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Walter Bowman Russell, although he only had a fourth-grade education he was an American polymath known for his achievements as a painter, sculptor, author and builder and less well known as a natural philosopher and for his unified theory in physics and cosmogony. Born: May 19, 1871. Died: 1963.
“[Russell was] the Leonardo Da Vinci (IQ=205) of our time.”
— Walter Cronkite (1963)
“Even though Walter Russell only had a fourth-grade education, he was a genius.”
— Robert A. Mayer (2007)
-Leonardo Da Vinci born April, 1452
1452 = normal warm (dan) period
Solar cycle 15
A major geomagnetic storm during 13–15 May 1921 ....
MAY OF 1921
Walter Russell at the age of 49 years old experiences a 39 day and night period of illumination, writing down 40,000 words
sent to him from the Light of Cosmic Consciousness – later published as The Message of the Divine Iliad
Walter Russell paints The Octave Wave.
1921 Walter Russell turns the age of 50.
1921 = sharp up-spike in vortexian energy on earth.
Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter 8:
2. Ethe, being the time of light, is named dan .
Oahspe Book of Knowledge Part IV:
6....dans varied from fifty (50) to six hundred (600) years.
the time of light = dan = fifty (50) years .
The 49th year is termed the Sabbath. The jubilee is the fiftieth year after the cycle begins, but the cycle only has seven sets of seven years, or 49 years. Thus, the 50th year of the cycle is the same as the first year of the cycle [6]:
The 50th year = a Dawn or Dan, period of light.

Message of The Divine Iliad Walter Russell
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33. As the spider learneth to build her net without a book, and the bees to dwell in a queendom in peace and industry without books and written laws and instructions as how to do this and that, even so, now is a new birth to the generations of My people.
34. By My direct inspiration upon them shall they learn to do all things perfect, in the order of man for which I created him.

35. Man shall know how to do things easily, and without the long labor of books, and without showing, or explanations.


16. Behold, the seventh era is at hand. Thy Creator commandeth thy change from a carnivorous man of contention to an herbivorous man of peace.

...a properly balanced diet of natural food, such as fresh vegetables, fruit and nuts. - Walter Russell 


THE MESSAGE OF THE DIVINE ILIADE VOL 1 (1948) by Walter Russell page 211:

...All my life I have known God in me, and when I wanted knowledge I was immiediatly aware that I had it. God had given it to me...So God became my teacher. For that reason I had no need for books or schools or universities...Our inspirations are God's whisperings to us in His universal language of Light...We have all knowledge in us. It centers us. It is our inheritence. The Light of our Selves IS all knowledge. We become aware of it gradually as we desire it. Question: You actually believe we can contact God directly? Answer: Most assuredly I do. Question: ...you are actually taught what you know directly by our heavenly Father? Answer: Most assuredly, yes.

Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) ...He was critical of textbook theory and the arrogance and lack of imagination of ‘experts’ and refused to go to college, believing that he would lose his intuitive gifts.
"Knowledge is not just in college" - KRS-One (Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone).
Viktor Schauberger was an Austrian forest caretaker, naturalist, philosopher, inventor and biomimicry experimenter. Schauberger developed his own ideas based on what he observed in nature.
Viktor Schauberger born 30 June 1885,
1885 = sharp high above normal warm up-spike (dan)
"Mr. Davis...He remained, then, up to the commencement of his lectures, the uneducated, unsophisticated child of Nature, entirely free from the creeds, theories, and philosophies of the world:
and up to this day, he has never been inclined to seek the society of scientific men, but has rather avoided them." - The Principles of Nature, Her Divine Revelations by Andrew Jackson Davis.
Andrew Jackson Davis...The Principles of Nature, Her Divine Revelations, and a Voice to Mankind, which in 1845 he had dictated while in a trance to his scribe, William Fishbough.
1845 = warm up-spike (dan).
Andrew Jackson Davis Born August 11, 1826.
was an American Spiritualist, born in Blooming Grove, New York.
1826 = warm above normal almost up-spike (dan, 1827 up-spike)
John Ballou Newbrough Author: Oahspe
strongly influenced by Andrew Jackson Davis' The Principles of Nature, Her Divine Revelations and A Voice to Mankind.
In THE MESSAGE OF THE DIVINE ILIAD, Russell answers specific questions:
Q. How could you, know such things as chemistry that way. Did you not have to study books to make your chemistry charts
A. I could not have made my chemistry charts if I had studied books or taken a university course. No books or universities had that knowledge, for it had not yet come into the world. Also I would have been bound by the traditions of yesterday’s errors of thinking by accepting them as truths, as most students do when they read the works of “authorities” and listen to older teachers to whom they attribute great knowledge.
 Q. How can a person acquire a cosmic education? How can he KNOW things just out of the blue?
A. It is not “just out of the blue” as you say. You, of course, mean the invisible universe. All knowledge is of the invisible universe. That is what I mean by the universe of knowing.
We are all being educated cosmically to some extent, whether we know it or not. Our inspirations come that way. Our inspirations are God’s whisperings to us in His universal language of Light.
Q. You said that when you desired knowledge, you were immediately aware that you had it. Does God give knowledge that way—instantly? 
A. Yes, but not as you understand it by the way you stated it. We have all knowledge in us. It centers us. It is our inheritance. The Light of our Selves IS all knowledge. We become aware of it gradually as we desire it. - Pages 210-211 of THE MESSAGE OF THE DIVINE ILIAD VOL. I (1948) by Walter Russell.
Q. What would you do if a beggar asked you for food?
A. If I were convinced that he was sincere, I would give him food. I would try to discriminate, however, so as not to encourage vagrancy. - page 225 of THE MESSAGE OF THE DIVINE ILIAD VOL. I (1948) by Walter Russell.
Oahspe Book of Judgement: Chapter VIII:
10. A certain rich man, being converted from the desires of earth, went about casting his money freely in the streets, and in giving to whosoever asked him therefor.
11. And some gathered it up, and fed and clothed themselves; others took of it, and went and got drunk, and became worse than before.
12. The measure of righteousness of that man's behavior was not in giving what he had to the poor, but in the good and evil that came of it, being weighed, as to which outbalanced the other.
13. And where he lowered the grade of them that received this money, or where he lowered a greater number than he raised, there his act of casting the money away was a judgment against him.
14. He who giveth, saying: Here, thou beggar! doeth a good corporeal act, but an evil spiritual act. He lifteth up with one hand, but knocketh down wih the other. Such an act detracteth from the grade of that man.
15. A certain rich man, being converted to do good works, went and built a score of soup-houses to feed the poor gratuitously.
16. And all the poor people of that town went therein and were fed. But the next year, behold, there were twice as many poor. And the rich man built another score of soup-houses, and they were all fed.
17. But the next year, there were still twice as many poor people to feed; but the rich man had exhausted his means, and could feed none at all.
18. Judgment is therefore rendered against that man for his supposed beneficence.
19. For, whilst he did a little corporeal good, he did a great spiritual wrong, because he lowered the grade of manhood and womanhood in those that he fed. His benevolence promoted dependence.

From THE MAN WHO TAPPED THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE (1946) by Glenn Clark (about Walter Russell) pages 16,31,46:

The biggest things he ever has done in his life have been done without prepartion. He never, for example, studied architecture. He had a strong desire to build better studio buildings for artists and so he designed a building for them. He designed and built twenty (20) million dollars' worth of buildings in the City of New York, such as the Hotel des Atistes on West 67th Street which is known the world over...He designed and brought into usage the duplex studio apartment idea which has been widely emulated ever since...Mr. Russell...He pioneered in foreseeing two of the greatest discoveries of modern times -- the isotopes of hydrogen, which led to the discovery of heavy water, and the two new elements used in the atomic bomb. He announced the complexity of hydrogen to a body of distinguished scientists years before the truth of his statement was verified...The two newly discovered elements which formed the basis of the atomic bomb, called Neptunium and Plutonium, were published in his charts of the elements in 1926. He named them Uridium and Urium. He also predicted that if ever discovered the pressures of this planet would not be sufficient to hold them together..."Do you think," continued Mr. Russell, "that civilization advances because of things written in books? Not a bit of what is written in books ever got there until after the thought of it happened in man's mind. He first had to collect it from space, or recollect it from its electrical pattern to which he had attuned himself. The book is but a record of what has already happened. It is history only, to bring others up to date by informing them. It is a means of thought transference only, and not a creative process until you have made it so by transformation within you. 

Biographical information on Walter Russell

...feeling the ecstasy of cosmic consciousness. From then on, he had such an experience every year in May, which made him different from the other boys, with whom he could not share the ecstasy of “my world”, as he called it. It gave him inner peace on one hand, but also inner loneliness on the other...When he was fourteen years of age he had black diphtheria and was already declared dead, when he had his second great illumining (illumination), getting the knowing (knowledge) about self healing. To “the amazement of his weeping parents and of the doctors” he “arose from his bed perfectly healed”.
“Each year in May, year after year, … I sought the forests to be alone with God”, experiencing the oneness of the universe.

In 1941, the American Academy of Sciences conferred a doctorate on him, after several laboratories had isolated the elements which he had foreseen: Deuterium, Tritium, Neptunium and Plutonium.



Direct inspiration (direct from Father God) in the New Testament Bible:

Matthew 16:17: Jesus replied, "Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by man, but by my Father in heaven.


Direct inspiration (direct from Father God) in the Old Testament (OT) Bible:

OT prophets...God spoke to those prophets in a direct audible voice. The greatest prophet of the Old Testament was Moses. His communication with God was the most direct. These people received direct revelation from God


The one Most High God the Father (Jehovih) communicates directly with mankind. The only intermediary between God and Man is an Angel. It is an Angel (fallen angel) who wants to be worshipped as God (false God) that inspires and teaches man the false doctrines of an anthropomorphic God and an intermediary who is worshipped as God, so that man worhips him (the angel or son of God) instead of the Father.

Once man recognizes and realizes the Light of Truth that the One Father God is NOT A MAN, never was and never will be a man, and that he (mankind) can and does communicate directly with the One Father God and have a close direct loving relationship with the One Father God, then man will recognize and realize the false teachings of the fallen Angels (false Gods) and will reject those false teachings. When man has a close direct loving relationship with the ONE FATHER GOD and does not follow or worship other Gods, Idols, or graven images, then he is Faithful (and does not commit spiritual adultery or idolatry) and is called a Faithist.
OAHSPE: Book of Wars Against Jehovih CHAPTER XXI:
11. ...Jehovih spake in Craoshivi, saying: The time shall come when angels and mortals shall know of a truth that the Lord God is a false God and a vain-glorious usurper. For I will leave one race of I'huans on the earth, in Guatama, even till the era of kosmon. And men and angels shall see and understand that man of himself never inventeth a God in figure of a man born of woman. And that only through the inspiration of My enemies, who build kingdoms in hada for their own glory, hath any people ever fallen from My estate to worship a God in image of man.

Native American Indians are considered I'huans. Many are still worshippers of the Great Spirit, Jehovih.
The Great Spirit, called Wakan Tanka among the Sioux and Gitche Manitou in Algonquian, is a conception of a supreme being prevalent among some Native American and First Nations cultures.
Chief Dan Evehema, a spiritual leader of the Hopi Nation, described the Great Spirit as follows:
"To the Hopi, the Great Spirit is all powerful. He taught us how to live, to worship,"
"Old Man" is how the Great Spirit is "known" by the Blackfoot people. Old Man personally created all things and personally instructed the Blackfoot people on how to attain spiritual wisdom in daily life:
Old Man is not an anthropomorphic and anthropopathic god like Jesus, nor a panentheistic deity as in Brahmanism out of which the whole fabric of existence is derived. Rather, Old Man is simply acknowledged to exist in the sense of the Aristotelian "prime mover" ("prime mover" idiom provided for the benefit of European audiences) and the traditional teachings are attributed to "him" as a source.
Old Man = Ancient of Days = The father = The Source
anthropopathy 1. the attribution of human passions, etc, to a deity,
an•thro•pop•a•thy ascription of human passions or feelings to a thing or a being not human, as to a deity.
Great Spirit = NOT an anthropomorphic and anthropopathic God like Jesus

The Man who tapped the secrets of the universe
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Above lecture by Walter Russell (age 80) in 1953.

"Russell also developed and tested counter-wound sets of coils, each in the shape of overlapping cones. The device was based on the "power multiplication principle" discussed in the many books that he had written.

On September 10, 1961, Walter and (his wife) Lao Russell reported to their contacts at NORAD, that the coils had worked and that the President of the United States could announce to the world that a "greater, safer power than atomic energy" could be provided for industry and transportation. The Russell's were convinced that they had found and demonstrated a new source of energy and a conversion process for what is now known as the zero point energy."

"Recent research has been conducted by Toby Grotz, Tim Binder, and Ron Kovac (1992) in order to verify Walter Russell's theories and experiments. They write: "The experiments that Russell conducted in 1927, which were verified by Westinghouse laboratories, have been repeated. Russell at that time thought that he had found a novel way to change the ratio of hydrogen to oxygen in a sealed quartz tube containing water vapor. Russell's data indicated that, where there had only been water vapor consisting of hydrogen and oxygen in the tube, the addition of inert gasses in the amount of 69% were detected. The use of magnetic fields was shown to produce this effect. The end result of the experiment was to demonstrate a cheap and efficient method of hydrogen production for a hydrogen based fuel economy." Russell also developed and tested counter-wound sets of coils, each in the shape of overlapping cones. The device was based on the "power multiplication principle" discussed in the many books that he had written. According to a memo dated in 1961, the device worked.

From "Space Energy / Vacuum Energy and the government", a rare Jeane Manning article translated from german into english using google-translate

Russell also built equipment, which he called "Russell's Optical Direct Current Generator" which, as stated, caught space/vacuum energy. Toby Grotz found original plans of this equipment, in a cellar in Colorado. The owner of the cellar was a colleague of a general within the NORAD.

Russell collaborated with scientists from NORAD and from the company Raytheon.

Grotz said that NORAD was interested in the generator - because in addition to the device producing more energy than it required to run, one could also adapt its functioning to an extremely efficient new type of radar device.

"Recent research has uncovered experiments that were conducted by Walter and Lao Russell in conjunction with Raytheon Corporation in Colorado Springs and General Chapman of NORAD.

The blue prints were discovered to still exist in Colorado Springs and the "Russell Optical Dynamo Generator" was found last fall in a basement, intact after 30 years.

"The energy of the vacuum has been analyzed and described by many researchers. Walter Russell reported to have found a means to harness this vacuum."


Chapter 8
1. Let ether [the zero point flux]*stand as one; ji'ay [dark matter] as two; a'ji [nebula] as three, and matter [corpor] as four. To ether give
motion one hundred, or ninety-nine (as the case may be); to matter [corpor] give zero*, that is, no motion (of itself); to ji'ay give sixty-six; to a'ji give thirty-three. - Martha Helene Jones
*Zero point flux, flow, dynamic, power to produce motion = 99 or 100 %, corpor no power to produce motion.
The so-called "fourth state of matter," plasma [ionized gas]...in the plasma state, particles ROVE [motion] unrestrained and irascibly individualistic...it fills the space between all celestial bodies with a thin matrix that throbs and pulsates in strange waves and currents. - MATTER by Lapp, 1963. Plasma the "fourth state of matter" surrounds etherean fire-ships.
The concept of Zero-point energy ranks in importance right up there with the numerical concept of Zero (from India) and computing which brought Christian Europe and its Roman Empire numerals out of the dark ages and into the light of calculations and scientific astronomical discoveries.
Nikola Tesla was so impressed with the theories and experiments of Walter Russell that he advised Russell to lock his knowledge in the Smithsonian for 1,000 years until mankind was ready
A century and more ahead of his time, Walter Russell, in The Secret of Light presents a unique Cosmogony, that of a universe in which Creator and Creation are proven to be a seamless, unified whole, and in which the dualism of "mind and matter" disappears.
[Of two apparent entities am I, nevertheless I am but One. These entities are the Unseen, which is Potent, and the Seen, which is of itself Impotent, and called Corpor - Book Of Jehovih chapter 1 verse 5, Oahspe]
Dr. Francis Trevelyan Miller (LITT.D., LL.D.), Historical Foundations, New York, wrote in 1947 of The Secret of Light, "I hasten to congratulate you on your epoch-making achievement in giving the world The Secret of Light. In this little volume, with its tremendous magnitude of thought, you have given Science and human knowledge a rebirth--a transmigration from its physical plane to its potential grandeur on the cosmic plane. You have opened the door into the infinite--science must enter. It may hesitate; it may engage in controversy, but it cannot afford to ignore the principles you have established which eventually will revolutionize man's concept of himself, his world, his universe, and his human problems. You have done for us in the Twentieth Century what Ptolemy, Euclid, Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler did for their earlier centuries. But you have further penetrated all physical barriers and extended your discoveries into definite forms of the infinite law which created our universe and keeps it in operation with mathematical precision through the millions of years. Hitherto, Science while delving into these infinite sources has not attempted to define them. It has left the terminology to the ecclesiastics and theological dialectics. You have the courage and vision to start where they leave off -- to explore the creative or spiritual law which motivates everything that exists: principles of far greater import than Einstein's relativity. I hail you as a forerunner of our New Age of Science."
In The Secret of Light Walter Russell stated that, "In the wave lies the secret of creation." [next to a color drawing of a vortex, Russell realized that within the vortex wave or vortexya was the secret of creation]
Walter Russell's comments on the 'Vacuum' : "The greatest error of science is in relation to space. Science thinks of space either as a void or as an ether through which solids of matter travel. The fact is that space travels with its solids, for each solid is surrounded by a minus zero equal-and-opposite vacuity of the plus zero which we call matter. Matter floats in these insulating spatial counterparts.
[Do not think, O man, that I created the sky a barren waste, and void - Book of Jehovih 3.8, Jehovih says: Do not think that the vault of the firmament is nothing; for there I have created etherean worlds - God's Book of Ben 1.16]
[OAHSPE BOOK OF THOR CH. IV:13 says "Jehovih said: In likeness of the solid earth, and star, and moon, that float in the unseen firmament, so made I atomic parts to all things],[the etheic vortexian currents are in motion, not static. The Michaelson/Morley experiment which only disproved the existence of a static ether have been countered by a recent experiment which shows it is possible to have a Lorentz invariant ether; reported in the New York Times; Jan 21, 1997, "Physicists Confirm the Power of Nothing, Measuring the power of Universal Flux" Dr. Steve K. Lamoreaux, University of Washington, Seattle]
Positive electricity is accountable for the solids and negative electricity is accountable for the space. All matter comes out of space by the action of positive electricity and is returned to space by the action of negative electricity. [positive and negative vortexya]
I posted the information below not in support of fusion reactions in a tokamak, I know Walter Russell was against nuclear energy, the article below is about mainstream science utilizing elements discovered by Walter Russell.

Inside the World's Largest Fusion Reactor

The well-publicized failures of cold fusion may have tainted the field’s reputation, but physicists have been successfully joining nuclei with hot fusion since 1932. Today, research in hot fusion could lead to a clean energy source free from the drawbacks that dog fission power plants. Fusion power plants cannot melt down; they won’t produce long-lived, highly radioactive waste; and fusion fuel cannot be easily weaponized.

At the forefront of the effort to realize fusion-based power is ITER, an international collaboration to build the world’s largest fusion reactor. At the heart of the project is a tokamak, a doughnut-shaped vessel that contains the fusion reaction. In this vessel, magnetic fields confine a plasma composed of deuterium and tritium, two isotopes of hydrogen, while particle beams, radio waves and microwaves heat it to 270 million degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature needed to sustain the fusion reaction. During the reaction, the deuterium and tritium nuclei fuse, producing helium and a neutron. In a fusion power plant, those energetic neutrons would heat a structure, called a blanket, in the tokamak and that heat would be used to turn a turbine to produce electricity.

The ITER reactor will be the largest tokamak ever made, producing 500 megawatts of power, about the same output as a coal-fired power plant. But ITER won’t generate electricity; it’s just a gigantic physics experiment, albeit one with very high potential benefits. A mere 35 thousandths of an ounce of deuterium-tritium fuel could produce energy equivalent to 2,000 gallons of heating oil. And ITER’s process is “inherently safe,” says Richard Pitts, a senior scientific officer on the project. “It can never, ever be anything like what you see in the fission world--in Chernobyl or Fukushima--and this is why it is so attractive.”

ITER will begin experiments in 2019 in France. If those are successful, the data produced by the project will aid the ITER team in the design of DEMO, a proposed 2,000- to 4,000-megawatt demonstration fusion power plant that will be built by 2040


Engineers inject two hydrogen isotopes, deuterium and tritium, into the tokamak, a high-powered Plasma


A strong electric current heats the deuterium and tritium gases and ionizes them, forming a ring of plasma, a glowing soup of charged particles.


Radio waves, microwaves and high-energy deuterium particle beams heat the plasma. At high temperatures, the deuterium and tritium fuse to form a helium atom and a neutron.


If the plasma touches the walls of the tokamak, it will scuttle the fusion reaction. The charged particle is confined in a magnetic field made from 39 superconducting poloidal, toroidal and central solenoid magnets positioned around the outside of the doughnut and within its hole.


The vessel is lined with a steel blanket 1.5 feet thick to protect the tokamak walls from highly energetic neutrons.


The world's largest fusion reactor will use two hydrogen isotopes, deuterium and tritium which Walter Russell discovered and published in his charts of the elements in 1926. Deuterium and Tritium are one of the greatest discoveries of modern times for its potential use as fuel for fusion energy.

Direct Inspiration from Dreams, Deep Sleep or meditation
Spirit = Creator = stillness = fulcrum
closest to Spirit = lowest motion = lowest vibrational frequency = red/infrared = Delta Brain Waves
Metaphysicians talk about "getting into the stillness--or silence." The Bible says: "Be still and know." It is illogical to talk of getting into the high vibrations o seek stillness since vibrations mean motion and high vibrations mean intense motion...It is certain that such teachigs could not have come from science, for science fully recognizes the fact that vibration frequencies multiply in the direction of density...The God-Mind of the the One Light could not be active. It is absolutely still, absolutely vibrationless.

State Frequency range State of mind
Delta 0.5Hz - 4Hz Deep sleep = red/infrared
Theta 4Hz - 8Hz Drowsiness (also first stage of sleep) = orange/yellow
Alpha 8Hz - 14Hz Relaxed but alert = green/blue
Beta 14Hz - 30Hz Highly alert and focused = violet/ultraviolet
Frequency of Brain Waves
The Physics Factbook™
Edited by Glenn Elert -- Written by his students
An educational, Fair Use website

When we sleep our minds are quite and totally receptive to divine or spiritual messages. It is the one time each day (unless you meditate) that God has a chance to actually get a word in because the rest of the time we are worried and constantly thinking about everyday things, such as when the next bill will get paid.
Gaining knowledge from the divine or spirit world happens through sleep and/or meditation.

In 1921, at the age of 49, Walter Russell experienced his Illumination into the Light of Cosmic Consciousness during a thirty nine day and night period. His family even consulted
specialists in order to decide if he had to be admitted into a psychiatric clinic. Fortunately these doctors were very impressed by his recordings and sensed, that something great was happening.
In 1927, Walter Russell published “The Universal One”, his fist attempt to explain the
Cosmic Laws for the established scientists. As he failed completely, he worked another
twenty years on it. The result is his “The Secret of Light”, which he published in 1947.
"In 1921, at the age of 49, Walter Russell experienced his Illumination into the Light of
Cosmic Consciousness during a thirty nine day and night period." 49 = 7 X 7. 1921 = Up spike (heat) year.
1947 = warm (dan) up spike year (ethe = 100 or 99 in some cases, 1848 (dawn of Kosmon) + 99 = 1947
Symbolism of 7 (seven) denotes Spiritual COMPLETENESS or PEAK.
May of 1921: Walter Russell at the age of 49 years old experiences a 39 day ... of Cosmic Consciousness
In the same month of his 50th birthday Walter Russell experiencd his peak illumination of
Cosmic Consciousness. His illumination continued for 39 days (more than one month) into June of 1921 when he was 50 years old. -
7 x 7 = 49 years old, and 50 years old is a fundamental harmonic (divided by 2) of 100 (ethe). Ages 49-50 are the peak spiritual years and that peak can last up to age 92 like in the case of Walter Russell.
Squareroot of 49 is 7. (7^2) 7 x 7 = 49 + 1 = 50

Oahspe - The Book of Knowledge
All below 50 years of age are considered minors (as to spirit).
Walter Bowman Russell born May 19, 1871  = warm (dan) up spike year

Walter Russell geneology

Clan/Family Histories
- Russel/Russell

This name is probably derived from "rous" meaning red and early bearers of the name no doubt had red hair - and were probably of Norman or French extraction. While the name is by no means confined to Scotland, it is within the top 50 most frequently found names in the country.

The name is one of the earliest surnames recorded in Scotland, the first being a Walter Russell who witnessed a charter in Paisley Abbey some time between 1164 and 1177.

1. a native or inhabitant of Scotland.
2. one of an ancient gaelic people who came from northern Ireland about the 6th century a.d. and settled in the northwestern part of Great Britain, and after whom Scotland was named.
before 900; Middle English; Old English Scottas  (plural) < Late Latin Scottī  the Irish
I am 13% Scottish/Irish (Gaelic), 6.5% from my father's side, 6.5% from my mother's side. My father's great-grandfather was full-blooded Scottish-Irish.

The ancient cultural and historical links between Scotland and Ireland are well known (see Republic of Ireland), but whilst a Gaelic culture links Ireland to the Highlands, there is a particular legacy binding Northern Ireland to the Scottish Lowlands.
Below on left: 1st cousin of my paternal gr-gr-grandfather who had Y-DNA haplogroup E-M2 (Sub-Saharn African):
Above a very high 62% facial similarity of a Scottish-American and Walter Russell.

Gow. Family name. Meaning, smith. Region of origin, Scotland.
Gow = Scotland 

Gow (surname) - Wikipedia

Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter VII:
18. These periods will be found to come under certain numbers, 11, 33, 66, 99, 100, 200,
400, 666, 333, 66, 18, 500, 600, 365, 99, 33, 18, and so on...a generation 33, dan 200, 400, 600, 500; nitrogen or darkness 66 and 666, and so on.
For which reason the following tables of times and measurements were established:
Gow, 600.[= Dan or ethe x 6]
Gow, 500.[= Dan or ethe x 5]
Gow, 200.[= Dan or ethe x 2]
Gow = M'git'ow = Git'ow = cow = receptivity = Light
-Oahspe Book of Saphah Se'moin Interpretation. 42.

(Oahspe God's Book of Eskra 50:30-33) Now, after the fall of the great empire, Egupt, her people migrated westward, hundreds of thousands of them, and they settled in western Uropa, where these people married with the aborigines. Their offspring were called Druids, Picts, Gales (Gaelic), Wales (Welsh), Galls (Gauls), and Yohans (Johns), all of which are Eguptian names, preserved to this day.
31. Now, when the Faithists were moved by the inspiration of God to have no more kings, and to flee away from the Kriste'yan warriors, they came amongst the people above mentioned. (The apostate Faithists married with them, and their offspring were the forefathers of those now called, French, German, Russian and English.)
32. God, Son of Jehovih, had said: Suffer the apostates to so marry, for here will I find a way to raise up disbelievers in the false Kriste; and they shall ultimately become believers in Jehovih only.
33. For, inasmuch as I have suffered them to become scattered, so will I appropriate them as seed to quicken all the races of men to comprehend the All One.

There was a genetic line of light from the ancient Hebrew/Egyptian faithists to modern western Europe and Walter Russell.

Portrait (in the sacred Oahspe) of the Prophet Capilya by John Ballou Newbrough:
a lawgiver of India, living three thousand four hundred years before Kosmon [552 BCE]
in the cycle of Lika. He was to India very similar to what Moses was to the ancient Jews.

Walter Russell was a Ghan (I'huan-I'hin mix) of Scottish ancestry.

Walter Russell matched a high percentage to Capilya (below).

See Tae and facial recognition page of this website.

Like Capilya Walter Russell was a lawgiver, he gave to mankind the universal law of God the Father-Creator:
Walter Russell's Law of Rhythmic Balanced Interchange.
"so hear me when I say the one word of my one law is BALANCE. And if man needs two words...BALANCED INTERCHANGE" - page 75 of The Message of The Divine Illiad Volume 1 by Walter Russell, 1948.

Above Thothma and Walter Russell facial recognition match only 25%.Above 10 orthographic projection parallel lines to photograph of Walter Russell, drawing of original I'hin by John Newbrough, and photograph of African Congo pygmy. The lines shows the very close similarity between the head and facial features of Walter Russell to the original I'hin and African Congo pygmy showing very similar genetics. The middle of the mouth/lips the middle of the eyes, eye sockets, eye brows, forehead, and beard are nearly exact.

Oahspe God's Book of Eskra 50:

30. Now after the fall of the great empire, Egupt, |1187| her people migrated westward, hundreds of thousands of them, and they settled in western Uropa, where these people married with the aborigines. Their offspring were called Druids, Picts, Gales (Gaelic, Celtic), Wales (Welsh), Galls (Gauls), and Yohans (Johns), all of which are Eguptian names, preserved to this day.
1187  that is, in the years after Moses departed Egypt with the Israelites.
1553 B.C.E (beginning of the Arc of Bon, time of Moses).
Thus subtracting 3400 from 1848 we find that the date of the dawn of the Arc of Bon in common era dating is 1553 bce. This is the time when Moses began his mission resulting in the Exodus of the Israelite Faithists from Egypt some 4 years later. This places the date when the Israelite Faithists left Egypt at ca 1549 bce.
93 years later “Tribe of Dan” arrived in Ireland.
Modern Europeans are a mixture of Egyptian Ghans, Jaffetic Ghans, neolithic pygmies (I'hin remnants) and Isrealite I'huans.
Tuatha De Danaan settled Northern Ireland. The immigration of Dan to Ireland came in waves. A contingent of the famous Tuatha de Danaan (“Tribe of Dan”) arrived in Ireland 1456 B.C. and ruled for 440 years until 1016 BCE.
The Story Of Celto-Saxon Israel
This book traces Scripture and historic evidence of the Israelites from the time of Abraham, through their trials in Egypt, the Wilderness, Canaan-land, and finally culminating in their land-sea migrations westward over the centuries. In separate chapters, Mr. Bennett examines twelve early tribes who entered Europe from Asia, showing that each of them had very distinctive Hebrew-Semitic cultural evidences.
The name ”Saxon” therefore means, “Sons of Isaac.” Such a name for Israel was prophesied in Genesis 21:12: “And God said unto Abraham, Let it not be grievous in thy sight because of the lad, and because of thy bondwoman; in all that Sarah hath said unto thee, hearken unto her voice; for in Isaac shall thy seed be called.” In Amos 7:18, written about the time of the captivity of Israel, Abraham’s descendants are called, “the house of Isaac.” (compare Rom. 9:7 and Heb. 11:18) The Israelites received that name because of their descent from Jacob-Israel, but they were later called by the name of Jacob’s father, Isaac; rather than being known as the Israel people, they were to be known as the Isaac or Saac people. This is what the word, Sacae, means – the Sac people. As the word Saxon is merely an English form of Sacae, it follows that in their name itself we have proof of the Israelitish identity of the Saxons.
   We also have conclusive evidence offered by the historians of the Persian Empire. The Encyclopedia of Religions provides evidence from ancient Persian sources that the Saxon tribes originated in Medo-Persia, in the same place the lost tribes of Israel disappeared from history. They state, “The Mazdean author of the Zend scripture called Vendidad, perhaps before 500 B.C., speaks of the… ‘Aryan home’ as being on the ‘good river Daitya’, which is traditionally the Araxes, flowing from near Mt. Ararat eastwards to the Kaspian. Interestingly enough, the Bible Apocyrpha in 2 Esdras 13:40-46 says that the lost tribes of Israel “crossed the Araxes” traveling northward, so the dispersed house of Israel and the Saxons both traversed the identical route into Europe at the very same time in history. To be more precise, they started out on their journey as “Saca-Suna” or “Sons of the Saca,” and ended up in Europe as “Saxons.” The Encyclopedia of Religions continues saying, “…This indicates a descent through the Caucasus… If the tradition that the Daitya River is the Araxes be reliable, these Aryans would be Medes.”
This is the story of a missing branch of God's chosen people, the Israelites.
As we have previously established the Israelitish identity of the ancient Britons, the question now arises, were these newcomers also Israelites? In considering this question, the first point to note is that the Saxons, who came into Britain from Germany and Denmark, were not natives of those regions. The Saxons had previously migrated to Western Europe from  their former home east of the Black Sea. Historians, both ancient and modern, state that they were descended from the Sacae, a people who came into Eastern Europe from Media shortly after 700 B.C. This is certainly important, for that date is during the same period in which the Israelites were taken captive TO Media. We know that within a few years of being taken there they regained their freedom and migrated north-westward into Europe.
One of the oldest texts composed in Ireland is the Leabhar Gabhla, the Book of Invasions. It tells a semi-mythical history of the waves of people who settled in Ireland in earliest time. It says the first settlers to arrive in Ireland were a small dark race called the Fir Bolg, followed by a magical super-race called the Tuatha de Danaan (the people of the goddess Dana).
Most interestingly, the book says that the group which then came to Ireland and fully established itself as rulers of the island were the Milesians - the sons of Mil, the soldier from Spain. Modern DNA research has actually confirmed that the Irish are close genetic relatives of the people of northern Spain.
While it might seem strange that Ireland was populated from Spain rather than Britain or France, it is worth remembering that in ancient times the sea was one of the fastest and easiest ways to travel. When the land was covered in thick forest, coastal settlements were common and people travlleled around the seaboard of Europe quite freely.
The latest research into Irish DNA has confirmed that the early inhabitants of Ireland were not directly descended from the Keltoi of central Europe. In fact the closest genetic relatives of the Irish in Europe are to be found in the north of Spain in the region known as the Basque Country. These same ancestors are shared to an extent with the people of Britain - especially the Scottish.
A team from Oxford University has discovered that the Celts, Britain's indigenous people, are descended from a tribe of Iberian fishermen who crossed the Bay of Biscay 6,000 years ago. DNA analysis reveals they have an almost identical genetic "fingerprint" to the inhabitants of coastal regions of Spain, whose own ancestors migrated north between 4,000 and 5,000BC.
The discovery, by Bryan Sykes, professor of human genetics at Oxford University, will herald a change in scientific understanding of Britishness.
Arrows (V, >) below show direction of descent. 
1. PERSIAN ------->(1% ME AND MOTHER)
IBERIAN (5% ME) ........EUROPEAN JEWISH (0%-2% ME)
"The remnant of Jacob shall be in the midst of the many peoples like dew from the Lord, like droplets on grass," reads the biblical prophecy in Micah 5:7, which was indeed prophetic. - from page 16 (and back cover) of ABRAHAM'S CHILDREN (RACE, IDENTITY, and the DNA of the CHOSEN PEOPLE) by JON ENTINE, 2007.  
After I uploaded my raw dna data file to GEDmatch, someone emailed me and typed "Gedmatch Cousin Inquiry" in the subject box:
"Dear Ethe1959, My name is _______ and you are a match to my mother, ______________. Would you like to trade notes to see how we are related?"
I said yes. And when I googled him, the top result with his email address was a Irish/Celtic website,
John Ballou Newbrough 1828-1891.
Born on June 5, 1828 in a log cabin in Mohican Township, Ohio, John was one of seven children whose ancestry included Scottish, Swiss and English.
Scottish, Swiss and English = CELTIC-SAXON (ISAAC'S SON).

God's Book of Eskra: Chapter L:30-33


Google gaelic definition
gael·ic  Adjective Of or relating to the Goidelic languages, particularly the Celtic language of Scotland, and the culture associated with speakers of...
Noun A Goidelic language brought from Ireland in the 5th and 6th centuries ad and spoken in the highlands and islands of western Scotland.

John Newbrough compared to my mother's grandfather facial recognition match 62% (very high for pictriev).
Both John Newbrough and my great-grandfather John on my mother's side were of Scottish (Irish), Swiss (Europe West) and English (British) ancestry:
Comparison of my Ancestry DNA (on left) to My mother's (on right):
Scottish (Irish), Swiss (Europe West) and English (British) ancestry make up 25-26%  (1/4) of my mother's DNA, which means her grandfather John was possibly 100% Scottish (Irish), Swiss (Europe West) and English (British) ancestry, the same as John Ballou Newbrough.


Philostratus the Elder wrote of the prophetic powers of the little people (the I'hin wise-men and astronomers, see chapter 8) who could herald the coming of the great floods of the Nile. Aristotle also believed in the existence of this sacred race who inhabited the marshes of Upper Egypt. After they migrated out of Egypt to become the Picts* of Scotland, they became Europe's legendary fées (little and fairy-like) who could correctly predict years of famine. - _Delusions of Science and Spirituality_,  Astrology Chapter, April, 2015 by Susan Martinez PhD (Anthropology).
a real diminutive or pygmy-statured indigenous population that lived during the late Stone Age across the British Isles, especially Scotland:
"Postulations based on the premise that fairies constitute a folk memory of former races, conquered peoples who were pushed out beyond the periphery of settled areas, have fuelled the imagination of many scholars on this subject. Of particular significance was a theory advanced by David MacRitchie that fairies were an actual race of small or 'little' people, the original Pict[ish] peoples of Scotland."[78] ^ Henderson & Cowan, 2001: 20f.
(Oahspe God's Book of Eskra 50:30-33) Now, after the fall of the great empire, Egupt, her people migrated westward, hundreds of thousands of them, and they settled in western Uropa, where these people married with the aborigines [I'hins]. Their offspring were called Druids, Picts, Gales (Gaelic) ...
Picts = 3/4 I'hin 1/4 I'huan.
Briefly, then, Oahspe was mechanically written through my hands by some other intelligence than my own.
Sometimes the power thus baffled would attack my tongue, or my eyes, or my ears, and I talked and saw and heard differently from my normal state.
◄ Acts 2:4 ►
English Standard Version
And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance.

Oahspe: A New Bible is a book published in 1882, purporting to contain "new revelations" from "...the Embassadors of the angel hosts of heaven prepared and revealed unto man in the name of Jehovih..."[1] It was produced by an American dentist, John Ballou Newbrough (1828–1891), who reported it to have been written by automatic writing
they were
moved by the Holy Spirit. (2 Peter 1:20–21)
Types of inspiration
Various Christian groups have different beliefs concerning the
mechanism by which  inspiration took place:
"Automatic writing" theory
: The Oxford Companion to the Bible states that Philo of Alexandria (20 BCE to 40 CE) "proposed what might be termed the 'mantic theory' of the inspiration of the scriptures, in which the human author becomes possessed by God and loses consciousness of self, surrendering to the divine spirit and its communicatory powers." 6
6. Op Cit., B.M. Metzger & M.D. Coogan, Page 304.
Question: "
Who was Philo of Alexandria?"
Answer: Philo of Alexandria, sometimes known as Philo Judaeus, was a first-century philosopher who was born sometime between 15–30 BC in Alexandria, Egypt.
A member of the Jewish Diaspora, he was raised with a Jewish and Greek education, giving him an impressive status in a non-Jewish city like Alexandria.
In his work The Contemplative Life, Philo mentions being
involved with a monastic Jewish sect at Lake Mareotis.
It is somewhat difficult to assess Philo’s importance in a contemporary context as today, few mainstream Christians have heard of him.
Philo ...a prominent Jewish biblical scholar in the emerging West,...
Philo of Alexandria (c. 20 B.C.E.—40 C.E.)
Philo of Alexandria, a Hellenized Jew also called Judaeus Philo, is a figure that spans two cultures, the Greek and the Hebrew.
Therapeutae, Greek Therapeutai (“Healers,” or “Attendants”), singular Therapeutes,  Jewish sect of ascetics closely resembling the Essenes, believed to have settled on the shores of Lake Mareotis in the vicinity of Alexandria, Egypt, during the 1st century ad
Texas Pastor, Johnny Ramsay, writes that the Scriptures "contain the very words (not ideas, notions, advice or concepts) that the Almighty wanted mankind to clearly know. Holy men of God spake
as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. It was truly not the word of men but the Word of God!" 4
This belief is difficult to support, because a close reading of the Bible shows many different writing styles. According to most mainline and liberal theologians:
The book of Isaiah and the Gospel of John were clearly written by two authors.
Much of the Pentateuch is a combination of texts from authors who followed four different traditions.
Paul wrote with "long, complicated sentences,"  in a highly educated Greek style. Mark used "short, action-packed sentences," in a common form of Greek. 2 This is not particularly obvious in most English Bibles because translators have often homogenized the writing styles. But
the writing techniques of the different authors is clearly seen in the original Greek texts.

Walter B. Russell
Birth Record
1880 U.S. Federal Population Census
National Archives, Courtesy of FamilySearch.org
Gender:Male Race:White Ethnicity:American Age at Time of Census:9
Estimated Birth Year:1871 Birth Location:Massachusetts Map
Father:Jacob Russell, Father's Birthplace:Canada
Mother:Malinda E. Russell, Mother's Birthplace:Canada
Jacob Russell
1880 Census Record
Gender:Male Race:White Ethnicity:American Age at Time of Census:39
Estimated Birth Year:1841
1841 = cold down plunge (below normal) a'ji
Malinda E. Russell
1880 Census Record
Gender:Female Race:White Ethnicity:American Age at Time of Census:32
Estimated Birth Year:1848
1848 = warm up spike (dawn, beginning of Kosmon) dan
Walter Russell had 3 brothers, no sisters
Walter Russell married Lao Russell

In 1894 Russell married his first wife Helen Andrews, with whom he had two daughters.[13] 


Archangel. Angels next in rank to Gods, who dwell in certain arcs in etherea. They generally come in the dawn of a cycle to give new inspiration to mortals.
Dan. Light. A cyclic dawn, as the Arc of Spe'ta or Arc of Bon. A dan comes once every three thousand years, and is preceded by spirit-manifestations and by signs and wonders. A dan lasts about thirty-three years.
1848-1881 Inspiration, enlightenment of the first 33 years of Kosmon:
Physics Timeline:
1848 Lord Kelvin discovers the absolute zero point of temperature
1849 Joule publishes results from his series of experiments (including the paddlewheel experiment) which show that heat is a form of energy
1850 Fizeau and Foucault measure the speed of light in water and find that it is slower than in air, in support of the wave model of light
1859 Maxwell works out the mathematics of the distribution of velocities of the molecules of a gas
1864 James Maxwell publishes his papers on a dynamical theory of the electromagnetic field
1873 James Maxwell states that light is an electromagnetic phenomenon
1874 Lord Kelvin formally states the second law of thermodynamics
The Industrial Revolution is in full force, Gramme invents his dynamo and James Clerk Maxwell formulates his series of equations on electrodynamics.
The First Industrial Revolution evolved into the Second Industrial Revolution in the transition years between 1840 and 1870, when technological and economic progress continued with the increasing adoption of steam transport (steam-powered railways, boats and ships), the large-scale manufacture of machine tools and the increasing use of machinery in steam-powered factories.[12][13][14]
Timeline of electromagnetic theory:
1849: Hippolyte Fizeau and Jean-Bernard Foucault measure the speed of light to be about 298,000 km/s.
1854: Gustav Robert Kirchhoff, physicist and one of the founders of spectroscopy, publishes Kirchhoff's Laws on the conservation of electric charge and energy, which are used to determine currents in each branch of a circuit.
1861: the first transcontinental telegraph system spans North America by connecting an existing network in the eastern United States to a small network in California by a link between Omaha and Carson City via Salt Lake City. The slower Pony Express system ceased operation a month later.
1865: James Clerk Maxwell publishes his landmark paper A Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field, in which Maxwell's equations demonstrated that electric and magnetic forces are two complementary aspects of electromagnetism. He shows that the associated complementary electric and magnetic fields of electromagnetism travel through space, in the form of waves, at a constant velocity of 3.0 × 108 m/s. He also proposes that light is a form of electromagnetic radiation and that waves of oscillating electric and magnetic fields travel through empty space at a speed that could be predicted from simple electrical experiments. Using available data, he obtains a velocity of 310,740,000 m/s and states "This velocity is so nearly that of light, that it seems we have strong reason to conclude that light itself (including radiant heat, and other radiations if any) is an electromagnetic disturbance in the form of waves propagated through the electromagnetic field according to electromagnetic laws."
1866: the first successful transatlantic telegraph system was completed. Earlier submarine cable transatlantic cables installed in 1857 and 1858 failed after operating for a few days or weeks.
1873: J. C. Maxwell publishes A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism which states that light is an electromagnetic phenomenon.
1874: German scientist Karl Ferdinand Braun discovers the "unilateral conduction" of crystals.[8][9] Braun patents the first solid state diode, a crystal rectifier, in 1899.[10]
1878: Thomas Edison, following work on a "multiplex telegraph" system and the phonograph, invents an improved incandescent light bulb. This was not the first electric light bulb but the first commercially practical incandescent light. In 1879 he produces a high-resistance lamp in a very high vacuum; the lamp lasts hundreds of hours. While the earlier inventors had produced electric lighting in lab conditions, Edison concentrated on commercial application and was able to sell the concept to homes and businesses by mass-producing relatively long-lasting light bulbs and creating a complete system for the generation and distribution of electricity.
1880: Edison discovers thermionic emission or the Edison effect.
Timeline of scientific discoveries
1848 – Lord Kelvin: absolute zero
1858 – Rudolf Virchow: cells can only arise from pre-existing cells
1859 – Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace: Theory of evolution by natural selection
1861 - Louis Pasteur: Germ theory
1865 – Gregor Mendel: Mendel's laws of inheritance, basis for genetics
1865 – Rudolf Clausius: Definition of Entropy
1869 – Dmitri Mendeleev: Periodic table
1871 – Lord Rayleigh: Diffuse sky radiation (Rayleigh scattering) explains why sky appears blue
1873 – James Clerk Maxwell: Theory of electromagnetism
1875 – William Crookes invented the Crookes tube and studied cathode rays
1876 – Josiah Willard Gibbs founded chemical thermodynamics, the phase rule
1877 – Ludwig Boltzmann: Statistical definition of entropy
Timeline of historic inventions:
1849: Walter Hunt invents the first repeating rifle to use metallic cartridges (of his own design) and a spring-fed magazine.
    1850: Sir William Armstrong invents the hydraulic accumulator.
    1852: Henri Giffard becomes the first person to make a manned, controlled and powered flight using a dirigible.
    1855: James Clerk Maxwell invents the first practical method for color photography, whether chemical or electronic.
    1855: The Bessemer process for making steel is patented by Sir Henry Bessemer, with improvements made by others over the following years.
    1856: Using the principle of vapour compression, James Harrison produces the world's first practical ice making machine and refrigerator in Geelong, Australia.[189]
    1859: Gaston Planté invents the lead acid battery, the first rechargeable battery.
    1862: Louis Pasteur invents the pasteurization process.
    1862: Alexander Parkes invents parkesine, also known as celluloid, the first man-made plastic.
    1865: The Siemens-Martin process for making steel is invented by Carl Wilhelm Siemens and Pierre-Émile Martin.
    1865: Gregor Mendel publishes 'Versuche über Pflanzenhybriden' ("Experiments on Plant Hybridization"), effectively founding the science of genetics, though the importance of his work would not be appreciated until later on.
    1867: Dynamite, the first safely manageable explosive stronger than black powder, is invented by Alfred Nobel.
    1873: The rotary kiln is invented by Frederick Ransome.
    1873: The Crookes radiometer is invented by the chemist Sir William Crookes as the by-product of some chemical research.
    1874: Gustave Trouvé invents the first metal detector.
    1876: Gasoline engine invented by Nikolaus August Otto.
    1876: A patent for the telephone is granted to Alexander Graham Bell. However, others inventors before Bell had worked on the development of the telephone and the invention had several pioneers.[190]
    1877: The first working phonograph is invented by Thomas Edison.[191]
    1878: Henry Fleuss is granted a patent for the first practical rebreather.[192]
    1879: Thomas Edison produces the first practical bulb, based on a patent by Joseph Swan, and is granted a U.S. patent.
    1879: James Paris Lee invents the first true box magazine for firearms.
9. Jehovih saith: ...
22. One man is sensitive, as a plate for a picture, and he catcheth My Light instantly, and knoweth it is from Me.
23. Another one saith: A sudden thought struck me! But he discerneth not whence it came.
Photographic plates preceded photographic film as a capture medium in photography. The light-sensitive emulsion of silver salts was coated on a glass plate, typically thinner than common window glass, instead of a clear plastic film.
Contemporaries born from 1856-1879 (first 33 years of Kosmon):
Facial Recognition comparison (Abraham-Capilya-Brahma):
Walter Russell 27-55-49 = 131 
Nikola Tesla   22-52-62 = 136  
Albert Einstein 25-39-72 = 136
Facial Recognition comparison (Abraham-Capilya-Brahma-Ea-Wah-Tah):
Walter Russell 27-55-49-36 = 167
Nikola Tesla   22-52-62-27 = 163
Albert Einstein 25-39-72-30 = 166

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