Frequency THz)
------780 − 622, 384 − 482
3. lithium
4. Beryllium
5. Boron
6. Carbon
7. Nitrogen
8. Oxygen
9. Fluorine
10. Neon
11. Sodium
12. Magnesium
Magnetic-Light (c2)
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),..is a medical imaging technique used in radiology to investigate the anatomy and function of the body in both health and disease. MRI scanners use strong magnetic fields and radiowaves to form images of the body.
...using energy from an oscillating magnetic field applied at the appropriate resonant frequency. The orientation of the image is controlled by varying the main magnetic field using gradient coils.
MRI requires a magnetic field that is both strong and uniform...lower field strengths can be achieved with permanent magnets, which are often used in "open" MRI scanners for claustrophobic patients.[14]

Periodic Table Emc2
adult image host

OAHSPE BOOK OF COSMOGONY IX:1 says "The same force, vortexya, pervadeth the entire universe but different, according to volume, velocity and CONFIGURATION."
Force of Vortexya = Configuration = the way electrons are arranged = orbitic motion of vortexya
We also now know that an element's chemistry is determined by the way its electrons are arranged - its electron configuration.
Electrons in atoms can be pictured as occupying layers or shells surrounding the atomic nucleus. We picture electrons as little planets whizzing around a sun-like nucleus, which is where the protons and neutrons are located. This is called a Bohr representation of an atom. This is actually an approximation, but it's a good starting point for understanding the chemical properties of the elements.
Moseley had found that elements are different from one another because their atoms have different numbers of protons.
An element's atomic number is equal to the number of protons, and hence electrons, in one of its atoms.)
The positive charge in the nucleus increased by exactly one unit from element to element. Protons have a positive charge.
elements are different from one another because their atoms have different amounts of charge. Charge = positive vortexya = pressure = compression.
Each octave has 1/8th more pressure or compression than the previous octave. Positive Vortexian charge, pressure, or compression is what creates the different chemical elements.
Periodic Table of Elements = Octave Table of Elements
In the periodic table of elements, there are seven horizontal rows of elements called periods . In the periodic table, elements have something in common if they are in the same row. All of the elements in a period have the same number of atomic orbitals. Every element in the top row (the first period) has one orbital for its electrons. All of the elements in the second row (the second period) have two orbitals for their electrons. It goes down the periodic table like that. At this time, the maximum number of electron orbitals or electron shells for any element is seven.
For example, here is Period 4:
Period 4 contains the elements potassium to selenium, including chromium, manganese, iron, cobalt, nickel, and copper. Period 4 is the same number as octave 4 and contains the same chemical elements.
So the new name I choose for The Periodic Table of Elements is the Octave (harmonic 8) Table of Elements.
The Harmonic Octave Table of Chemical Elements based on Atomic mass (Vortexian pressure) and electron configuration (orbitic motion).
The lanthanide family is comprised of fifteen elements starting with lanthanum (La) at atomic number 57 and finishing up with lutetium (Lu) at number 71
You might find some of these elements in superconductors, glass production, or lasers.
lanthanides are very close to one another in their chemical properties
Almost 80% (78.94 %) of 7th octave of Chemical Elements Table is lanthanide elements
Name: Cadmium
Atomic Number: 48
Classification: Transition Metal
Number of Energy Levels: 5
Name: Radium
Atomic Number: 88
Number of Energy Levels: 7
Obtained From: uranium ores  
Number of Energy Levels = Periodic row = electron orbits = vortexya orbits of different velocities
electron shell configuration = vortexya orbital configuration
electron configuration = vortexya orbitic motion, corpor in an ethe'ic solution in orbitic motion
Octaves of the chemical elements Table:
8th = Atomic numbers 73-112+ = Electron configuration 7 and 6
Atomic numbers 73-86 = Period 6
Atomic numbers 87-112+ = Period 7
7th Octave Atomic numbers 54-72 = Electron configuration 6 and 5 (only one)
Atomic numbers 54 = Period 5 end, last
Atomic numbers 55-72 = Period 6
6th Octave Atomic numbers 44-53 = Electron configuration 5
Atomic numbers 44-53 = Period 5
5th Octave Atomic numbers 34-43 = Electron configuration 5 and 4
Atomic numbers 34-36 = Period 4
Atomic nmbers 37-43 = Period 5
4th Octave Atomic numbers 23-33 = Electron configuration 4
Atomic numbers 23-33 = Period 4
3rd Octave Atomic numbers 13-22 = Electron configuration 4 and 3
Atomic numbers 13-18 = Period 3
Atomic nubers 19-22 = Period 4
2nd Octave Atomic numbers 3-12 = Electron configuration 3 and 2
Atomic numbers 3-10 = Period 2 (all of Period 2)
Atomic numbers 11-12 = Period 3
1st Octave Atomic numbers 1-2 =  Electron configuration 1
Atomic numbers 1-2 = Period 1 (all of Period 1)
Octaves of the Periodic Table of elements:
1st = lightest elements, thermal-fusion octave
2nd = Earth mass or earth octave (m)
3rd = Inbetween Earth mass and Magnetic octave
4th = Electromagnetic or magnetic octave (c2)
5th = One octave above magnetic octave
6th = One Octave below Lanthanide Series Octave
7th = Lanthanide Series Octave
8th = Radioactive, Gamma-ray, atomic bomb, octave (E)
E=mc2 = 8=2x4
8, 4, 2, 1 = harmonic octaves of the chemical elements
2 is the first harmonic multiple division of 8, 1 is a single not a multiple.
m = 2, or first harmonic multiple (1x m)
c2 = 4, or 2nd harmonic multiple (2x m)
E = 8, or 4th harmonic multiple (4x m)
Sum total of E=mc2 harmonics = 4 + 2 + 1 = 7 = Creation = Periods of Chemical elements = Number of Energy Levels =  Number of Electron configurations.
E=mc2(7) x π (3.14159) = E-O-IH(22)= Circumference of a circle = the ALL = beyond space-time (dimensions-motion), beyond corpor (image) and vortexya.
"Behold, I am within all things centering them; and I am without [circumference] all things controlling them, but I am not those things which I center in them and control in space surrounding [circumference] them. - page 142 of THE SECRET OF LIGHT by Walter Russell, 1947 (1848 + 99 ethe = 1947, 1947 warm dan up-spike year).
Oahspe Book of Saphah Se'moin
42. M'git'ow, morning, sunrise (Panic). Dawn, M'git'ow (Algonquin). Tigiatow (Vede).
At dawn fly away the evil spirits; at dawn come the shining, full of holiness (Kii).
The wise man hath found Git'm'ow full of cow, i.e., receptivity...He maketh a book at dawn. The seventh heaven cometh in M'git'ow, the morning light (Poit).
Interpretation = During dawns and dans, man is more receptive to light and spiritual understanding, so this is when the wise men make true holy books, during dans or sub-dan warm or up-spike years.


Notice above the top 7 rows or 7 periods of the Table of Elements is in a different color of the electromagnetic spectrum, similar to the Periodic Table of Chemical  Elements divided into octaves and electromagnetic waves, found on Miscellaneous chapter  of this website 1/2 way down. The number 7 represents creation (C2 and m, Light and mass, vortexya and corpor) or completion. 
Light is electrical and magnetic.
Light is an oscillating electric and magnetic field, so it is electrical and magnetic.
Light (c2) = electric and magnetic
Now what exactly is light? A Scottish physicist named James Clerk Maxwell (1831 - 1879) showed that electric and magnetic fields fluctuating together can form a propagating wave, which was named an electromagnetic wave. Light is this type of wave.
electric field = magnetic field = electromagnetic
Maxwell knew that a changing electric field produced a magnetic field. He hypothesized that a changing magnetic field would produce an electric field because most things in nature are balanced. Based on the work of Farady and Hertz, this was discovered to be true.
A common way to generate an electromagnetic wave is to have an antenna connected to an alternating current which will cause a changing magnetic field which will cause a changing electric field which will cause another changing magnetic field and so on.
Light = magnetic spectrum
750 nm is approximately the longest wavelength of red light and 380 nm is approximately the shortest wavelength of violet light. In between these two wavelengths are all of the other visible colors.
Wavelength also plays a very important part on other parts of the magnetic spectrum besides defining color for visible light.
Light (c2) and Magnet (4th period or octave of the Table of elements)
Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy chapter 2:
24. In the case of light being manifested in a complete steel magnet, the major retention is at the angle of the two legs, and the minor light at the terminus of the north leg (negative pole). But in an eccentric magnet (horseshoe) the two lights are manifest at the terminus of the two legs.
25. A complete planetary vortex is a globe, or nearly so, and its manifested light like a complete magnet.
Ferromagnetic and ferrimagnetic materials are the ones normally thought of as magnetic; they are attracted to a magnet strongly enough that the attraction can be felt. These materials are the only ones that can retain magnetization and become magnets
Iron, nickel, and cobalt are the three elements ferromagnetic at room temperature.
Ferromagnetism is a kind of magnetism that is associated with iron, cobalt, nickel, and some alloys or compounds containing one or more of these elements. It also occurs in gadolinium and a few other rare-earth elements. In contrast to other substances, ferromagnetic materials are magnetized easily, and in strong magnetic fields the magnetization approaches a definite limit called saturation. When a field is applied and then removed, the magnetization does not return to its original value—this phenomenon is referred to as hysteresis. When heated to a certain temperature called the Curie point, which is different for each substance, ferromagnetic materials lose their characteristic properties and cease to be magnetic; however, they become ferromagnetic again on cooling.
The magnetism in ferromagnetic materials is caused by the alignment patterns of their constituent atoms, which act as elementary electromagnets. Ferromagnetism is explained by the concept that some species of atoms possess a magnetic moment—that is, that such an atom itself is an elementary electromagnet produced by the motion of electrons about its nucleus and by the spin of its electrons on their own axes. Below the Curie point, atoms that behave as tiny magnets in ferromagnetic materials spontaneously align themselves. They become oriented in the same direction, so that their magnetic fields reinforce each other.
One requirement of a ferromagnetic material is that its atoms or ions have permanent magnetic moments. The magnetic moment of an atom comes from its electrons, since the nuclear contribution is negligible. Another requirement for ferromagnetism is some kind of interatomic force that keeps the magnetic moments of many atoms parallel to each other. Without such a force the atoms would be disordered by thermal agitation, the moments of neighbouring atoms would neutralize each other, and the large magnetic moment characteristic of ferromagnetic materials would not exist.
Paramagnetism is a form of magnetism whereby certain materials are attracted by an externally applied magnetic field. In contrast with this behavior, diamagnetic materials are repelled by magnetic fields.[1] Paramagnetic materials include most chemical elements and some compounds;[2] they have a relative magnetic permeability greater than or equal to 1 (i.e., a positive magnetic susceptibility) and hence are attracted to magnetic fields. The magnetic moment induced by the applied field is linear in the field strength and rather weak. It typically requires a sensitive analytical balance to detect the effect and modern measurements on paramagnetic materials are often conducted with a SQUID magnetometer.
Paramagnetic materials have a small, positive susceptibility to magnetic fields. These materials are slightly attracted by a magnetic field and the material does not retain the magnetic properties when the external field is removed. Paramagnetic properties are due to the presence of some unpaired electrons, and from the realignment of the electron paths caused by the external magnetic field. Paramagnetic materials include magnesium, molybdenum, lithium, and tantalum.
Unlike ferromagnets, paramagnets do not retain any magnetization in the absence of an externally applied magnetic field because thermal motion randomizes the spin orientations. Some paramagnetic materials retain spin disorder at absolute zero, meaning they are paramagnetic in the ground state. Thus the total magnetization drops to zero when the applied field is removed. Even in the presence of the field there is only a small induced magnetization because only a small fraction of the spins will be oriented by the field. This fraction is proportional to the field strength and this explains the linear dependency. The attraction experienced by ferromagnetic materials is non-linear and much stronger, so that it is easily observed, for instance, by the attraction between a refrigerator magnet and the iron of the refrigerator itself.
Paramagnetic substances, such as platinum, aluminum, and oxygen, are weakly attracted to either pole of a magnet. This attraction is hundreds of thousands of times weaker than that of ferromagnetic materials, so it can only be detected by using sensitive instruments or using extremely strong magnets. Magnetic ferrofluids, although they are made of tiny ferromagnetic particles suspended in liquid, are sometimes considered paramagnetic since they cannot be magnetized.
Ferromagnetism is the basic mechanism by which certain materials (such as iron) form permanent magnets, or are attracted to magnets. In physics, several different types of magnetism are distinguished. Ferromagnetism (including ferrimagnetism)[1] is the strongest type; it is the only type that creates forces strong enough to be felt, and is responsible for the common phenomena of magnetism encountered in everyday life. Other substances respond weakly to magnetic fields with two other types of magnetism, paramagnetism and diamagnetism, but the forces are so weak that they can only be detected by sensitive instruments in a laboratory. An everyday example of ferromagnetism is a refrigerator magnet used to hold notes on a refrigerator door. The attraction between a magnet and ferromagnetic material is "the quality of magnetism first apparent to the ancient world, and to us today".[2]
Permanent magnets (materials that can be magnetized by an external magnetic field and remain magnetized after the external field is removed) are either ferromagnetic or ferrimagnetic, as are other materials that are noticeably attracted to them. Only a few substances are ferromagnetic. The common ones are iron, nickel, cobalt and most of their alloys, some compounds of rare earth metals, and a few naturally-occurring minerals such as lodestone.
Manganese is part of the iron group of elements
In chemistry and physics, the iron group refers to elements that are in some way related to iron. These elements are relatively abundant both on Earth and elsewhere in the universe.
The iron group in astrophysics is the group of elements from chromium to nickel which are substantially more abundant in the universe than those that come after them – or immediately before them – in order of atomic number.[8] The study of the abundances of iron group elements relative to other elements in stars and supernovae allows the refinement of models of stellar evolution.
What Are the Magnetic Elements?
Magnetic elements include: iron, nickel, chromium, manganese and cobalt. Gadolinium and dysprosium are ferromagnetic when exposed in a place that is below room temperature. Carbon nanofoam such as diamond, graphite and fullerines can become magnetic at temperatures that are below -183 degrees Celsius.
The spin of electrons in an atom of the element causes magnetism
17. Vortexya can be concentrated in iron and steel, and in iron ore, in which condition they are called magnetic. And these substances, if poised as needles, will assume the line of polarity of the vortex or its poles.
21. When vortexya is manifested in flames of fire it is called electricity. But when it lieth dormant, as in iron, it is called magnetism.
Vortexya = c2 = electricity = magnetic (magnetism)
Magnetic Type of the elements
Electrical properties
Iron Electrical Type Conductor
Curie Point 1043 K
Cobalt Electrical Type Conductor
Curie Point 1394 K 
Nickel Electrical Type Conductor
Curie Point 631 k
Magnetic Type of the elements
Gadolinium Ferromagnetic
Electrical Type Conductor
Curie Point 292 K
Curie temperature - the temperature above which a ferromagnetic substance loses its ferromagnetism and becomes paramagnetic
Curie point
Curie point
A transition temperature marking a change in the magnetic or ferroelectric properties of a substance, especially the change from ferromagnetism to paramagnetism. Also called Curie temperature.
Curie point = strength of magnetism
Highest curie point = highest magnetic strength
Rank in highest magnetic strength by curie point:
1. Cobalt Curie Point 1394 K
2. Iron  Curie Point 1043 K
3. Nickel Curie Point 631 K
4. Gadolinium Curie Point 292 K
Physics, Astronomy & Cosmology »
Post on: 29/12/2009 19:05:58 I believe iron, cobalt and nickel are the only magnetic metals.   Why is this and is a coincidence that they are next to each other on the periodic table?
Don't know. Magnetism is strange.
Electrons have spin, a property that gives them a magnetic moment  it creates a magnetic field.
The spins of electrons in most atoms are paired up and so their magnetic effects are in effect cancelled out. a bit like having pairs of bar magnets stuck together.  Now, iron cobalt and nickel are what is known a "transition elements" this means that the differences between these elements are less than those of the main elements in the periodic table because it is only electrons in lower shells and not the main outer shell that are being added as they increase in atomic number (that is the number pf protons and electrons that they have).  The reason for this is complicated and beyond the detail possible in this short note.  one feature of this lower shell addition is that there are more unpaired electrons than in most other atoms.  This excess of unpaired electrons means that they have stronger residual magnetic moments and can line up "head to tail"  like little bar magnets and increase their magnetic field instead of neutralising it and stay there at room temperature. instead of randomising after they have been lined up by placing them in a magnetic field.  This makes them ferromagnetic.
is that the reason they are next to each other on the periodic table?
Their posiition in the periodic table is determined by their electronic structure and that is also responsible for thir magnetism. On the other hand, gadolinium is also magnetic and its neighbours are not.
Let me add a little bit more about the electronic structures of atoms.
Because of the quantum structure of matter, electrons can only link with an atomic nucleus in certain specific orbitals. Only the lowest energy of these are stable. Each of the orbitals can only hold a precise number of electrons.
The total number that they can hold in order of size are  2 8 18 32 ....[multiples or divisions of 8 or 2]
This structure is also broken down into sub groups
2   2,6 (8)   2,6,10 (18)   2,6,10,14  (32) 
This is associated with the amount of angular momentum the electron can have.
note these numbers derive from the sequence  1,3,5,7  with each position able to take two electrons of opposite spin.
As atoms increase in atomic number from 1 to about 100 the electrons are added to these orbitals at the lowest energy possible but these are not added precisely in sequence because the 2 and 6 orbitals are much lower energy than the 10 and 14 ones so these are filled first. 
This means that the outer shell of any atom never contains more than 8 electrons and it is this outer shell that determines the chemical properties of the atom and there are in effect only eight basic sets of chemical properties that an atom can have!!  (that is why chemistry is such an easy subject LOL)
when the lower shells are being filled in the transition elements and rare earths/actinitdes adjacent elements only change very slightly in their chemical properties although unpaired spins differ greatly so their magnetic properties can differ a lot.
all materials seem to be able to become 'magnetic'
Virtually anything that we commonly think of as matter can be influenced by a magnetic field, provided certain conditions are met.  However, for the most part there are only 3 elements (and then compounds made that include those elements) which are commonly thought of as magnetic: Iron, Nickel, and Cobalt.  
While most any matter can be influenced by a magnetic field, these 3 elements are thousands of times more susceptible to the effects of a magnetic field.  Their interaction is so strong, their effects so dramatic, and other things so weak or subtle, that we generally just think of other things as not "magnetic".
The reason these three metals are so strongly magnetic is not completely understood.  Their outer-most electrons tend to possess spins that line-up. [polarization] This alignment, whatever the reason, is what gives cobalt, iron and nickel their very strong magnetic properties compared to most other materials.
Michael Pierce


Carbon the base element of the diamond cube is in the second(2) octave.
Carbon represents 2 or m(mass) = 2
Diamond is made of Carbon. Diamond is pure crystallized carbon.
2+2+2=6. The atomic number of Carbon is 6.
Diamond cubic crystal structure is a repeating pattern of 8 atoms, 2x2x2= cube = 8
8 repeating carbon atoms = diamond, 2x2x2=8
Mathematics of the cube and diamond structure


hosting image

Mathematics and Prophecy - mathematics and Cosmogony. Above Cosmogony-Prophecy spiral galaxy Cosmic Clock drawing showing the first 100 years of Kosmon cycle from 1848 to 1948, with the numbers and words on the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate and YA-LA-Pesta and the historical manifestations of war, arbitration, peace, learning, order, Oahspe.
Hands of the Cosmic clock is the space-timeline diameter pointing in the 12 and 6 position (12:30 pm). Center = dawn of Kosmon, outer spiral arm is the end of 100 year cycle or ethe'ic wave.
100 year cycle is a minature (1/10 or 1/30 fractal) representation of a 1000 or 3000 year cycle.
Spiral motion and distance = space-time diameter. Beyond space and time is the Creator, E-O-IH the circumference of the circle.
8 is the number of harmony, a octave. 1600 etherean arcs of CEVORKUM / 8 = 200 dan a harmonic division or multiplication. 4,700,000 C'vorkum years / 8 = 587,500 harmonic division and multiplication. 3000 year cycle / 8 = 375 a harmonic division or multiple.
OAHSPE Book of Knowledge ch 4:
1. Tae said: Now I will apply myself to Your works, O Jehovih. Yours is a book that never errs. The times You bestow shall be my signposts. Is this not the most exalted science under the sun?
Click link below for enlarged Image of Cosmology-Prophecy Clock Spiral Galaxy:
The motion of the solar phalanx through the arcs of space = time = Dan and a'ji = prophecy = ORACHNEBUAHGALAH. 
E=mc2 = 2x2x2=8, a cube, a cube is an octave, with 8 corners. The number 8 is the first cube.
Page 221 of THE SECRET OF LIGHT by Walter Russell
Tennis balls crushed together become cubes by gradually flattening where they meet at six points on curved surfaces.
Closest-Packed Structures
Efficient Packing of Balls
Suppose you are given a large number of tennis balls and asked to pack them together in the most efficient fashion. What is the most efficient packing strategy?
The two most efficient packing arrangements are the hexagonal closest-packed structure (hcp) and the cubic closest-packed structure (ccp).
In a crystal the atoms are arranged in a regular repeating pattern. The smallest repeating unit is called the unit cell.
The packing efficiency, f, is the fraction of the volume of the unit cell actually occupied by atoms. For the hexagonal closest-packed structure f = p/(18)1/2 = 74.05%. The cubic closest-packed structure has the same packing efficiency, and this value is the highest efficiency that can be achieved.
diamond's crystal structure has a cubic arrangement of the atoms, they have many facets that belong to a cube, octahedron,...
The diamond cubic crystal structure is a repeating pattern of 8 atoms...
Diamond cubic is in the Fd3m space group, which follows the face-centered cubic bravais lattice. The lattice describes the repeat pattern; for diamond cubic crystals this lattice is "decorated" with a motif of two tetrahedrally bonded atoms in each primitive cell, separated by 1/4 of the width of the unit cell in each dimension.
Jan. 8, 2008 — For centuries, human beings have been entranced by the captivating glimmer of the diamond. What accounts for the stunning beauty of this most precious gem? As mathematician Toshikazu Sunada explains in an article appearing in the Notices of the American Mathematical Society, some secrets of the diamond's beauty can be uncovered by a mathematical analysis of its microscopic crystal structure. It turns out that this structure has some very special, and especially symmetric, properties. In fact, as Sunada discovered, out of an infinite universe of mathematical crystals, only one other shares these properties with the diamond, a crystal that he calls the "K4 crystal". It is not known whether the K4 crystal exists in nature or could be synthesized.
A crystal is built up by starting with a building-block graph and joining together copies of itself in a periodic fashion. Thus there are two patterns operating in a crystal: The pattern of edges connecting vertices in the building-block graphs (that is, the pattern of bonding relations between the atoms), and the periodic pattern joining the copies of the graphs. One can create infinitely many mathematical crystals this way, by varying the graphs and by varying the way they are joined periodically.
The diamond crystal has two key properties that distinguish it from other crystals. The first, called "maximal symmetry", concerns the symmetry of the arrangement of the building-block graphs. Some arrangements have more symmetry than others, and if one starts with any given arrangement, one can deform it, while maintaining periodicity and the bonding relations between the atoms, to make it more symmetrical. For the diamond crystal, it turns out that no deformation of the periodic arrangement can make it any more symmetrical than it is. As Sunada puts it, the diamond crystal has maximal symmetry.
Any crystal can be deformed into a crystal with maximal symmetry, so that property alone does not distinguish the diamond crystal. But the diamond crystal has a second special property, called "the strong isotropic property". This property resembles the rotational symmetry that characterizes the circle and the sphere: No matter how you rotate a circle or a sphere, it always looks the same. The diamond crystal has a similar property, in that the crystal looks the same when viewed from the direction of any edge. Rotate the diamond crystal from the direction of one edge to the direction of a different edge, and it will look the same.
It turns out that, out of all the crystals that are possible to construct mathematically, just one shares with the diamond these two properties. Sunada calls this the K4 crystal, because it is made out of a graph called K4, which consists of 4 points, in which any two vertices are connected by an edge.
A diamond crystal has rotational symmetry that characterizes the circle and the sphere: No matter how you rotate a circle or a sphere, it always looks the same. The diamond crystal has a similar property, in that the crystal looks the same when viewed from the direction of any edge. Rotate the diamond crystal from the direction of one edge to the direction of a different edge, and it will look the same.
2x2x2 = cube = diamond = 8 = E=mc2 packed = 0ctaves of periodic Table of elements.
2x2x2 = cube = cubic diamond structure = 2x2x2=8, 8 = harmony, symmetry
The diamond cubic crystal structure is a repeating pattern of 8 atoms, 2x2x2= cube = 8
A cube has 8 corners
Corpor = length, breadth, thickness, 3 dimensions, 2x2x2 = 8 harmony, cubic symmetry
2x2x2 has rotational mathematical symmetry, 2x2x2 looks the same when viewed from all 4 directions or from the left, middle, or right.
2x2x2 = diamond cubic structure looks the same when rotated and viewed:
Top to bottom (south to North) = 2x2x2
Bottom to top (nouth to South) = 2x2x2
Left to right (west to East)   = 2x2x2
Right to left (east to West)   = 2x2x2
2x2x2 cube has same order or symmetry when rotated north, south, east or west, or from left, middle, or right (same number on the left, in the middle, and on the right).
hexagonal closest-packed structure f = p/(18)1/2 = 74.05%. The cubic closest-packed structure has the same packing efficiency, and this value is the highest efficiency that can be achieved.
highest thermal conductivity = diamond = highest Energy
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter I:
37...There is no substance of heat, nor of fire; a dissolution occurreth in which the vortexya is liberated. Corporeal substances all contain heat (vortexya proper); even snow and ice have it in infinitesimal quantities; and oils, and herbs of all kinds; but the diamond containeth the highest percentage of charge.
vortexya is liberated = E=mc2 = 2x2x2=8 = multiplication, expansion, release of energy
diamond containeth the highest percentage of charge = cubic structure = 2x2x2 = stored up vortexya, cubic closest-packed structure
Uranium has a orthorhombic crystal structure
Orthorhombic lattices result from stretching a cubic lattice along two of its orthogonal pairs by two different factors, resulting in a rectangular prism with a rectangular base (a by b) and height (c), such that a, b, and c are distinct. All three bases intersect at 90° angles. The three lattice vectors remain mutually orthogonal.
Carbon has the highest melting point of any element at 3500 Celsius (C)
Diamond has the highest melting point; at 3820 degrees Kelvin
Hardness: Diamond is a perfect "10", defining the top of the hardness scale, and by absolute measures four times harder than sapphire (which is #9 on that scale).
Thermal Conductivity: Diamond conducts heat better than anything - five times better than the second best element, Silver!
Melting Point: Diamond has the highest melting point (3820 degrees Kelvin)
Lattice Density: The atoms of Diamond are packed closer together than are the atoms of any other substance
Tensile Strength: Diamond has the highest tensile strength of any material, at 2.8 gigapascals. However, that does not quite translate into the strongest rope or cable, as diamond has cleavage planes which support crack propagation. The strongest ropes can likely be made from another carbon material, carbon nanotubes, as they should not suffer from the effects of cracks and break. Still, if a long, thin, perfect crystal of diamond could be manufactured, it would offer the highest possible pulling strength (in a straight line - don't try to tie it in a knot!)
Crystal = Harmony, harmonic structure, polarization, Light, in condensed solid form
Google crys·tal definition
1. a piece of a homogeneous solid substance having a natural geometrically regular form with symmetrically arranged plane faces.
E=mc2 and m=E/c2 and geometric shape and atomic-molecular structure.
Pages 222-224 of THE SECRET OF LIGHT by Walter Russell, THE CUBE-SPHERE
"Carbon and sodium chloride are good examples of true cube crystallization. Likewise their atomic units are true spheres..the cube is born from the sphere...the sphere is born from the cube...all crystals are cube sections."
Page 221 of THE SECRET OF LIGHT by Walter Russell:
"Tennis balls crushed together become cubes by gradually flattening where they meet at six points on curved surfaces."
Atomic-molecular structures:
diamonds are formed at high temperature and pressure
diamond creation processes: High Pressure-High Temperature
The sphere compressed from all six directions makes a cube
Cube Thermally Expanding Into A Sphere - YouTube
Gas = sphere (E), solid crystal = cube (mass)
compression of sphere = cube (flattening) = solid crystal = m=E/c2 = division = crystallization
expansion of cube = sphere (roundening) = gas fireball = E=mc2 = multiplication = explosion
Unit cell of the diamond cubic crystal structure
A diamond cubic crystal viewed from a <110> direction.
The diamond cubic crystal structure is a repeating pattern of 8 atoms that certain materials may adopt as they solidify. While the first known example was diamond, other elements in group 14 also adopt this structure.
Page 225 of THE SECRET OF LIGHT by Walter Russell "...sphere of multiplied [2x2x2=8] matter [gaseous] and the space [cube] of divided [8/4=2] matter.
Page 226 of THE SECRET OF LIGHT by Walter Russell "Multiplication [2x2x2=8] and division [8/4=2] of expressed energy [E=] into high and low potential of gravitation [compression] and radiation [expansion] is made possible by the plan of Nature...
Gravitation [m=E/c2]...spirally inward...to wind [compress] light waves [c2] into solids [m] to center space [vortex center]. Radiation [E=mc2] thrusts spirally outward to unwind [expand] dense solids [m] into space to surround solids.
Page 227 of THE SECRET OF LIGHT by Walter Russell "...wave field boundary planes of magnetic light [c2=2x2=4] = 4th period, 4th energy level, 4th Octave of Magnetic [Iron, Cobalt, Nickel] Chemical Elements. E=mc2 = 8=2x(2x2) m = 2 = 2nd octave = atomic mass 25 x 2 = atomic mass 50 = 4th octave, 4th period = c2 = ferromagnetic elements, c2 = 4th octave highest atomic mass = 75 x 2 (2.4) = atomic mass 180 = 8th octave = E.
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter II:
24. In the case of light [c2] being manifested in a complete steel magnet, [c2 = 2x2=4, ferro-magnetic elements of the 4th period or 4th octave and 4th energy level of the Table of Chemical Elements].
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter I:
49. Wherein it will be observed that were the sun or moon or earth the most powerful steel magnet, it would not take a long time (as to the time of worlds) when its magnetic attraction would not exceed native iron ore. Wherein it will also be observed that were the moon a globe of magnetic iron ore, it can be shown approximately how far would extend its power of magnetic attraction external to itself.
50. Nevertheless, its magnetic attraction in that extreme case would not be on water or clay, but on iron and its kindred ores. So that if the moon exerted a magnetic force on the earth it would manifest more on the magnetic needle, or other iron substance, than on the water of the ocean.
51. By suspending a ball of magnetic iron along side a suspended cup of water, it will be discovered there is no magnetic attraction between them, more than between two cups of water, or between two vessels of clay.
52. The highest magnetic power that can be imparted to steel in the form of a ball, to its equatorial dimension, to manifest in moving an equivalent fellow, is seven of its diameters! But in the case of iron ore (normal magnet) it is very considerably less than this. By this it is shown that were the moon a steel magnet it would not exert perceptible power more than nine thousand miles. Her shortest distance from the earth is two hundred and twenty thousand miles.
53. Wherein it is shown that under the most extravagant supposition of power, her magnetic attraction is more than two hundred thousand miles short of reaching to the earth.
56. As to the attraction (so-called) between two earth substances, as granite, or sandstone, or lead, or gold, or clay, or water, it is far less than between two steel magnets. Wherein it will be observed, that it is utterly impossible for any attractive force to exert from one planet to another; or even from a planet to its own satellite.
57. And though the most extravagant supposition, based on measurement, be given to the sun's supposed attractive force, it doeth not extend to the earth by more than seventy million miles! Wherein they have taught error in place of truth!
Magnetic attractive force is incomparably stronger than the gravitational attractive force.
The EM (electro-magnetic force) force is incomparably stronger than the gravitational force.
Oahspe Book of Knowledge Chapter IV:
12. Tae then cast aside the philosophy of this day, proved the attraction of the corporeal worlds do not exceed seven diameters, each of its own, but many of them less than two. And he measured the satellites and their distances from their central corpor,..

Field Strength of Permanent Magnet Buttons ( based on diameter )

Permanent Magnet Graph of Gauss and Relative Size 


Looking at the purple line on the graph, it is a little bit hard to read at 100% D but the magnetic field would be about 2% of the Residual value. [at 2 diameters the magnetic strength or attractive force is at 0%, which is the fullfillment of Oahspe Book of Knowledge Chapter IV:12 the attraction of the corporeal worlds do not exceed seven diameters, each of its own, but many of them less than two. [less than 200% Diameters].
OAHSPE Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter I:
45. When two pieces of steel, alike in quality, are charged with vortexya to their utmost, their power will be in proportion to their dimensions. If one be twice the size of the other, its magnetic force (so-called) will be in the main two times more powerful.
The sun has a diameter of 865,000 miles, if the Sun was the most powerful steel magnet
its magnetic attraction would extend 865,000 x 7 = 6 million 55,000 miles, or more realisticly
its magnetic attraction would extend 865,000 x 2 = 1 million 730,000 miles. The average distance between the Sun and the Earth is about 92,935,700 miles.
92,935,700 miles - 6,055,000 miles = 86,880,700 miles short of reaching the earth [the sun's attractive force if it was the most powerful magnet].
Earth's Diameter at the Equator: 7,926.28 miles. 7,926 x 7 = 55,482 miles.
7,926 x 2 = 15,852 miles
The average distance from the Earth to the Moon is 238,854 miles. 238,854 - 55,482 = 183,372 miles short of reaching the Moon [the Earth's attractive force if it was the most powerful magnet].
So what causes the Earth to revolve around the sun, or the moon to orbit the Earth?
It is the vortex (ethe'ic fluid in rotary motion). Does a vortex extend enough diameters beyond its central eye to hold a satellite like the earth or moon around the sun or earth?
The eye of a storm is a roughly circular area, typically 20–40 miles in diameter
Eyes can range in size from 320 km (200 mi) (Typhoon Carmen) to a mere 3 km (1.9 mi) (Hurricane Wilma) across.
While typical mature storms have eyes that are a few dozen miles across, rapidly intensifying storms can develop an extremely small, clear, and circular eye, sometimes referred to as a pinhole eye.
Hurricane Sandy into a 2,000-mile-diameter freak of nature
2000 / 20 = 100 / 2 = 50 ratio of vortex radius to central eye
7,926 (earth diameter) x 50 (vortex radius beyond central eye) = 396,300 miles, far enough to hold the moon in orbit.
For pinhole eye and largest hurricane:
1000 miles radius / 1.9 miles diameter = 526.3 diameters
865000 (sun's diameter) x 526 = 454,990,000 = 454.99 (455) million miles, far enough to hold the Earth in orbit.
Oahspe vortex (etheic fluid in rotary motion) theory accounts for the attractive force that can reach from the Sun to Earth, or Earth to Moon, whereas the corporeal (physical matter) theory
of attractive force does not.


Above image shows relative sizes of the largest and smallest tropical cyclones on record, shown in comparison to the size of the United States.


Why does a hurricane look identical to a galaxy?
A hurricane has a giant hole in the center and Most—and possibly all—galaxies are inferred to contain a supermassive black hole at their centers.
Astronomers are confident that our own Milky Way galaxy has a supermassive black hole at its center, 26,000 light-years from the Solar System, in a region called Sagittarius A*
A Hurricane is a vortex (fluid in rotary motion) so is a galaxy also a vortex (etheric fluid in rotary motion)?


Above images show that a vortex (vortexya) creates central circular (sphere) and polygonal (polyhedron, cube) shapes.
Eyewalls are typically circular; however, distinctly polygonal shapes ranging from triangles to hexagons occasionally occur.[6]
^ Schubert, Wayne H. et al. (1999). "Polygonal Eyewalls, Asymmetric Eye Contraction, and Potential Vorticity Mixing in Hurricanes" (PDF). Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences (American Meteorological Society) 59 (9): 1197–1223. Bibcode:1999JAtS...56.1197S. doi:10.1175/1520-0469(1999)056<1197:PEAECA>2.0.CO;2. ISSN 1520-0469.
Physics, mathematics, equations, statements:
E=mc2 8=2x2x2, m=E/c2 2=8/2x2, and c2=E/m 2=8/2x2
Energy, mass, velocity of light2, Ethe, corpor, vortexya, motion, mutiplication, division, compression, expansion, combining, condensing, dissolution.
C2=4, E=8, m=2.
4, Vortexya(c2) = Ethe(E) / corpor(m) coming together of ethe and corpor (etheic solution in rotary motion). A vortex is the combination of ethe and corpor.
8, Ethe(E) = corpor(m) x vortexya(c2). Multiplication = expansion or taking apart.
Etheic solution = corpor taken apart by the release of vortexya = corpor breakes apart into sub-atomic particles and goes into ethe'ic solution, becomes apart of etheic solution.
2, Corpor(m) = Ethe(E) / vortexya(c2), the coming together or compression of the etheic (E) solution (fluid).
C2 = Light2 = E / m = Light is the combination (duality of wave and particle) or coming together (compression, division) of energy and matter.
Ethe becomes corpor, corpor becomes etheic, vortexya(4) is half ethe(8) and half of vortexya is corpor(2), the same thing in different form. Corpor(m) is condensed ethe(E), ethe(E) is dissolved corpor(m), vortexya is the combination of ethe and corpor in motion, velocity(c2)
Of two apparent entities am I, nevertheless I am but One. - Book Of Jehovih chapter 1 verse 5.
C2 = 4 = 8 / 2
C2 = dual nature of light, energy and matter, waves and particles compressed together.
C2 = vortexya. Vortexya is intermediary (4) between ethe (8) and corpor (2).
Light(c2, 4) is half energy (8, 4 is half 8) and half mass (2 is half of 4) or dual particle(mass) and wave (energy). Light is both particle and wave.
Division (8 / 2, energy / mass, waves / particles) = compression or coming together of Ethe'ic(E) needles in solution by vortexya(c2) creates corpor(m)
E(Energy) / m(mass) = light2.
C2 = E / m = vortexya is created by the compression of Etheic solution by the rotary motion of the corporeal needles in solution. Spiral rotary motion causes compression or division.
The Planets of the solar-system are in 8 "pressure zones" or octaves (like the Periodic
Table of Elements). Each "pressure zone" is a differnet vortexian current in the master
vortex (the sun's vortex). The pressure zones or octaves are divided into 2 half sub-cycles of inner (4 nearest the sun) and outer (4 outer planets). The sun represents the central balance between the octaves or zones. The Sun is relatively still (rest point, non octave, the central spoke of the wheel) compared to the planets in the Solar-system. "The music of the spheres" is not just a poetic phrase it
is a scientific fact. "The music of the spheres" is the 8 octaves of the 8 planets of the solar system, with the Sun being the rest point (half cycle) between the octaves or revolving zones (currents).
8 note musical octave of the spheres (planets of the solar system) and E=mc2
Each octave is a planet or planetary orbit
1st octave is farthest from center (Sun)
8th octave is closest to center (Sun)
Eight(8) notes of an octave = 8 planets of the solar-system = 8 stringed musical instrument.
8 = harmony, 4, 2, 1 = harmonic divisions and multiplication
E=8, m=2, c2=4, 8=2x2x2=8
2nd octave = Uranus = m = Uranus is the second least dense planet in our Solar System
4th octave = Jupiter = c2 = magnetosphere of Jupiter responsible for intense radio emission
8th octave = Mercury = E = second densest planet, fastest orbital velocity, high-energy gamma rays
E = higher orbital velocity = greater frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum = 8th octave
E = highest-energy and gamma rays = 8th octave
Galactic cosmic rays interact with the surface of Mercury to a depth of tens of centimeters, producing high-energy (“fast”) neutrons. These neutrons further interact with surface material, resulting in the emission of gamma rays with energies characteristic of the emitting elements and low-energy (“slow”) neutrons. Naturally occurring radioactive elements such as potassium (K), thorium (Th), and uranium (U) also emit gamma rays. Detection of the gamma rays and neutrons by GRS allows determination of the chemical composition of the surface.
E = 8th Octave Atomic Mass: 180 - 260+ (Ultaviolet-Gamma Rays)
(Wavelength nm),(Frequency THz)
-----0.003 to 390 - 769 to 30,000+
73. Tantalum
74. Tungsten
75. Rhenium
76. Osmium
77. Iridium
88. Radium
90. Thorium
92. Uranium
94. Plutonium
112. Ununbium
Higher atomic mass = more compression = shorter wavelength = higher frequency = more energy = E = mc^2.
c2 = 4th octave = electrical and magnetic
magnetized ring of ionized gas, a huge electrical current flows between Io and Jupiter. Carrying about two trillion watts of power, it's the biggest DC electrical circuit in the Solar System.
Jupiter itself like Earth is a magnet, but one that is 20,000 times stronger; as a result it has a large magnetosphere and a very intense radiation belt.
c2 = 4th Octave Atomic mass: 50 - 75 (Yellow)
manganese (II) Atomic Mass: 54.93805 yellowish-green flame
Iron Atomic Mass: 55.845 flame Gold
(Wavelength nm),(Frequency THz)
------597 − 577, 503 − 520
23. Vanadium
24. Chromium
25. Manganese
26. Iron
27. Cobalt
28. Nickel
29. Copper
30. Zinc
31. Gallium
32. Germanium
33. Arsenic
m = 2nd octave = second least dense, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, 
Methane is a chemical compound composed of two elements, carbon and hydrogen in a ratio of one carbon atom to four hydrogen atoms. Ammonia, a compound composed of the elements nitrogen and hydrogen, and water, composed of hydrogen and oxygen.
Uranus contains “ices” like ammonia, water, and methane.
2nd Octave Atomic mass: 5 - 25 (red)
lithium Atomic mass: 6.941 a red flame
(Wavelength nm),(Frequency THz)
------780 − 622, 384 − 482
3. lithium
4. Beryllium
5. Boron
6. Carbon
7. Nitrogen
8. Oxygen
9. Fluorine
10. Neon
11. Sodium
12. Magnesium


Above drawing of silicon atom and spiral vortex electron orbits. Silicon is a chemical element with the symbol Si and atomic number 14 (14 electrons). Octave 3, 3rd period of the table of chemical elements. 3 energy levels = 3 electron orbits, prophetic numbers, harmonic mutiples and divisions. Microcosm of a solar system and Cevorkum (sub-galactic orbit of the sun).

Fusion Fission compression expansion Emc2 Vortex
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Above drawing of how fusion, fission, crystal cubes and gaseous photospheres are produced by spiral vortices inward (compression, positive vortexya) and spiral vortices outward (expansion, negative vortexya) and the relationship to Einstein's E=mc2 and m=E/c2 equations.
Extremly hard and dense diamonds are produced by High Pressure-High Temperature forces.
Diamonds are formed deep within the Earth about 100 miles or so below the surface.
The formation of diamonds - a process involving intense heat and crushing pressure
More pressure and heat toward the center of a vortex or planet (deep within).
Low density soft atmospheres of worlds are made and held by low pressure forces outward from
the hard dense planet.
fusion 1. the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.
fission 1. the action of splitting something into two or more parts.


Harmonics spectrum above showing relation to the just intonation music.
Notice some of the same numbers on the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate below in Oahspe.
Numbers 20, 30, 36, 48, 90 show up on the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate and the Just Intonation Scale.


Indian Music frequencies in Hz (cycles per second) above have some of the exact numbers as the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate does, such as 360, 480.
Historians still call the year 1905 the annus mirabilis, the miracle year because in that year Einstein published four remarkable scientific papers ranging from the smallest scale to the largest, through fundamental problems about the nature of energy, matter, motion, time and space.
In March 1905 , Einstein created the quantum theory of light, the idea that light exists as tiny packets, or particles, which he called photons. Alongside Max Planck's work on quanta of heat Einstein proposed one of the most shocking idea in twentieth century physics: we live in a quantum universe, one built out of tiny, discrete chunks of energy and matter.
Next, in April and May, Einstein published two papers. In one he invented a new method of counting and determining the size of the atoms or molecules in a given space and in the other he explains the phenomenon of Brownian motion. The net result was a proof that atoms actually exist - still an issue at that time - and the end to a millennia-old debate on the fundamental nature of the chemical elements.
And then, in June, Einstein completed special relativity - which added a twist to the story: Einstein's March paper treated light as particles, but special relativity sees light as a continuous field of waves. Such a contradiction took a supremely confident mind to propose. Einstein, age 26, saw light as wave and particle, picking the attribute he needed to confront each problem in turn.
Einstein wasn't finished yet. Later in 1905 came an extension of special relativity in which Einstein proved that energy and matter are linked in the most famous relationship in physics:
E=mc2.   (The energy content of a body is equal to the mass of the body times the speed of light squared).
This equation predicted an evolution of energy roughly a million times more efficient than that obtained by ordinary physiochemical means. At first, even Einstein did not grasp the full implications of his formula, but even then he suggested that the heat produced by radium could mark the conversion of tiny amounts of the mass of the radium salts into energy.
1905 = up-point going up to high-sharp up-spike of 1906. Much closer to 1906 up-spike than 1904 and 1907 down-spikes.
MAX marks a sunspot cycle maximum and min a minimum.
1905 63.5 MAX
sunspot cycle maximum = High Dan
Then in 1915, Einstein completed the General Theory of Relativity - the product of eight years of work on the problem of gravity. In general relativity Einstein shows that matter and energy actually mold the shape of space and the flow of time. What we feel as the 'force' of gravity is simply the sensation of following the shortest path we can through curved, four-dimensional space-time. It is a radical vision: space is no longer the box the universe comes in; instead, space and time, matter and energy are, as Einstein proves, locked together in the most intimate embrace.
1915 = high sharp up-spike, highest from 1900-1925.
2 of Einstein's biggest scientific years correlate to high-up point, high up-spikes in energy (heat) cycle.
1905 Einstein completed special relativity = high up-point
1915, Einstein completed the General Theory of Relativity = high up-spike (highest from 1900-1925).
1905 to 1915, 10-11 years is a 1/3 child cycle to the 3x parent cycle of 33 years.
In 1915, Einstein completed the General Theory of Relativity.
Walter Russell discovered and published 2 hydrogen isotopes, deuterium and tritium in his charts of the elements in 1926.
11 year peak (2 up-spikes) cycle from 1915 to 1926
11 year cycle from 1915 to 1926 is the child cycle of the 33 year parent cycle, the second and first rule of prophecy in Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy 3:14.
1915 + 33 = 1948 = 33 year cycle, 100 order on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate of Oahspe. 1948 (ethe 100, 1848 + 100) year of modern Isreal Nation, World Wide UFO wave/flap and Project Sign, and World Health Organization (of the UN).
Quantum Entanglement = cycle, paired polarity, paired reverse polarity, paired balance
polarisation of one photon is +1, the other becomes -1
+1, + -1 = 0 balance, symmetry, oneness, sameness
0 = Creator, Oneness
0 and 1 = Creator and creation, binary code, computing
The Voidance equation (formula):
- 33 (female negative vortexya) + 33 (male positive vortexya) = 0 (the concept of zero, the cipher, the circle, zero point energy, ethe, balance, rest)
"These two sexed halves [male-female, positive-negative] extend from Me [extend from 0] and return to Me [the Creator], but they are not Me" - 
The Secret of Light - Page 213 by Walter Russell
PANIC "number letter" cipher, decrypting numbers to letters:
One of the first ciphers that man learned is the "number letter" cipher. You replace number with letters: 1=A, 2=B, 3=C, etc.
Method: "1-2-3-24-25-26" becomes "ABC XYZ"
When decrypting, numbers will be changed back to letters, hyphens will be removed, and the rest fill act like spaces.
3.141... = Pi
C.ada = Pi, numeric to alphabet
1-4 = +3
4-1 = -3
-3 + 3 = 0
Spanish and Old Portuguese cada
cada m, f (masculine and feminine plural cades)
1.each (qualifying a singular noun, indicating all examples of the thing so named seen as individual or separate items).
1.each, every
Pi = each and every number or person, the ALL, Infinite
3 / .141 = 21.27 = Parent cycle (3x, 99, 3rd rule of prophecy, periodicity)
1 / .141 = 7.09 = child cycle (1/3, 33, 1st and second rule of prophecy, periodicity)
1.618 = golden ratio (Phi)
afah = Tongan Meanings of Afah (Male)- Hurricane
Hurricanes: hurricanes often display the Golden spiral.
Tongan, an Austronesian language spoken mainly on the island of Tonga in the Pacfic, and also in Samoa, Fiji, Niue, Vanuatu and a number of other...
Tonga = Pacific island language = close to original Panic (basic, fundamental) language
2.718 = e Euler exponential growth factor
bgah = (in India and Pakistan) a garden
wo = weight of the plant at an arbitrary time to r = relative growth rate e = base of natural logarithms (2.718 . . .).
Numeric to alphabet code decipher for 3.141 (Pi), 1.618 (golden ratio), 2.718 (e Euler constant), the 3 most important numbers in mathematics.
1 = a
2 = b
3 = c
4 = d
5 = e
6 = f
7 = g
8 = h
9 = i
The very important mathematical concept of zero is a relatively new concept, and did not exist during the time of the first languages.
TIMELINE shows the development of zero throughout the world. The first recorded zero appeared in Mesopotamia around 3000 B.C. The Mayans invented it independently circa 4 A.D. It was later devised in India in the mid-fifth century, spread to Cambodia near the end of the seventh century, and into China and the Islamic countries at the end of the eighth. Zero reached western Europe in the 12th century.
Order of people (4 heads) who received the mathematical zero:
1. Brahmins (India) in the mid-fifth century A.D.
2. Buddhists (Cambodia) end of the seventh century A.D.
3. Mohammedans (Arabic) end of the eighth century A.D.
4. Christians (Western Europe) 12th century A.D.
The Brahmins were the most advanced of the 4 heads, Christians the least advanced.
The number system we use today - Arabic, though it in fact came originally from India - is relatively new. For centuries people marked quantities with a variety of symbols and figures, although it was awkward to perform the simplest arithmetic calculations with these number systems.
The renowned mathematicians among the Ancient Greeks, who learned the fundamentals of their math from the Egyptians, did not have a name for zero, nor did their system feature a placeholder as did the Babylonian. They may have pondered it, but there is no conclusive evidence to say the symbol even existed in their language. It was the Indians who began to understand zero both as a symbol and as an idea.
But it would still be a few centuries before zero reached Europe. First, the great Arabian voyagers would bring the texts of Brahmagupta and his colleagues back from India along with spices and other exotic items. Zero reached Baghdad by 773 AD and would be developed in the Middle East by Arabian mathematicians who would base their numbers on the Indian system. In the ninth century, Mohammed ibn-Musa al-Khowarizmi was the first to work on equations that equaled zero, or algebra as it has come to be known. He also developed quick methods for multiplying and dividing numbers known as algorithms (a corruption of his name). Al-Khowarizmi called zero 'sifr', from which our cipher is derived. By 879 AD, zero was written almost as we now know it, an oval - but in this case smaller than the other numbers. And thanks to the conquest of Spain by the Moors, zero finally reached Europe; by the middle of the twelfth century, translations of Al-Khowarizmi's work had weaved their way to England.
The Italian mathematician, Fibonacci, built on Al-Khowarizmi's work with algorithms in his book Liber Abaci, or "Abacus book," in 1202.
The invention of Zero was one of the most important breakthroughs in the history of civilization.  More important, in my opinion, than the invention of the wheel.  I think that it's a fairly deep concept.
One crucial purpose that Zero holds is as a placeholder in our system of
notation.  When we write the number 408, we're really using a shorthand
notation.  What we really mean by 408 is "4 times 100, plus 0 times 10,
plus 8 times 1."  Without the number zero, we wouldn't be able to have a
placeholder in the tens place, and we wouldn't be able to tell the numbers
408, 48, 480, 408000, and 4800 apart.  So yes, zero is important.
How important is zero? It is the number around which the negative numbers to its left stretch into infinity and the positive numbers to the right do likewise. It is neither positive nor negative. For that reason, zero is a pivotal point on thermometers and is the origin point for bathroom scales and the coordinate axis.[Our Christian Era based time system of "Anno Domini" A.D. and B.C. is missing the year zero because at the time it was devised Christians had no mathematical concept of zero.  This dating system was devised in 525 A.D., but was not widely used until after 800 A.D.[4] Dionysius had omitted to place a year zero between 1 BC (before Christ) and 1 AD (Anno Domini = the year of the Lord)]
You can not, however, divide a whole number by zero, because you can not come up with an inverse statement that makes sense. Can you divide x number of coins into groups of zero? Impossible! That is why mathematicians have a special term for x/0; they call it infinity.
880991.09 = the speed of light / speed of sound at sea level = c/mach
1000000 / 1.13508526 = 880991.09
1.13508526 = 1 million divided by c/mach (universal light number)
1.135 = aace = numeric to alphabet
Ace is a boy's name. It is of English origin, and its meaning is "number one"; "the best"; "highest rank."
In Anglo-Saxon the meaning of the name Ace is: Unity.
Meaning of Ace: "one, unity"
Light = polarization, lined up, harmony = unity, one with
Light = unity, to be one with, the highest, best thing is unity, oneness, number 1, harmony.
E-O-Ih = 9x + 8x + 5x fundamental note = 22
Pi = 22/7 = 3.14, ratio of circumference of circle to diameter of circle
Pi = 3.14 = 22/7, 3.14 x 3.14 = 9.85
22/7 = 9.85/3.14, 22 (E-O-IH) is to 7 what 9.85 is to 3.14, thus 9.85 is also E-O-IH.
Pi x Pi (Pi2)= 9.85 = 9-8-5 = E-O-IH = Jehovih, the Most High All-Mighty sacred
985 = ih-e (E-IH without the O, because O is not a single digit) = numeric to alphabet
Old High German
eih = 'oak' [5]
An oak is a tree...in the genus Quercus (Latin "oak tree").
Oaks have spirally arranged leaves...
In Greek mythology, the oak is the tree sacred to Zeus, king of the gods. In Zeus's oracle in Dodona, Epirus, the sacred oak was the centerpiece of the precinct, and the priests would divine the pronouncements of the god by interpreting the rustling of the oak's leaves.[37]
Sacred tree...interpreting the rustling of the oak's leaves...
In Norse mythology, the oak was sacred to the thunder god, Thor. Thor's Oak was a sacred tree of the Germanic Chatti tribe.
EOIH...The wind rustling is in the leaves...Give ear to the Voice of EOIH
Oahspe Book of Jehovih Chapter I:
7. In obedience to My will named he Me after the sounds the wind uttereth, and he said E-O-Ih!
Voice in the Wind (E-O-IH)...Voice in the rustling of the oak's leaves (E-O-IH).
The sacred sound and the sacred oak tree.
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter IX:
3...three primary sounds, e, o, ih (the words of the wind),
Oahspe God's Book of Ben: Chapter VIII:
17...the tree of Jehovih!
Oahspe The Book of Knowledge CHAPTER 4:
12...he called the tablet Orachnebuahgalah, because it was of the line of the tree of Jehovih, being the last of the fruits of the Hebrew language.
Allon [ALLAH?], Hebrew, M, Oak tree,
Elon (אֵילוֹן (Hebrew)), Alon (אַלוֹן (Hebrew)) or Ilan (אִילָן (Hebrew)) is a Jewish masculine name of Hebrew origin. The name means "tree" or "oak tree" in the Hebrew language.
The Hebrew Name for God - Elohim [Elon...Elohim?]
"Elohim" is found 2600 times in the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh, Old Testament). (It is not used in the Greek New Testament.)
In the Hebrew Bible there are four words translated "God": El [Elon?], Elah [Allah?], Elo'ah, Elohim.
The oldest Semitic word meaning "God" is El. Linguists believe its base meaning is strength or power. "El" is the Strong One...
Easton's Bible Dictionary - Oak
There are six Hebrew words rendered "oak."
'El occurs only in the word El-paran ( Genesis 14:6 ). The LXX. renders by "terebinth." In the plural form this word occurs in Isaiah 1:29 ; 57:5 (A.V. marg. and RSV, "among the oaks"); 61:3 ("trees"). The word properly means strongly, mighty, and hence a strong tree.
'Elon, Judges 4:11 ; 9:6 (RSV, "oak;" A.V., following the Targum, "plain") properly the deciduous species of oak shedding its foliage in autumn.
'Allah, Joshua 24:26 . The place here referred to is called Allon-moreh ("the oak of Moreh," as in RSV) in Genesis 12:6 and 35:4 .
Smith's Bible Dictionary - Oak
Oak (Heb. strong ).
Why was the oak leaf chosen as rank for Major's and Lieutenant Colonels?
The Major insignia is an Oak leaf and an Oak Tree grows strong and tall, and overlooks multiple fences (or commands).
Navy Officer Ranks
a Commander, a silver oak leaf; a Lieutenant Commander, a gold oak leaf
Scrambled eggs (American English) or scrambled egg (British English) is a slang term for the typically leaf-shaped embellishments found on the visors of peaked caps worn by military officers...
Today the "scrambled eggs" emblem, in one form or another, have been adopted by the majority of the world's navies.
In the British Armed Forces, and in the armed forces of several other Commonwealth countries, scrambled egg (singular) is a nickname for the gold braid (called an "oak leaf sprig") on the peak of senior officers' peaked caps, and by extension a nickname for an officer. Specifically, Flag Officers, General Officers and Air Officers have two rows of golden oak leaves, while commodores, captains and commanders (Royal Navy), brigadiers and colonels (Army), and group captains (RAF) have one row.
In the United States armed forces, "scrambled eggs" is the nickname for the golden oak leaf embellishments on the bills of dress hats worn by officer personnel in the grade of major/O-4 or higher in the Army and Marine Corps, and officer personnel in the grade of commander/O-5 or higher in the Navy and Coast Guard.
The Origin of the Ranks and Rank Insignia Now Used by the United States Armed Forces
Majors in our Army started wearing oak leaves as rank insignia on their shoulder straps about 1832. Why the Army chose oak leaves remains a mystery. Navy and some Army officers had been wearing gold braid featuring oak leaves and acorns on their uniforms for several years. Generals, Admirals and some other senior officers still wear braid on their caps. One story has it that the Navy chose oak leaf braid as a tribute to the oak lumber used to build its ships. While that is a good story it ignores the fact that some British and French officers also wore braid with oak leaves and still do today. The British might have gotten the idea from the Germans who wore oak leaves in their headgear after a battle. That practice seems to go back a long time, perhaps to pagan warriors wearing the leaves as a tribute to whatever gods they worshiped. When the Elector of Hanover became King George I of Great Britain in 1714, his German followers might have introduced the oak leaf to the British military.
The Commander-in-Chief of the universe is the Most High All-Mighty or his representative Orian Cheif, Nirvanian or above. Below is high ranking Command symbolized by gold oak leaves on the hat.



search string = "oak"
15-bit binary equivalent =   011110000101011
search string found at binary index =  2525907968
binary pi    : 0110011101111000010101100000000000000101000100111001110010110010
binary string:         011110000101011                                         
character pi    : :wh_kushossgoak__ahssryanyg;kxsjn.dul
character string:             oak
In the binary string of Pi the word Kush can be seen near Oak. Kush was known for its rich gold mines. [Golden Kush, golden oak leaves, symbol of rank and power.]
Also there is a word after kush and oak that is ahssrya or ah-ss-rya or Assyria, A-ssy-ria.
The word ahssryan, ah-ss-ry-an (Assyrian) is also there.
Both words kush and ahssrya appear after underscore _ symbol.
Kush and Assyria had a long rivalry and wars over control of Egypt and the Near East.
Around 727 BC, the Kushite king Piye invaded Egypt, seized control of Thebes and eventually the Delta.[13] His dynasty, the Twenty-fifth dynasty of Egypt, continued until about 653 BC. Piye attempted to regain a foothold in the Near East, but was defeated by the Assyrian king Shalmaneser III in the 720's BC.
Taharqa was the son of Piye and the first seventeen years of his reign were very prosperous for Kush.[19]...Taharqa enjoyed some initial success in his attempts to regain influence in the Near East. He aided King Hezekiah from attack by Sennacherib and the Assyrians (2 Kings 19:9;Isaiah 37:9),..
Between 674 and 671 BC the Assyrians began their invasion of Egypt under King Esarhaddon, the successor of Sennacherib. The Assyrians conquered this vast territory with surprising speed. Taharqa was driven from power by Esarhaddon, and fled to his Nubian homeland. Esarhaddon describes "installing local kings and governors" and "All Ethiopians I deported from Egypt, leaving not one to do homage to me". However, the native Egyptian vassal rulers installed by Esarhaddon were unable to retain control for long. Two years later, Taharqa returned from Nubia and seized control of a section of Egypt as far north as Memphis. Esarhaddon prepared to return to Egypt and once more eject Taharqa, however he fell ill and died in his capital Nineveh, before he left Assyria. His successor, Ashurbanipal, sent a Turtanu (general) with a small army which ejected Taharqa from Egypt, and he was forced to flee back to Nubia, where he died two years later. His successor, Tanutamun, attempted to regain Egypt. He successfully defeated Necho, the subject ruler installed by Ashurbanipal, taking Thebes in the process. The Assyrians, who had a military presence in the north, then sent a large army southwards. Tantamani was heavily routed and the Assyrian army sacked Thebes to such an extent it never truly recovered. Tantamani managed to escape back to Nubia, but never threatened the Assyrian Empire again.
Kushite rulers of the twenty-fifth (25) dynasty of Egypt = found at Pi binary index = 25........
Piye was the second ruler of Egypt during the 25th dynasty
second ruler (2) of 25th dynasty = found at Pi binary index = 252.......
252 = (25)-(2) = 25th (25) dynasty of Egypt (Kush) 2nd (2) ruler Piye defeated by the Assyrian (ah-ss-ry-an) king.
Taharqa was the 5th (5) ruler of Egypt during the 25th dynasty
5th ruler (5) of 25th dynasty = 25.5......
25.5 = (25)-(5) = 25th (25) dynasty of Egypt (Kush) 5th (5) ruler Taharqa, Taharqa was driven from power by Esarhaddon the Assyrian (ah-ss-ry-an) king.
We call them sacred trees ...Judging from the ancient Assyrian monuments, the Assyrians appear to have a variety of these trees, some thing like four or five:
The Date-tree.
The Vine.
The Pomegranate-tree.
The Fir-tree; and not improbably.
The oak.
The string 25259079 (Oak minus last digit) occurs at position 104003970. This string occurs 2 times in the first 200M digits of Pi.
The "oak" binary string: 011110000101011 contained the pi characters kush...and..ahssrya (ah-ss-ry-a)
104003970 = 0 in middle, 1040 on left, 3970 on right.
1040 = Revenue, Taxes, Treasury, Gold, Land, Power
The first Form 1040 was published for use for the tax years 1913, 1914, and 1915
Form 1040 originated in the years of the Beast (65-66, 66.6-67) = 1848 + 65 = 1913,
1848 + 66 = 1914 World War I and 66 war and a'ji 66 on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate 48,
1848 + 67 (66.6 rounded up) = 1915.
1913-1915 was a cold a'ji period, much below normal cold.
39 year high up-spike vortexian energy (heat) cycle from 1899 to 1938 (two highest peaks of that time period).
1040 Tax form originates within that 39 year cycle (1899-1938).
3970, 39-70 = Latitude and longitude location on the earth (within that geographic region).


39 = 39 degrees latitude = location of ancient Assyria
 39° 39th parallel north


70 = 70 degrees longitude = location of ancient Persia (with Assyria within)
70° 70th meridian east
During World War II, the 70th meridian was proposed as a dividing line for Asia between the spheres of interest of Nazi Germany, the Empire of Japan, and Fascist Italy (see Axis power negotiations on the division of Asia during World War II).
Approximate borders of ancient empires that ruled in the Near East.
Assyrian Empire (746 - 609 BCE)
Map shows ancient Assyrian Empire extended to the 39th degree latitude and also into Egypt.
Persian Empire (550 - 330 BCE)
Map shows ancient Assyria was also apart of the Persian Empire that extended to the 70th degree Longitude and also into Egypt.
Encoded in the decimal numbers of Pi is Oak (strong, mighty), and Kush (gold) and Assyria and the power struggle over the lands (treasury, revenue) of Egypt and the Near East which is symbolic of the on-going power struggle on earth, and the cycles of a'ji and dan, with Jehovih (the zero) the center and circumference of all.
Oahspe Book of Osiris, Son of Jehovih: Chapter XIII:
7. Osire foresaw the times and places in the future road of earth and heaven, and that from his decrees would spring corporeal philosophy, the first of earth, whereto man should look back in after ages, saying: Thence sprang the Osirian system; thence the Asyrian races.
The Persian Empire was a continuation and extension of the Asyrian corporeal philosophy which was an extension of the Osirian system and the builders of the pyramids of Egypt and Mesopotamia.
Ziggurats (step pyramids) were built by the Sumerians, Babylonians, Elamites and Assyrians
The greedy materialistic imbalanced system of money getting and power grabbing that exists today is a continuation of the Assyrian corporeal philosophy.
The sound, "Ah," substituted for "Oh," makes a word earthly that was heavenly. Asyrian, and Aysyrian, and Aysirian, and Assyrian, are synonymous terms. --Ed (Oahspe 1882 edition).
O = C5 = 523.25 Hz frequency, see Language - Symbols - Pictographs - Sound Chapter/pages 1/2 down from top.
O = middle of E-O-IH, Heavenly Father, and first of Om = Omnipotent, Omniscient (Omni-science), Omnipresent = All-Person. Oak = Strong, Mighty, Sacred = E-IH
O = 523.251(C5) / 65.4064(C2) = 7.999 = 8.0 x multiple = Harmonic = polarization (exact)
O = 8.0 x multiple of the fundamental or first harmonic note C2, 8 = harmony, Light
Ah = beast 666 Hz frequency, see Language - Symbols - Pictographs - Sound Chapter/pages 2/5 down from top.
ah = adam(ah-dam) = earth (Ah panic) = Asu(Ah-su), Assyrian (ah-ss-ry-an)

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